Millionaire Affirmations to Attract Millions of Dollars

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Today we have millionaire affirmation to attract millions of dollars. As usual, I’ve created many of these affirmations in the “take action” format. Simply put, the multi-millionaire affirmations are framed to propel you to take the actions likely to lead you closer to the desired result. In this case that desired result is to attract millions of dollars into your life. Suggestions in the millionaire affirmations include to study and research starting businesses, investing, and finding ways to go viral to scale your returns.

I’ve also created two Millionaire Affirmations videos to attract more money into your life. The millionaire affirmations will follow the videos below. The videos are each a half hour so are also great to just listen to in the background while you surf other pages or sites. The first video has the millionaire affirmations and a music background. The second video has the affirmations and an audible semi-subliminal layer of money-magnet affirmations.

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Millionaire Affirmations to Attract Millions of Dollars Video with Music

Millionaire Affirmations with Semi-Subliminal Money Magnet Affirmations Video

Millionaire Affirmations

There are many millionaires.
I can easily be one of them.
I am attracting millions of dollars into my life now.
Attracting millions of dollars is easy for me.
I do the research necessary to know how to get there.
I do the work necessary to make millions of dollars.
Millions of dollars are within my reach.
I learn the secrets of millionaires.
I do what millionaires do.

My mind is a money magnet.
My mind is focused and sharp.
I am attracting millions of dollars through all the value I create.
I create valuable content that everybody loves.
The more value I give to others the more money I make.
I am adding rich friends to my network of contacts.
I network with successful people.

My mind is absorbing new and profitable knowledge.
My mind is a magnet to money.
I am quickly becoming a money expert.
I study about ways to get rich.
The more I learn the more I earn.
The more I learn the more money-making ideas I generate.
I am a attracting millions of dollars.

Look to Create Millions of Dollars from Different Sources

I believe that I will be very wealthy.
My road to wealth will be fast.
I am going after it in a big way.
I am destined for millions.
Fantastic opportunities to build wealth are coming my way.
I serve first and then profit nicely.
I have a millionaire mindset.

Everybody wants to work with me.
Everybody wants to pay me.
I am attracting money from multiple sources.
I am a millionaire in the making.
Infinite abundance is mine.
I study those who are rich.
I copy the habits of those who are rich.

My mind is primed for millions of dollars.
I expect to be a multi-millionaire.
I will work smart to reach millionaire status.
My mind is overflowing with business ideas.
Smart business ideas can make me rich.
I can focus on a smart business idea and make it work.
I can get super rich by following a smart business plan.

Millionaire Affirmations – Automate and Delegate

Business opportunities will make me rich.
I set up business systems that run themselves.
When running a business I automate and delegate.
I am a fantastic leader.
I get the most out of those working for me.
My ideas constantly generate money for me.

I create multiple streams of income.
I will easily attain multi-millionaire status.
My mind is a sponge, soaking up money knowledge.
The more knowledge I add the more my mind expands.
I won’t settle for ordinary.
I am extraordinary.
My mind is a money magnet.
I have the midas touch.
Everything I touch turns to gold.

I go after great money-making opportunities.
I am relentless in my quest for riches.
My life is increasingly filled with abundance.
My life is increasingly filled with love.
I study how the rich got that way.
I set up systems to get rich.

The more I increase my income the more I can save and invest.
I follow in the path of millionaires.
I am a business-builder.
My income increases in exponential amounts.
I focus on the things that will bring me the greatest returns.
I increase my income by massive amounts.

Millionaire Affirmations – Look for High-Paying Opportunities

When studying investments and businesses I look at the most lucrative opportunities.
I don’t waste my time on things that don’t pay big money.
I am worthy of making huge amounts of money.
The universe sends me many opportunities.
I recognize great opportunities that come my way.
I take massive action in going after big money.
Great wealth is my birthright.

I deserve to be a multi-millionaire.
The more money I have the more generous I can be to others.
My mind is primed to be a millionaire.
I carry myself like a millionaire.
I network with other millionaires.

My money studies help me to become wealthy fast.
The more I study money the more opportunities come my way.
I create multiple streams of income.
The more streams of income I have the wealthier I become.
Money loves me and I love money.

The more money I have the more I can help others.
I am rich in body, mind, and spirit.
I deserve to be a multi-millionaire.
My mind is saturated with thoughts of wealth.
I look at the smart ways to make lots of money.
I build smart, lucrative income streams.
When I hit on a winner I scale up.

Constantly Look to Increase Your Income

millionaire affirmations the universe sees I want to help people and rewards me

I am always looking for money-winners.
The more money I make the easier it gets.
I am constantly increasing my income.
It is easy to get wealthier every single day.
I am relentless in my pursuit of millionaire status.
I know that I can be a multi-millionaire.

The universe wants me to be rich.
The universe wants me to help others.
I am excited about becoming a millionaire.
I am excited about helping others.
My mind is alive with fantastic ideas.
I am always on the lookout for money-making opportunities.
I am always seeking great opportunities.
The more great money-making opportunities I try, the faster my road to success.

I will keep pursuing the dream.
I will keep pushing forward.
Wealth and riches are my destiny.
I am a wealth magnet.
I have the midas touch.
The more action I take the closer I come to becoming rich.
I keep going after it.
I keep doing what I need to do to get to where I want to be.
The universe sees my desire and rewards me.
The universe knows I want to help many people and it rewards me.

I am open to receiving great wealth now.
I am open to becoming very, very rich.
What can I do to become a millionaire?
What actions can I take right now to get me there sooner?
I have a millionaire-mindset.
I am going to make this happen.
My soul is on fire with enthusiasm.
I am going after riches in a big way.
I deserve massive abundance in all areas of my life.

Millionaire Affirmations – Click on Your Money Mindset

What can I do right now to start seeing more money.
My money mindset is clicked on.
My million dollar magnet is clicked on.
I am attracting millions of dollars into my life now.
I deserve to be extremely wealthy.
What can I do right now to get the ball rolling?
I will take action right now.
I stay on the road to riches.

The path to riches will allow me to help thousands of people.
My goal is to bring great value to others.
How can I do this and profit?
My goal is to bring massive wealth to myself and my family.
How can I do this in the fastest way possible?
To attract millions of dollars I may have to change my lifestyle.
I recognize this and welcome the change.
As I expand who I am I allow greater wealth to enter my life.

I am growing and learning everday.
I become more powerful everyday.
Though I become wealthier and wealthier I still remain humble.
I am attracting super successful people into my life.
I am filling my life with total abundance.
Millions of dollars will be flooding into my life.
I expect to be rich.

Millionaire Affirmations – Be Relentless in Your Pursuit

I am relentless in my pursuit of massive riches.
There are many ways to wealth.
I will find a way.
I will make a way.
My mind is focused and sharp.
I am a missile to massive wealth.
Riches are coming my way.
I know I will be rich.
I will keep going and going.
Millions of dollars are coming my way now.

Everyday is an opportunity to get one step closer.
I transform myself into the person I want to become.
I am constantly growing greater.
As I expand more and more people are attracted to me.
As I grow as a person, my wealth also expands.
My journey to great riches is one to be enjoyed on a daily basis.
I am going after it in a big way.
I am enjoying the journey every single day.

My life is fun and filled with abundance.
My heart is filled with joy.
I deserve unlimited abundance.
I deserve to be a multi-millionaire.
This is my birthright.
This is who I am destined to become.
I am getting there one day at a time.
I am becoming a millionaire.

That’s it for the Millionaire Affirmations. Try these and see if you start doing more of what you can do to start accumulating more wealth. And, here’s one bonus affirmation from Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. “I am now using my core genius to create unlimited prosperity.

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