22 Powerful Morning Affirmations to Get You Energized

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These 22 powerful morning affirmations aren’t your typical ordinary morning affirmations. These powerful morning affirmations were created to electrify and energize your life and help you realize that you have the power to make each and every day a masterpiece. You are the one. You are the master. It’s your time to take the world by storm, one day at a time, starting right now this very morning. Today is your day.

Before I list these Powerful Morning Affirmations, I have a Morning Affirmations video that contains all of these affirmations as well. After the video and the list of affirmations you can download a free PDF that also contains these morning affirmations as well as motivational images. I recommend using these affirmations on a daily basis. It will get you amped up every morning!

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Positive Powerful Morning Affirmations Video from Youtube

22 Powerful Morning Affirmations to Make Each Day Count

Good morning world. I’m here to knock down all limitations.

There is only one today. Let’s make it count.

Let me turn ordinary encounters into extraordinary moments.

Let others be awed by my energy and power.

I take the world by storm.

This is my day. I will not be stopped.

This morning is the start of something great.

I have the opportunity to change my life today. Today is my day.

I have the opportunity to change other’s lives today. Today is my day.

Today I want to make every encounter with someone else their best encounter ever.

I will seek to make today the best day of my life in all respects.

The Second Half of the Morning Affirmations

I’m done with ordinary days.

I sweep through today like a tidal wave of loving power positively affecting everyone around me.

I am a force of one changing the lives of all those around me.

How many lives can I change today?

How many great things can I do today?

I am a daredevil in the game of life.

I will do everything in my power to make today a fantastic one for all.

Today I kick tail and take names.

I will make today count.

I harness the power of the universe to positively affect everyone around me today.

Infinite power flows through me energizing me and all those around me.

I project an aura of magnetic power throughout the day attracting all to me.

I accomplish as much as I can today while maintaining an aura of love around me.

There is only the now. Let me make every Now a beautiful one today.

When I look back on today I want to see it as a masterpiece.

There you go 22 powerful morning affirmations (with a few bonus morning affirmations thrown in)! Those morning affirmations are ideal to use daily to turn you into a powerhouse of energy each and every day. And, if you want a free pdf with these morning affirmations and a few more similar ones just grab the daily affirmations pdf below.

Daily Affirmations pdf for Free from our Morning Affirmations

I’ve just created a Daily Affirmations pdf based on these powerful morning affirmations.

I’ve also added some more energetic affirmations into the mix to pump you up even more. This daily affirmations pdf is a dynamite way to get you going every morning. I use this on almost a daily basis now and absolutely love it. I think you will as well.

And, finally I created and added several more of the daily affirmation images to make it even more powerful. It’s totally free.

You can even give it away to family or friends, or if you have a website, on your website, if you like.

Check it out here: Daily Affirmations pdf for Free

This is Your Year. Make it the Best Year Ever

Today is your day. Make it the best day ever. With that theme in mind I direct you to one of our motivational videos on youtube. I created this video years ago called This is Your Year Make it the Best Year Ever.

It is loaded with a lot of the same sentiment found in our powerful morning affirmations above. To check it out on youtube just click the following link and a new window will open. This affirmation video only lasts a couple of minutes but packs a punch. Enjoy!

This is Your Year. Make it the Best Year Ever. 

More Morning Affirmations from the Web

When browsing the web for powerful morning affirmations I came across a few of these gems.

“Everything is Happening Perfectly.” Great reminder to not let hurdles throw you off your game. This one comes from Priya Jain on the TUT blog. Hey, if you ever want to sign up for a great newsletter (besides ours) 🙂 check out Mike Dooley’s at Tut. I’ve been on his list for years and years. You get these super short yet awesome emails every now and then about your infinite possibilities.

“Thousands of people didn’t have the privilege of waking up today, and I did. I matter. My life matters, and I will use today to do something good.” A morning wake-up call if I’ve ever seen one! This comes from coach and lifestyle blogger Ashley Diana.

“I believe in myself relentlessly.” And don’t stop believing as the lyrics go. This comes from Luna and Sol at Lonerwolf.com.

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Anyway, thank you for checking out our 22 powerful morning affirmations. Hopefully they’ll get you energized and electrified every day going forward. If you have any affirmations that you use and like I would love if you shared them with us in the comments section below. And, also let us know if you enjoy these morning affirmations.

Have a marvelous day!

Bob K.

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