Quick Motivation Daily Affirmation Videos

Today we feature our new series of quick motivation daily affirmation videos. This series of quick motivational videos is called the Lightning Quick Motivation series. They’ll cover a variety of motivational and inspirational topics that can be used on a daily basis.

All the videos in this series are going to be less than 1 minute long and in vertical format. This particular series is optimized for mobile viewing. You can watch some of them right here right now. I’ve also created a youtube playlist in which I’ll be adding all new videos in the series to that playlist. The nice thing about playlists is that the videos will play one after the other without interruption. If you want to check out the playlist click the following link and a new window will open: Quick Motivation Videos on Youtube

Quick Motivation Become a Money Magnet Video

If you are interested in more money magnet affirmations be sure to check out our Money Magnet Affirmations article. That page also has another money magnet video on it. Also, see our How to Manifest Money article. Lots of interesting ideas.

Lightning Motivation Series – Get Confidence

Also be sure to see our 77 Confidence Affirmations for Self-Esteem post. It is loaded with some great positive affirmations to boost your confidence as well as a powerful confidence boosting video as well.

Quick Motivation Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations Video

Take on the spirit of a warrior with this quick powerful motivational video. To see the longer Warrior Spirit video with audio affirmations as well as the images just click here: Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations video.

Quick Motivational Video – Harness the Spirit of the Eagle

Lightning Fast Motivation – Get Wolf Spirit Power

Harness the power of the wolf with this quick motivation video. The start of a new spirit animal motivational video series I want to create. Enjoy!

New Fast Motivation Series – Get Charisma

Infused with quick tips to build your charisma watch and rewatch this fast motivational video often. At less than a minute it is time well-spent.

Quick Motivation – Develop a Millionaire Mindset Daily Affirmations Video

The quick motivation video below gives some tips on how to develop a millionaire mindset. We also have a great post on how to Develop the Habits of a Millionaire here at Wealthvibes. Definitely check that out when you get a chance. See how many of those millionaire habits you have.

Lightning Fast Motivation – Become More Assertive Now

This quick motivation video will get you acting more assertive asap. The more you watch it the stronger and more confident you’ll become. That is the same with all of our affirmation and motivation videos. The more you watch the more you’re going to saturate yourself with that good powerful energy!

There you go. I hope you enjoyed some of the videos in our new Lightning Quick Motivation series. Remember the more you watch the more powerful you become! If you have any ideas for new fast affirmation videos you’d like us to create just let me know in the comments section below. We’ve got some more great stuff at Wealthvibes. Just check it out below.

Hope you are enjoying a splendid day!

Bob K.

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1 Minute Fast Affirmations Videos

The cornerstone of the old Wealthvibes were our 1 minute fast affirmation videos. They are now packaged up and available for the price of a cup of coffee. But, you can watch about a dozen of them free when you check out this package here: Fast Affirmation Videos.

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