Powerful Alpha Male Affirmations

alpha male affirmations list

Today’s post features some very powerful Alpha Male Affirmations. In fact, you’ll find well over 100 of these positive affirmations to help you find more love. We also have a video with a double layer, or two different sets of overlapping alpha affirmations. That second layer of alpha affirmations is only in the video so … Read more

Chakra Affirmations PDF to Get Energized – Free Download

Chakra Affirmations PDF for Free

Today we feature a free chakra affirmations pdf to get you energized and flowing with power. This one is loaded with great chakra affirmations from the root chakra all the way to the crown chakra. I’ve also included a lot of great chakra images related to each of the chakra sets. So, definitely download it … Read more

Law of Abundance Checks including New Moon Cheques

Free Law of Abundance Checks New Moon Cheques Wealthvibes

In an effort to keep bringing you “done for you” manifestation tools, I’ve created some free printable law of abundance checks for today’s post. I’ve put these Law of Abundance checks including New Moon Cheques in a free pdf so you can download it and then print off whichever checks you want to use. These … Read more