Self-Confidence Affirmations with Videos

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Today we have self-confidence affirmations with videos. The Super Confidence videos we have are both 30 minutes long and are great to be used anytime as background motivation. They can also be used before bed as sleep meditations to really increase your confidence levels. The self-confidence affirmations contained in the videos are from our post 77 Confidence Affirmations for Self-Esteem.

The 2 self-confidence affirmations videos are similar. The first has two different layers of positive affirmations. The main layer contains the self-confidence affirmations. The lower volume or subliminal layer of affirmations has powerful affirmations exhorting you to have a great day every day. The affirmations in the subliminal layer are taken from our 22 Morning Affirmations article. The second self-confidence affirmations video has the confidence affirmations with some background music. Just a matter of your personal preference – both are powerful in their own way.

After the videos I’ll also have some brand new written self-confidence affirmations so stick around. And, before we get to the videos you can download the Confidence Affirmations PDF for free if you want to know what the exact affirmations are in the videos.

Self-Confidence Affirmations PDF for Free Download

To download the Confidence PDF you’ll just click the link, a new window will open and you’ll be taken to our download page on Mediafire. Once there just click the download button and save the file to your device.

Click the link to download the Self-Confidence Affirmations PDF for Free

Super Self-Confidence Affirmations Video with Subliminal Morning Affirmations

Hope you enjoyed that video. It is loaded with some great affirmations to boost your self-esteem and also to make sure that every day is a great day for you!

Before we get to the second video and the bonus affirmations for confidence be sure to check out our 1 hour Supreme Confidence Audio mp3. It is on sale now and gives you two downloadable mp3 affirmation audios on confidence. One has just the affirmations, the other has a music background. The Supreme Self-Confidence audios are for sale on the gumroad platform. To check it out just click the link: Supreme Self-confidence audio mp3 for download

Now, on to the second video. Remember this is the one with music background.

Super Confidence Video with Music

Hope you enjoyed those two confidence boosting affirmation videos! But, stick around we have more great powerful positive affirmations for becoming more confident below.

Self-Confidence Affirmations

You are complete and whole right now just as you are.
Believe in your infinite power.
You take the power inside you and bring it to the world.
You are done playing small.
Now is your time to showcase your excellence.

You focus in on your goals and knock them out one by one.
You are a fanatic of perfection.
Fanatic, or not, you work with as much speed as you can.
You focus and finish.
You are a goal-achieving machine.

Your self-esteem grows every single day.
Your belief in yourself grows every single day.
You are positive about who you are and where you are going.
You take a positive view of all things in your life.
Thinking about where you are and where you are going brings a smile to your face.

You are a glass fully-full type of person.
You have a fully mapped-out plan of your life.
Every day you take massive action to make that plan a reality.
All challenges and hurdles provide you great growth.
Every challenge makes you a stronger person.

Every goal achieved builds your self-confidence.
As your confidence and abilities grow so do your dreams.
Your dream-life is constantly expanding and growing as you do.
You are an ever-evolving work of art.
You are becoming greater and greater every day.

Your life is becoming richer in every way every day.
You attract massive abundance into your life.
You are constantly adding to your skill-set.
As you become more skilled you become more and more confident.
You are overflowing with self-esteem

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There you go, two self-confidence affirmations videos and a separate set of powerful affirmations ideal to give you a mental and motivational boost. If you enjoyed today’s post and have any affirmations of your own you would like to share I would love to hear them. Also, if there are any videos you would like me to create please let me know as well!

Hope you are enjoying a supremely super day today!

Bob K.

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