1000 Affirmations in One Minute Videos

Today we present our 1000 Affirmations in one minute videos. I created several of these years ago, but I spread them among a variety of different youtube channels. For instance, the 1000 Genius Affirmations was created for my Brainsngames site. My 1000 Wealth Images was created for my Wealthvibes site as was the 1000 Affirmations for Mind Power video. Most of these have been around for years except for the 1000 Healing Affirmations in One Minute video which I just released.

There are a couple with flashing images so if you are sensitive to strobing light or prone to seizures do not watch them. Those 2 would be the 1000 Wealth Images video and the Mind Power Images video.

1000 Affirmations – Subliminal or Not?

Watching these videos is mostly subliminal. The one thousand affirmations come at you pretty quick. However, once you get used to watching them you’ll notice that you’ll actually be able to pick up many of the affirmations and images as they fly by on the screen. In fact, you can stop the video at any point and read that particular affirmation if interested in knowing what exactly they are. The goal here is to flood your mind with these positive affirmations and images and let them seep into both your conscious and subconscious mind. How well do they work? You’ll have to be the judge of that for yourself.

I would suggest giving them a try for yourself and see what benefit you may derive from them. I do know the ones that have been up on Youtube are all fairly popular. From that I would assume that some folks are getting some benefit. In fact, the Wealth Images one had a couple of comments from people who said they had attracted money rather quickly after watching it. Having said that we’ll start with that one.

1000 Wealth Images in 1 Minute with Subliminal Money Affirmations

1000 Affirmations in 1 Minute to be a Genius

1000 Healing Affirmations in 1 Minute

1000 Mind Power Affirmations in 1 Minute

1000 Mind Power Images with Audio Affirmations

So, there you go! Let me know what you think in the comments section below, regarding these videos. Report back if you get any benefit from any of them I would love to hear your feedback.

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Hope you’re enjoying a absolutely phenomenal day!

Bob K.

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