Fast Affirmation Videos

Years ago I created a series of fast affirmation videos. We had the 1 minute videos that would flash 1 affirmation every second. And then there was a longer version that would go about 2 and half minutes. These positive affirmation videos covered a wide range of topics like irresistable attraction, building your self-confidence, becoming a money magnet, developing a millionaire mindset, manifesting your dreams, becoming more assertive, using the law of attraction, relaxation, quit smoking, lose weight, be happy, get lucky, and much more. There are currently over 60 of these positive affirmation videos.

Well, I’ve packaged all those videos up and added some great bonuses and currently sell the entire Fast Affirmations videos package for a little more than five bucks! You can get them on gumroad via the link below:

Fast Affirmations Video Pack

Here is an example of one these positive affirmation videos. The one below is the more self-confidence fast affirmations 1 minute video.


These videos are powerful.  But don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what some of those who have seen them say!

“Fastest Results with 1 Minute Series. Nothing like it.” Nam

“Powerful information in 1 minute.” Meta Sciences

“Enjoyed it so much! Thank you guys! keep up this tremendous value of work going. very powerful.” Rae

“I feel great, powerful, energized, great feelings.” Chris

“Enjoyed watching the videos, a big two thumbs up! Highly recommended!” Keith N.

“thank you immensely. I have never felt better!!! I am only 10 days in and i feel amazing. i can actaually tell that my mind is working differently[ and better]. I am becoming a new person, an irresistible force of nature.” John

“Thank you very much… I enjoyed these videos very much…” Tania

“Wow, these videos are great, they make a person positive and rejoice in their life. Enjoyed them!”  Sharath C.

“Thank you very much!  My mood changed, I feel much better with myself, with hope and creativity.  I resumed my painting and writing, and I am a bit more social.  Thank you very much again!”   Monica

“…an amazing tool to change our life. It has tremendous potential and the results are mind blowing.Thank You so much.”  Donald

These are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received regarding the effectiveness of the 1 Minute Fast Affirmation videos!

Below is another example from the series. This one is 1 minute to Be More Assertive.

If you would like to watch some of the fast affirmation series for free on one of my youtube channels just click the link below. There you’ll find about a dozen of the videos in the series. Enjoy!

Wealthvibes affirmation videos on youtube

Fast Affirmations Video Pack on Sale

So, as mentioned before if you would like to purchase the Fast Affirmations series we are currently running a sale at a gonga price! Anyway, if you click the link below you’ll see everything that comes in the package. I believe it is about 65 videos in all plus some great bonuses featuring 3 different 15 minute audios including; Get Love, Get Wealthy, and Perfect Positivity.

Fast Affirmations Video Pack

Have a fantastic day!

Bob Kish