Vision Board Examples for Money, Love, Spiritual and More

Today we share Vision Board examples for a variety of topics including Money, Love, Spiritual, Abundance, and more. A vision board is simply a pictorial representation of things you want to manifest in your life. Vision boards are also referred to as dream boards, or wish boards.

How to Create a Vision Board

Using a vision board is a key component in the manifestation process. To create an actual physical vision board, or dream board you just get a nice size poster board and then affix pictures or images of what you want to manifest onto that dream board. You can get these pictures from old magazines, newspapers, printed image files, etc.

If you want to attract a soulmate find a picture of what you imagine that person might look like. Want a new home? Find an image of a home you’d like to attract. The same goes with places you want to travel, adventures you’d like to have and so on.

Once you’ve created your dream board the next step is to put it into a place that you can see it every day. If you have a spot in your bedroom you can put it where you’ll see it as soon as waking up everyday. The more often you can look at it the more the images will seep into your subconscious.

As to whether vision boards can work I often cite the vision board success story of John Assaraf.

John Assaraf Vision Board Success Story

One amazing vision board success story features real estate investor John Assaraf. His story appeared in the movie the Secret. Assaraf created a vision board and on that vision board he put a variety of items that he wanted to attract into his life. One of the items was a nice home near the ocean. So, he created his vision board and found a picture of a home near the ocean and put that on his dream board.

He gradually became quite successful and years later he ended up purchasing a home near the ocean. After moving into the home, Assaraf, while unpacking a box found his old vision board. He looked at the vision board and was stunned to find out that not only was the home he had bought similar to the one on his vision board, it was, in fact, the exact same home!

When John had initially purchased the home he was totally unaware of this. In fact, if you want to check out a video of his story just see our post entitled Manifestation Secrets and Techniques to Help You Live Your Dream Life. That link will open a new tab and you’ll find the John Assaraf video about 3/4 of the way down the page.

Virtual or Digital Vision Board Examples

A virtual or digital vision board is, as the name applies, a vision board that is not physical. You can create these using any apps you might have on your computer or phone. I go to Canva and create mine there.

In fact, I’ve created several virtual vision boards in a variety of categories that you can save and use as you see fit. Just save them to your device and then once a day or more take a minute to look at the image and imagine yourself attracting all the great things pictured into your life. If you have a website you can even put one on your site as an example of a virtual or digital vision board.

Money Vision Board

So, below you’ll find the done for you Money Vision Board. Images include those of helping you to increase your income, build your wealth, and get debt free.

money vision board examples to attract wealth and prosperity

The next digital dream board image is related to the money board. It is one to help you attract and lead a more abundant life.

Virtual vision board example abundant life

Love and Relationship Vision Board Example

This dream board will help you visualize attracting more and better relationships including a soulmate relationship. As the affirmation on the vision board example states, open yourself up to freely give and receive love. The more you do that and see yourself in a great healthy relationship overflowing with love the faster you’ll start to attract your heart’s desire.

Love and Relationships Vision Board Example

Travel Vision Board

Below you’ll find a travel vision board designed to help you visualize being in exotic and beautiful locales and sharing great memories with friends and loved ones or just by yourself – whatever your wish.

Spiritual Vision Board

The final dream board for today is the spiritual vision board. As you’ll see this wish board has images geared to helping you accept, grow and project your spiritual power. You are a powerful spiritual being. Download the image and dwell on that fact at least once every day.

spiritual power vision board example

So, there you go, hope you enjoy these digital or virtual vision board examples. As already noted, please feel free to use these as often as you wish. And, remember, vision boards are just one tool you can use to manifest your heart’s desire. Below are some more of our manifestation articles here on Wealthvibes that feature a whole host of different manifestation techniques you can use to create your dream life. You can find the updated list of manifesting posts here: Manifesting

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Alright, thank you for spending some time here today. If you have any vision boards you’d like me to create just let me know in the comments section below. Please check out some more of our powerful motivation here at Wealthvibes. Below are just a few examples of what we have here.

wish you all the best,

Bob K.

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