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As I begin to crank up the wealthvibes website again, here’s to sending good vibes for you! I’m reminded of my old intention with the site and that was that it would be a place where sending good vibes or good positive energy to one another was the central focus. We would send those good vibes to one another for a variety of reasons – for more wealth, health, happiness, love, confidence, and more. Basically whatever positive thing we could think of.

I don’t want to totally abandon that concept with the New Wealthvibes though. First of all, I want this to be a place where good positive vibrations or energy just flows and exists naturally. A place where you can feel good about visiting and staying awhile. A place where you can put up your feet, take off your shoes and relax. Ok you might want to put those shoes back on. πŸ™‚ A place where you can smile and laugh and share that feeling with family and friends when you leave.

However, I also want it to be a place where if you need some good ‘ol positive energy sent your way we can kindly oblige. Energy for whatever you desire. We can also send that loving energy out to a friend or a relative if you wish. So, if you want anyone who visits this page to send you some good positive vibrations then kindly let us know in the comments below.

Sending Good Vibes to One Another


Just tell us exactly, or as close to exactly as you want to get, what you’d like people to send you those good vibes for. If you are looking for better finances, better health, better relationships, more peace, more love, whatever, it doesn’t matter. We would be happy to help. And, if you see someone’s comment here and start sending them energy or good vibes you can let them know if you would want to. Just reply to their comment that you are sending them good vibes.

If you leave a comment and don’t see a reply it doesn’t mean that no one is sending you energy – it just means they haven’t left a comment. And, rest assured I’ll be sending anyone who leaves a comment on this page good vibes. As a matter of fact I’m sending good vibes for you right now!

Spreading and sending good vibes is what we should all be about all the time. Why not do a little of that right now? If you want some good vibes sent your way right now let us know. And, if you see someone’s request in the comments below, send some loving energy their way! I thank you and they thank you! Before you go here are some happy good vibes images and then some links to some free stuff we have here at wealthvibes.

Sending Good Vibes Images

Here are some sending good vibes images to put a smile on your face!


If you love good vibes images like I do, then check out this great vibes collection at Pinterest. Lots of relaxing beachy goodness!

Spreading Good Vibes Around the Net


There are lots of good vibes spreading around the internet these days – quotes and images and the like. Once you find some you just find more and more. Great stuff and puts you in a positive frame of mind! I’m going to share just a bit of what I found.

Here is a good vibes quote from Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” That was shared by Dr. Nikki Martinez on the Everyday Power blog. It was part of a beautiful image.

Here’s one I love from Paulo Coelho, “One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.” This good vibes quote was shared by Deniz Yalim at It’s been awhile but I really enjoyed Coelho’s The Alchemist. Nice read.

This good vibes quote is from the folks at minequotes. β€œThe only person that should validate your worth is you.” Believe it. And, I would add an addendum to that. β€œThe only person that should validate your worth is you. You and Fred down at the Circle-K.” Ha ha anyone out there? Again, just checking if anyone is paying attention. Probably just Fred. I’m here all day folks. Not going anywhere…

More Good Vibes Goodies

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Here’s to hoping you are just absolutely saturated with good vibes today and going forward. To help make that even more of a reality for you I’ve got some Wealthvibes freebies for you. Enjoy and remember if you want someone to send you some good vibes for any reason just scroll to the comments and leave one. I moderate all comments so give me a day or two to approve it. But, hey do it – everybody could use some good vibes coming their way!

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Thank you and Hakuna Matata,

Bob K.

Greetings good vibes senders and receivers. To request someone send you good vibes for anything just put your request in the comments section below. And, if you see someone’s request feel free to send them good positive energy to help the Universe fulfill their request. Let them know if you want to but it is not required. Also, if you don’t see your request right away after you leave it, don’t worry, it just might take me a day or two to approve it. Thanks for your understanding and let’s get sending that good positive energy to each other!

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6 thoughts on “Sending Good Vibes for You”

  1. I would like some good vibes sent to my great girlfriend Lanette and her mom who has an illness, also to my uncle who is very ill and his family, to my elderly grandfather who has challenges, to me since I’m pretty cool;) and to all the humans and beings on this planet and beyond. Oh and to Bob who runs this groovy website!

    • Thanks Ken – you are the best my friend! Let’s all send those good vibes out there to Ken and his family. I’m doing so right now as I’m reading this.

    • Hi Tuck! I’m sending some good vibes your way right now. Personally, I’ve found some success in the past when I’ve tried to program myself right before bed by asking my subconscious mind to come up with an answer while I sleep. I’ve also received information out of the blue by spending some time walking in nature or just being out in nature. Sometimes ideas will just pop into my head. Of course, I’m constantly writing things down about what I want to manifest in my life, what I enjoy doing and so forth. I think writing all that stuff down will set you subconscious to work out a solution for you as well. Wish you the best!

      • Bob i tried to sign up for your 40 day challange to get 1 minute videos sent to me….but it comes up as ooops something went wrong can you sent me the signup page or can you sign me up…my e-mail is thanks

        • Hi Steven,

          Sent you an email. The 40 Day Challenge has actually ended. If you go to the following link on our Fast Affirmation video pack you can watch a couple of the fast affirmation videos. There is also a link on that page that allows you to watch about 12 of the fast affirmation videos for free. But, definitely check your email – sent you a special link. Hope your New Year is going great!


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