77 Positive Affirmations for Creativity to Better Your World

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Today we feature 77 Positive Affirmations for Creativity to Better Your World. As one of my favorite affirmations from those below notes, “You are the Artist of Your Life.” The more you are allowed to create and better your own life, the better it will be for you to improve and better the lives of those in your circle. Your creations and ideas can often bring you an abundance of riches while helping family and friends as well. But, why stop at bettering your “micro” world?

Why not take your creativity and positively change the world at large. So, when I say these affirmations for creativity can “better your world,” I mean they can better your own personal world, or life, as well as the macro world. Your creative endeavors may one day positively affect the lives of many on the planet if your reach becomes great enough! And, in so doing may make you rich in the process. Why not strive for that?

Also, stick around after the creativity affirmations because I’ve included a creativity video I created years ago for one of my old websites Brainsngames. It is filled with some great creativity affirmations. And, I’ve just created a new Creativity video based on the 77 Positivity Affirmations for Creativity that you’ll see right before the affirmations to be more creative.

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77 Positive Affirmations for Creativity Youtube Video

Before we get to the 77 positive affirmations for creativity I want to let you know I created some on the list in the form of “afformations.” Afformations are affirmations formed as a question. In some cases, this technique may help your mind more readily accept the premise that you are an “Idea Machine.” But, was there really any question that you already are? Nope! Now, on to the show!

Positive Affirmations for Creativity

affirmations for creativity ideas come easily

I am an idea machine.

I am constantly flowing with fantastic new ideas.

The more I read and study about various things the more ideas come to me.

The Universe is constantly sending me revolutionary creative ideas.

I flow with ideas that can transform my life and the world.

My ideas are unique and inventive.

The more time I spend in contemplation the more ideas I generate.

I am the Artist of My Life.

The Universe sends me great life-changing ideas.

Everywhere I look I see opportunity.

The opportunities for me to create my dream life are everywhere.

I am constantly flowing with ways to make my life better.

I see ways to make the lives of others better.

My life is filled with an abundance of joy and creativity.

My Ideas can Change the World

I can transform my ideas into profitable life-altering projects.

I am flowing with an abundance of energy.

My ideas can change the world.

My ideas will become legendary.

I am an idea machine.

I act on my ideas.

Creativity stimulates my entire life.

I can easily transform my ideas into reality.

I use my creativity to positively change my world and the world around me.

My creative juices are constantly flowing.

I never run out of ideas.

The more ideas I bring into reality the easier it gets.

I love to spend time in creative pursuits.

I enjoy the company of other creative people.

More Affirmations for Creativity – the Power of Brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions with myself and others allows my ideas to multiply.

I write down my ideas and then expand on them

I use my ideas to help myself and others.

Others are amazed by my creativity.

I come up with ideas to help family and friends.

I come up with ideas to help the world.

My creativity increases the more I use it.

I can create an abundance of riches with my ideas.

I can be brilliant in whatever field I choose.

My life is an example that others want to emulate.

I sharpen the sword.

I look up “I sharpen the sword.” 🙂

Creativity comes easily to me.

I am ablaze with fantastic ideas.

I discover ingenious ways of doing things.

The More You Know the More Your Creativity Can Increase

affirmations for creativity you are ablaze with fantastic ideas

The more I study and learn different subjects the more my creativity flows.

The more ideas I have to draw from the easier it is to discover the true gems.

I blend different concepts to create unique ideas.

I find it easy to transform my ideas into money.

My life is filled with creativity and excitement.

Many of my ideas improve the lives of others.

I take time to meditate.

I take time to think.

My mind works in brilliant and mysterious ways.

I am curious about everything around me.

I always ask why.

My mind is open to the infinite power of the universe bringing in brilliant ideas.

My mind processes ideas at warp speed.

I am able to make creative connections between different areas of knowledge.

I am great at turning creative ideas into wealth.

Afformations for Creativity – A Different Type of Affirmation

How is it that my power to create is so vast?

How is it that my imagination is unlimited?

Why is it so easy for me to come up with fantastic ideas?

Why is it so easy for me to make money with my ideas?

Where is the best place for me to come with great ideas?

How is it that I have so many great ideas?

How is it that I make so much money with my ideas?

Why is it so easy for me to devise plans that can make me rich?

Why do others look to me for advice on creativity?

How is it that my ideas can help so many people?

What is it that allows me to create so many great ideas?

What is it that allows me to make so much money from my ideas?

Take the Time to Bring Your Creativity to Life

I love spending time being creative.

I love spending time designing the life of my dreams.

My creations are universally loved.

My creations appeal to millions.

I write down my creative ideas and spend time thinking about them.

The more great ideas I create, the more people I can help.

My ideas cause others to notice my talents.

I am open to receiving great ideas now.

I will act on worthy ideas.

My life and the lives of others are transformed by my incredible creativity.

And, I found a bonus one on the web I enjoyed from Denise Duffield Thomas via Danielle Raine: “I serve, I Deserve.”

Creativity Affirmations Video

As I noted earlier here is one of my original creativity affirmations videos. I created this one years ago for one of my old sites, Brainsngames. Enjoy!

There you go 77 Positive Affirmations for Creativity to Better Your World. Repeat these affirmations on a regular basis and I have no doubt that you will turn your mind into an abundance-attracting idea machine. But, don’t go just yet, we’ve got a ton of great stuff that will turn you into a lightning rod of abundance here at Wealthvibes. Check out just some of what we have below.

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Bob K.

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