Positive Affirmations for Success

Today’s post features Positive Affirmations for Success. Some of the characteristics of those who are already successful have been included in the positive affirmations found below. I’ve also created several success-themed videos to help give you that success mindset. Below is a Quick Success Affirmations video filled with these success affirmations. This quick 2 minute version has the affirmations coming at you one every two seconds. Try it before you read the affirmations. This video is part of our 30 Day Challenge in which you can watch one quick video a day for 30 days to get programmed for power!

Quick Success Affirmations for a Better Life Video

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Positive Affirmations for Success

I go after success in all areas of my life.
I commit myself to constant improvement.
I look to expand my mind and my horizons.
I focus on inner growth as well as outer growth.
I look to become smart and wise in business and life.
I push myself to succeed in my career or business.
I am passionate about all areas of my life.
I am optimistic and have a real desire to succeed.
I look at ways to multiply my income and grow my wealth.

I will make my life an adventure.
I won’t sit back and watch life happen, I will make it happen.
I am in charge of my life.
I am in control of my life.
I have the power to make choices in my life.
I will make the absolute best choices I can.
I can make decisions quickly and live with them.
I won’t second-guess myself.
There are lessons to be learned from all my choices – no matter the outcome.

Be Persistent in the Pursuit of Excellence – More Success Affirmations

I am persistent and relentless in my pursuit of excellence.
I first try to learn from the failures of others to avoid those mistakes.
I will also learn from my own failures.
I know that every failure takes me one step closer to success.

I will learn how to incease my wealth.
I will learn how to make my relationships better.
I will network with the best in my field.
I look for win-win situations with everyone.
I will seek to bring value to everyone in my life.
The more I help others the more I help myself.
I will gain a reputation for honesty and fairness in all my dealings.

Everyone respects me.
Everyone wants to do business with me.
People want to meet me.
People want to be my friend.
People want to give me business.
People want to give me money.
People want to make my life better.

Affirmations for Success – Work Smart

I am focused and relentless in my quest for success in this life.
I go after what I want and will work smart to get it.
I learn how to delegate and automate.
I look at investments and businesses that will multiply my wealth.
The more labor I can hire out the better my return will be.
I will be generous in my dealings with others.
I seek to make the world a better place.
I will live a well-balanced life full of love and fun.
Massive abundance is coming my way.

I meditate daily to stay grounded and centered.
I will build my assets and my wealth.
I will nurture my circle of friends.
I will spend more time with my family.
I will seek to give back to my community.
Big success is coming my way.
Great relationships are coming my way.
Fantastic opportunities are heading my way.

I believe in myself.
Others believe in me.
I am a go-getter.
I am a do-gooder.
I am quickly becoming a super success.
I will do what it takes to succeed in all areas of my life.
Everyday I look forward to seeing how much I can grow.
Everyday I look forward to seeing how I can help others.

Spend Time on Important Things

I am willing to take risks in all areas of my life.
I do what it takes to improve all areas of my life.
I spend my time on important things.
I focus on joy and happiness and abundance.
I am living a life of abundance admired by all.
The more I give the more I receive.

I am a big giver.
Great things are coming my way.
I am worthy and deserving of massive abundance.
I am worthy and deserving of soulmate love.
I am worthy and deserving of fantastic friendships.
Success in life is mine for the taking.
I will take it.
I will make it.

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