Something Wonderful Your Way Comes

Today’s post features the written affirmations from the recent video I created called Something Wonderful Your Way Comes. It was created to give you hope and think positively about all the different wonderful things that can come your way in the future. It’s great to remind you to be grateful for everything you have while … Read more

Productivity Affirmations to Get More Done

productivity affirmations list

Today’s post features Productivity Affirmations to help you get more done. Included in these productivity affirmations are references to many of the best productivity-increasing tips and tricks including using the Pomodoro Technique and the Pareto Principle. Definitely try out both techniques and see what they can do for you in the productivity realm. I’ve also … Read more

Attract Your Soulmate – Affirmations to Become a Love Magnet

attract your soulmate - soulmate affirmations

Today’s post is Attract Your Soulmate – Affirmations to become a Love Magnet. These affirmations will have you putting your own thoughts out to the universe and to your potential soulmate that you are ready for a soulmate-type love relationship in your life. You will open yourself up to give and receive love. One Big … Read more