Free 30 Day Challenge

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the free 30 day challenge. The 30 day challenge is a way for you to get programmed for power in about 1 minute every day! Every video in this series is loaded with powerful positive affirmations or images or both that will give your mind and soul an instant motivational boost. These motivation videos will feature a variety of self-help topics and usually run in length about one minute. Although designed so you can watch every day for 30 days (in order to cement a new habit) why not do it every day going forward? Currently there are close to 90 quick videos or 3 months worth of positive motivation without ever rewatching a video. Having said that, these videos were designed to be rewatched and the more you do that the more motivated you’ll become. So please bookmark this page. This is the page you’ll be returning to every day for the Challenge. You can always find it in the navbar on the main Wealthvibes site.

From 40 Day Challenge to 30 Day Challenge to Lifetime Challenge

The 30 day and 60 day challenge and beyond uses almost all of our newer videos. I do have a number of older videos floating around youtube, a number of them promoting our old 40 Day Challenge. I ended the 40 day challenge years ago. If you are familiar with that you’ll know that it also featured a number of 1 minute videos. Most of those videos that I used for the old 40 Day Challenge are now all part of the Fast Affirmations Video Pack that are currently on sale at gumroad here: 1 Minute Fast Affirmations Video Pack

There are currently about 65 fast affirmation videos available in that package. If you want to watch some of those original 1 minute videos I have a link to about a dozen of them available on an old youtube channel of mine. The link is on the following page here: Fast Affirmations Video Pack

30 Day Challenge – How it Works

So, for the parameters of this challenge you’ll just watch one video a day for 30 days or 60 days or a lifetime. Where do you start? As you’ll see, as of now, we’ll have 2 full months of quick videos listed with extra bonus videos as well. Each video is linked next to each particular day. Just return to this page every day for as long as you want to keep doing the challenge. The longer the better. Remember, most videos are only 1 minute in length. It’s just a quick 1 minute motivational boost.

You can do this 30 day challenge a few different ways. First off you can pick month 1 or month 2 and then start at Day 1 and click the link next to that video. Watch that and you’re done for the day. Return to this page tomorrow and watch Day 2. It’s that simple.

However, it’s possible you may forget where you are with this method. To prevent this you can make it super simple and just watch the video that corresponds to today’s date. For example, if it is the 10th of the month you’ll watch the Day 10 video! Likewise, if it is the 22nd of the month you watch Day 22. That makes everything easy. You’ll always know which video to watch based on what day it is! If you happen to miss a day watch the video for the day you’re on. You can always go back and watch the video you missed if you wish as well.

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Turn the 30 Day Challenge into a Life Challenge

At 1 minute a day you can easily turn this 30 day challenge into a lifelong challenge. Why not ingrain these positive thoughts and affirmations into your brain until they become a part of who you are and how you live! If you find a video that resonates with you feel free to watch it again and again for maximum effectiveness.

If there are any particular areas you want to work on and that you don’t see quick motivational videos for please let me know in the comments section below and I’ll create one! If you enjoy the 30 day challenge please feel free to share it to your social media and let us know in the comments section below.

Also, as time goes on, I’ll be creating new videos and rotating different videos in and out of the challenge to keep it fresh and interesting. I’ll also create a Bonus video section of extra videos that are in the 1 minute range so you’ll always have extra motivation to keep you going! In fact, as of right now we have about 90 quick but power-packed videos which means you can watch a different video for almost 3 months without repeating one (but hey it’s to your benefit to repeat them often). So, take a minute or two and start programming your mind to get what you want in life!

30 Day Challenge

Month 1

Day 1 1 Minute Millionaire Affirmations Video
Day 2 Your Daily Fortune – Fortune Cookie Generator Message for Today
Day 3 1000 Be a Winner Images in 1 Minute
Day 4 1 Minute to Personal Magnetism
Day 5 1000 Love Affirmations in 1 Minute
Day 6 One Minute Mantra Video Believe in Yourself – Superhero Video
Day 7 Quick Morning Affirmations Video – Get Energized
Day 8 One Minute Money Mantra for a Richer Life
Day 9 Affirmations for Love and Romance (2 minutes)
Day 10 Attract Millions Quick Video
Day 11 Manifest Your Dream Job 1 Minute Video
Day 12 Quick Video Affirmations for Healing
Day 13 1 Minute Quotes Video About the Power of Effort
Day 14 1 Minute Motivation Video to Keep Pushing On
Day 15 1000 Be a Millionaire Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 16 1 Minute to Become the Super You – Higher Self Motivation Video
Day 17 33 Forgiveness Affirmations to Heal Your Life – (Minute and a half)
Day 18 1000 Fitness and Workout Motivation Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 19 Irresistible Attraction in 1 Minute Video
Day 20 Affirmations for Worthiness – You are Worthy! (3 minutes)
Day 21 1 Minute Affirmations Video to Set Your Motivation on Fire
Day 22 1 Minute Motivation to be the Best and Get Your Ex Back if Desired
Day 23 1 Minute Eagle Spirit Motivation Video
Day 24 1000 Take Action Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 25 One Minute Motivation to Be More Assertive
Day 26 Wolf Spirit Daily Affirmations
Day 27 1 Minute Affirmations Video to Get Debt Free
Day 28 Quick Monday Mantra to Jumpstart Your Week
Day 29 1000 Wealth Affirmations in 1 Minute
Day 30 Quick Confidence Mantra Video for Self-Esteem
Day 31 1000 Healing Affirmations in 1 Minute Video

Month 2

Day 1 1000 Billionaire Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 2 Money Miracles 1 Minute Video
Day 3 1000 Be a Genius Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 4 Quick Success Affirmations
Day 5 Quick Courage Affirmations to be Fearless Video
Day 6 Quick Affirmations for Positive Thinking
Day 7 1000 Alpha Male Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 8 Quick Affirmations Video to Feel Beautiful Inside and Outside
Day 9 1000 Get Rich Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 10 Quick Voice Power Video to be More Persuasive
Day 11 Quick Money-Making Business Affirmations (2 mins)
Day 12 1000 Happiness Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 13 1 Minute Dynamite Daily Affirmations
Day 14 Visualize Yourself Rich 1 Minute Video
Day 15 Quick Fame and Fortune 1 Minute Video
Day 16 Affirmations for Detachment or Non-Attachment (2 mins)
Day 17 1000 Millionaire Affirmations in 1 Minute video
Day 18 1000 Success Affirmations in 1 Minute Video
Day 19 Quick Affirmations to be a Winner
Day 20 1 Minute to More Friends Quick Video
Day 21 Conquer Loneliness Quick Affirmations Video
Day 22 99 Quick Confidence Affirmations video (2 and half minutes)
Day 23 Quick Success Mantra to be a Mover and a Shaker
Day 24 1000 Attract Love Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 25 1000 Confidence Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 26 Get Charisma on Command
Day 27 1000 Attract Good Luck Images in 1 Minute Video
Day 28 Manifesting a Relationship Quick video (2 minutes)
Day 29 1 Minute Motivation to Get the Spirit of the Tiger
Day 30 Quick Millionaire Affirmations – 1 Affirmation a Second
Day 31 1000 Confidence Affirmations in 1 Minute Video

Bonus list of Quick Motivational Videos

Quote of the Day – Quotes Generator Video
Dream Big Quick Motivation to Improve Your Life (2 minutes)
2000 Gratitude Images for Being Rich Video
Quick Motivation to Take Responsibility or Extreme Ownership
1000 Win the Lottery Images in 1 Minute Video for a Winner’s Mindset
1000 Be a Hero Images in 1 Minute Video
Quick Shift to a More Positive State
Delayed Gratification Quotes (2 Minutes)
Be Fearless 1 Minute Motivational Video
Manifest Your Dream Home Quick Video
I am Affirmations with Free pdf (2 minute video)
Three-Word Affirmations for Quick Motivation
1000 Success Images in 1 Minute Video
1000 Courage Affirmations in 1 Minute Video
Quick Prosperity Affirmations Video
Weight Loss Fast Affirmations Video
Quick One Minute Get Confidence Fast Video
Positive Affirmations to End Overthinking (2 mins)
1000 Power Words Affirmations in 1 Minute Video
Morning Motivation Boost in 1 Minute
1000 Get out of Debt Images Video
1000 Seize the Day Images in 1 Minute Video – Carpe Diem
Quick Abundance Affirmations Video
Quick Money Magnet Video
Dolphin Spirit 1 Minute Video
Cowboy Spirit 1 Minute Motivational Video
Power of the Owl 1 Minute Spirit Animal Video
Fast Affirmations Video to Achieve Your Goals
One Minute Motivation Warrior Spirit Video
Quick Motivational Quotes for Study Video
1 Minute Video to Enjoy Life More
You are Mesmerizing Quick video
1 Minute Motivation to Attract Good Luck and Good Fortune

Thank you for participating in the 30 day challenge! I hope it brings you the motivation to help get you where you want to go!

I wish you all the best,

Bob K.

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