Chakra Affirmations PDF to Get Energized – Free Download

Today we feature a free chakra affirmations pdf to get you energized and flowing with power. This one is loaded with great chakra affirmations from the root chakra all the way to the crown chakra. I’ve also included a lot of great chakra images related to each of the chakra sets. So, definitely download it and use it whenever you want to get your chakras charged up!

After you download your free chakra affirmations pdf stick around because I’ve created a new Chakra Affirmations video that covers all seven chakras. This one is stocked, locked and loaded and is a compilation of all of our chakra videos. Pure chakra power. After the video I have a sample of some of the chakra affirmations that you’ll find in your free chakra pdf.

To download the free chakra affirmations pdf just click the link below and you’ll be taken to our download page on mediafire. Once there find the download button on the page and save the file “Seven Chakra Affirmations” to your device. Then enjoy!

Chakra Affirmations PDF for Free Download

Chakra Affirmations to Get Energized Video

Hope you enjoyed the chakra affirmations video. I’ve also included below a smattering of the chakra affirmations you’ll find in the chakra pdf.

Chakra Affirmations from all Seven Chakras

Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

My root chakra is open and aligned.
I set big money goals and go after them.
I have a money mindset that pushes me forward.
The more money I save the better I feel about my safety and security.

I am a kind and caring person.
I am a warm and loving person.
Movement helps activate my second chakra.
I love to exercise and stay active.
I am free, open and creative.
My creative juices are constantly flowing.
I share my creativity with others.
I share my unique gifts with others.
All are magnetically attracted to me.

I am charged up and confident in everything I do.
I feel a sense of immense power flowing through me.
My mind is sharp and alert.
My body feels refreshed and alive.
I know that I have unlimited will power that I can draw from the infinite source.
I know that I have the power and energy to accomplish anything I want in life.

Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra Affirmations

15 minute manifestation

My heart chakra is open and flowing with love energy.
All of my chakras are open and flowing with a powerful spiritual energy.
I visualize every molecule of my being glowing with a warm loving energy.
My aura radiates a powerful love energy that all are attracted to.
I visualize my aura positively affecting all those around me.
I am a being infused with and surrounded by incredible love energy.
Others can sense my powerful love energy and are magnetically drawn to me.

All my chakras are balanced aligned and flowing with positive energy.
My throat chakra is open and energized.
When I speak, I speak with power.
When I listen, I listen with empathy.
I am an open and honest communicator.
I show empathy for others while being brave in expressing my own beliefs.
While listening to others I am focused and understanding.
One of my best phrases to acknowledge others during conversation is: “I understand.”
I communicate with compassion and understanding.

Sample of Third Eye and Crown Chakra Affirmations from the Chakra Affirmations PDF

My third eye chakra is open and energized.
I am blessed with keen perception and awareness.
I have clear inner sight and outer sight.
My mind is sharp and alert.
My intuition is on point.

I have a clear vision of where I want to go and what I want to do.
I follow my vision.
My third-eye chakra shines with spiritual power.
I am grounded in the material world and yet can see into the spiritual world.
I can see beyond all earthly illusions.

Spiritual energy flows beautifully through all areas of my body.
Powerful spiritual energy flows from my root chakra through all my other energy centers.
It pours out through my crown chakra, blending with the universal light and cascading over me.
The lotus blossom of my crown chakra blooms with a brilliant white light.
I am bathed in a flowing spiritual energy.
I tap into the universal flow.
My aura glows with radiant power.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, Chakra Affirmations PDF for free download. Hopefully the chakra affirmations you’ll find here will get you energized and flowing with power. If you did find value here could you please consider sharing it to your social media? I would greatly appreciate it!

Powerful Chakra Affirmations to Get Spiritually Charged

Chakra Affirmations PDF – Free Download | Get Energized
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