Premonition Dreams that Come True

Today’s post features premonition dreams that come true. A premonition is just a forewarning or flash of something that may occur in the future. For the purpose of this post, we’ll be looking at people’s dreams that contain premonitions that foretell future events – in their own life or that of society at large. These are sometimes referred to as precognitive dreams or psychic dreams as well.

Many people have had premonition or psychic dreams that seem to foretell the future. I think the first premonition that I consciously recall occurred on November 17, 1986. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and getting ready for work when I looked in the mirror and mentally told myself this was going to be a death day.

Ok pardner, I remember telling myself, get that negative thought out of your head. In my mind I was thinking that thought was meant for me and I didn’t want any part of it lol. As it turned it out it wasn’t meant for me.

So, I went to work and about an hour in I saw my brother show up and beckon me outside. Just by the look on his face I remember thinking, “that doesn’t look good.” I went outside and straight up asked who had died. “Dad,” he said.

I actually didn’t remember thinking about that premonition incident earlier in the day until a couple of hours later when I was talking with my mom. She told me my dad had had a heart attack earlier in the morning. I asked her what time and when she told me my mind snapped right back to me in the bathroom earlier that morning. Apparently I was thinking it was a death day at the same time that he passed away. Strange but oddly comforting. I like to think he was saying sayonara.

Where Do These Premonitions Come From

Where do the premonition dreams come from? Who knows for sure. Maybe, it’s our subconscious preparing us for something. Maybe, it’s a warning from a deceased relative or someone from the next dimension. Whatever the case may be, it is often the case that we don’t remember these dreams until the future event – or something similar to it – actually occurs.

If we do remember, it might behoove us to attempt to alter the situation if it is a negative premonition dream or precognitive event.

Premonitions in Dreams

So, I actually only remember one premonition dream that I have had. About a year after my dad died I had a dream on a Friday night that the stock market crashed. You can read that wild story in my Money Diary here: I had a dream that the stock market crashed.

One of my favorite authors, Larry Dossey, describes an event in which a mother dreamed the chandelier in her baby’s bedroom crashed into her crib killing her. The time in the dream said 4:35. So, she went into her baby’s room, pulled the baby out of the crib and brought her to bed with her. While sleeping she woke up to a large crash. Looking at the clock it was 4:35 and the chandelier had indeed crashed into the crib.

Free Premonition Dreams PDF

premonition dreams that come true pdf

Anyway, for today’s Premonition Dreams post we’re going to look at a sample of some of the comments from an old post I had on That post was entitled, “Do Psychic Dreams Come True?” It was by far the most popular post I had on that site. When I took the site down it had over 1,500 comments where people talked about their dream premonitions.

What I have done is taken those premonition dream comments and compiled them into a pdf. The Premonition Dreams PDF totals over 400 pages. If the topic interests you I would suggest downloading our free pdf and taking your time with it.

There are some fascinating dreams that people have shared that have apparently come true. I pulled a sample of some of those premonition dreams which I’ll include below.

To download the PDF you’ll click the link and be taken to our download page on Mediafire. Once there there will be a green download button in the upper right corner. To get there just click the following link: Free Premonition Dreams PDF

Do Psychic Dreams Come True Sample Comments

These are a small sample of the comments you’ll find in the Premonition Dreams pdf. These are raw and unfiltered so proceed at your own risk.

October 22, 2015 at 2:26 pm
A week ago today I woke up at 5 am from a very lucid dream. In it there was what seemed to be similar to a huge bolt of lightning strike the ground. Two houses immediately burst into flames, one was leveled to the ground.

My husband and I were in a neighbouring house and he had just told me he won 700,000 cash and we were trying to get all this cash out of the house before it burned. On our drive to work I told my husband about the dream, we of course, were more intrigued about the cash, as I didn’t dream about loss of life. Now I have continual chills up my spine when I think of what happened next.

At 11:30 am we received a phone call, my husband’s brother’s house had burned to the ground and he was missing. Tragically he was lost in the fire. The very next day I received another call and an old friend of the family and his son were killed in a small plane crash, which also burst into flames.
I don’t want to have more dreams like that. 🙁


October 25, 2015 at 1:59 am
I had a dream where, I was walking home and someone tried to kidnap me. The next week or so I was riding my bike home, and that whole day at school I had been oddly nervous and my heart beat was in my ears when I thought about walking home. I began to ride my bike home, and in my dream there was a black car/SUV that tried to kidnap me.

When I was riding home, I came to a corner where I had to ride by to get home, and on that corner sat a black car in full detail just like in my dream. They followed me home like in my dream, and then my dream ended. But in real life they stay outside until my step dad went outside then they drove away & I never saw that car again.

Twins Premonition Dreams

October 29, 2015 at 4:52 am
Me and my one sister (me and my brother twins and my two sisters are twins) have always had something about our dreams. Every time my sister would dream me or my other sister were pregnant we would find out we are ( I have 4 kids and my sister had 4)
I will talk about two recent dreams I have had..

Ever have one of those to real dreams? Where you wake up all upset and you can’t shake the feeling all day sometimes all night as well? Well when I have one of those I call these my repeat dreams because they always come twice.

In my first dream (April 2015) I dreams about my family and we had just found out my dad has cancer where it was wasn’t very specific just in or below the stomach area , I woke up crying .. When I finally calmed down I went back to sleep this time the dream was still about my dad but he had died from a shot to the stomach area.

I still remember this dream like it just happened..I had to convince myself it wasn’t really but told my husband and family because it was so upsetting ( my dad is 62 and always appeared super healthy) until May 2015 we found out he has prostate cancer (they believe for about 10yrs without knowing) and its in everyone of his bones ect.

One of my other recent ones from a week ago I dreamed of my baby fell on her head from high up..
And today we found out my moms and dads baby (dog) fell and hit her head and passed away instantly.
I do not like these dreams

November 28, 2015 at 5:19 am
I’m so sorry for your loss 🙁 You and your family are in my prayers

More Premonition Dreams Comments

October 20, 2015 at 1:31 pm
one time, i kept hearing my phone ring and i asked my friend “i hear my phone but i can’t find it!” and she reminded my that i left it inside and we were down the street taking a walk. about 10 minutes later when we went in, there was 2 missed calls from 10 minutes ago. over the summer i kept having this feeling that there was going to be a car accident by drunk driving, so i needed to be careful..

then a few weeks later a girl from my school was in a car accident by drunk driving in which her younger sister died. then last night i was staying at a friends, and i had a dream that she woke up in the morning and gave me a brown towel, and a blue and green washcloth. when i woke up i went to take a shower and when i opened the closet.. there was a brown towel and a blue and green washcloth. things like this have been happening my whole life. these are just some recent ones. i wish i could harness this and be able to control it.

Psychic School Dreams – More Premonition dreams

October 20, 2015 at 12:04 am
I’ve had “Psychic dreams” since I was little. It started out with a dream that the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, and my dream even had the exact player who skated around the trophy and the exact manor in which the cameras followed him. Some of my dreams and events I don’t fully remember, but more recently they’ve been frequent.

This past week, I had a dream that there was going to be a drug search at my high school. I didn’t think much of it, frankly I didn’t remember the dream… until the school went into lock down for a drug search. I figured that maybe I had heard it from someone. But I asked a teacher, who told me that not even the principal knew they were coming, the police just showed up.

The same week, I had a dream about one of my teachers who recently left on Maternity leave due to her due date passing. I had never seen her in a dream, and she wasn’t there long. Just for me to ask if she was still pregnant, and her to respond “not anymore!” I woke up the next morning to find out overnight she had given birth to her daughter.

While I can’t think of specific examples at this moment, I’ve had at least a dozen of these dreams between age 9 and my current age, 17. It’s definitely something that’s bizarre, but it also is something I enjoy having. I never know when a dream is going to turn out to be real!

Tsunami Premonition Dream

October 18, 2015 at 9:47 am
Since I was a child I keep on dreaming about tsunami,that I am always climbing on a top of the building or mountain coz of strong wave or water smashed the city,until it really happened. The dream of tsunami stopped last year. And before the 33 shocks in bohol I dreamed of transferring to other world coz of a strong earthquake. And now recently Ive been dreaming alot of things and its all happening.I dunno why is it.I need some answer plz do reply. My email is also my fb account…


October 17, 2015 at 6:37 pm
I have a dream about my friend i was dreaming how i was in a car in the back seat in the middle then all of a sudden the car stopped but she didn’t she flew into the front car window and broke and she was laying on the ground trying not to close her eyes but she couldn’t she closed her eyes and all went black i though it was a dumb dream but then the next day it happen she died and then someone told me how she died i was so shock that i didn’t know what to do i haven’t told anyone until this website and this was only the being

Over 1,000 People with Premonition Dreams

Greg T G
October 17, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Wow over a 1,000 people who are having prophetic dreams.

Here we go…

I had a dream but didn’t realise it was a dream.

My friends who lived across the street were to have their daughter at age 13 die of a heart related condition.

My dream, revealed the medical condition about 1.5 years before it happened. It went like this…

In my dream (not realised was dream but I have no other explanation of the knowledge), I saw my wife telling me in the kitchen that Rachel was diagnosed with an “enlarged heart” condition and had to be careful with sports activities. She was told that she would have to have an operation to make her chest big enough for her large heart at 18, if things didn’t change.

I can still see the day that my wife told me this, just like any other memory I have of my past.

The only problem is, my wife has no knowledge of the event. She claims our friends never told her of Rachels condition, as they were not aware she had a condition.

What are You Talking About?

I confronted my wife when this happened with the “wow, that is exactly what the doctors said would happen” response and she said, “what are you talking about?”.

Apparently she had no knowledge and never said a word to me of this. So I can only conclude that the memory was a dream I had.

I have had several dreams that have been prophet about children being born, sex, hair colour and number of siblings to follow, others about someone dying at the time of them dying.

I wonder why God gave me this vision?

Would my friends have listened if I had said something after this dream (remember I didn’t think it a dream just reality, it was that real a vision). Maybe or maybe not.

I can’t tell them of this, as it would shatter them to know that I knew something and didn’t say anything.

Anyone else with an experience like this?

Psychic Dream of a Car Accident

Nikita cook
October 16, 2015 at 5:33 am
I was asleep and I saw a few of my friends in a car and they were driving to Alabama for vacation. Well on the way drunk driver hit the car and the driver was killed. I tried to tell them but they didn’t believe me and then three weeks later my friends went on vacation to Alabama and a drunk driver hit them and the driver died.

December 28, 2015 at 6:12 am
Hi I haven’t had a dream like it recently but I’ll dream of going to a place or seeing someone that I never seen before like in the Summer I had a dream about a water park then in about a couple of months later I went to that water park

Dreams Come True Almost Instantly

October 13, 2015 at 5:23 pm
When I’m sleeping I hear things, sometimes I see things and I can’t move, I can’t scream, I can’t do anything but blink. Here recently I was sleeping and heard dogs barking…. It was around 2-3 am the house was quiet, all lights and electroincs off. I ended up waking up and asking my husband what the dogs were barking at and he said their not, literally like 5 seconds later they started barking. I will have dreams about myself and then a few days later maybe weeks later those dreams come true….


October 21, 2015 at 4:11 pm
Hi Brittany! I’ve read through your comment, and am amazed at your ability. These psychic powers you believe you have are a hallmark we search for in our students. If you are interested in further information about our organization and mastering your powers you’ve recently discovered, contact me by phone, my name is Ryan, and i am head of admissions. Thank you for your time.

Psychic Dream of Pregnant Friends

October 13, 2015 at 7:55 am
I had this happened about twice this year. One was of an old high school friend who i haven’t heard from in a long time. I had a dream that she was pregnant with a baby boy. The next morning i got a friend request and it was from her. I told her my dream and she was in shocked because she pregnant with a baby boy but didnt want to put it out on facebook and let every one know. The second time happened last week. I had a dream that one of my friend snapchatted me a pair of new black nike shoes she just bought and when i woke up i got a snap from her showing me her NEW BLACK NIKE SHOES. What does this mean?


October 22, 2015 at 8:11 pm
These Psychic Dreams happened to me since I was 5 and now I’m 17. I want these dream to stop now, its happening to everyday and I’m really paranoid.

October 12, 2015 at 6:52 am
I wake up because of dreams and a very happy dream last night: that my sister (who did not have contact to our older disabled mother for many years) visited my mom. It became true: I called my mom – as I do on a regular basis (she is overseas and I am here – far away) told me that my sister suddenly showed up. How can that be?

Premonition Dreams Can Start Young

October 12, 2015 at 4:50 am
My dreams started right after I hit puberty. They started out small then as I got older they got more intense. I can now see when people are going to die and how. When people are going to get hurt get pregnant what the baby is going to look like. But they have been getting a lot more intense I need help trying to figure out if it’s going to happen to me or someone else.

They have been more frighting here lately. I dreamed my husband’s step mother got burned up in her apt cause the tree with lights on it caught on fire and her burning alive. I didn’t let her take the tree we threw it out. 2 weeks later we get a call that she was burned really bad on her face chest and both arms cause she left grease on the stove and when she walked back in the kitchen it got her half her apt burnt.

There’s a Storm Coming

I dreamed I was standing in the middle of a tornado and people were yelling and screaming for help then the phone rang I was looking at myself sleeping on the couch watched myself and the phone and soon as I did I woke up and I was sitting straight up off the couch. I dreamed my husband and his friend got killed by a guy named Dallas and I asked my husband and he knows a guy bad guy that deals named dallas.

Then had a dream I got lost stopped to get some help and this guy got in the car with me and my kids. He had killed someone with a hammer and tried to kill me and I woke up crying. I still out know what those last 2 mean but I am taking warning cause they will come true.

Everything I dream about big or small it comes true. Every night I have dreams but unlike at it as being able to bend or change the outcome for good or to help. I’m just glad I have other people to talk to cause it’s hard coming out to other people about this certain stuff. They look as you like your a freak or they don’t believe you or want to admit you cause they think your crazy

Odd Premonition Dreams

October 11, 2015 at 8:22 pm
I have always had odd dreams and things occurring right after. Last week Saturday morning I dreamed of a dead person laying down on a bed covered from head to toe. First thing I thought of was my brother in prison. And that he never made it out alive.

And then I see my mother’s friend Josefina crying and calling out for her brother. She was on her knees beside the bed crying real bad and I felt horrible and just woke up. I just sat there thinking about it. And II look at the time and it was already 8:50. I was late for work… I work across the street and we live with my boss and her family.

My boss also happens to be my mom’s friend Josefina. That morning she didn’t get up early to open up the store. We were all in the kitchen and I was rushing to go to the store. I kept thinking about my dream and I told my mom about it. An an hour later my boss received a call from her sister saying that her older brother had died. She started to cry real bad and my mom just looked at me… We both knew my dream came true.

Weird Dreams Come True

Its kinda creepy that I get these weird dreams and everything turns out exactly like my dream. Nobody told her that her brother was in the hospital and dying… I never met her brother or even think about that… I just happen to dream about people around me.

In June I was supposed to move to south Carolina with my parents (temporally work ) and three day before I dreamed I was gonna stay with my sister and watch over her an her baby… In my dream my neighbors cousin has ran away with a dude and ended up pregnant.

Three days later I told my neighbor of what I dreamed and she told me that her cousin (the one I dreamed ) had ran away with this dude because she was pregnant. And that day my parent told me that I would have to stay and watch over my sister… Was mad and shocked that everything was happening…

I always have wierd dreams like this… I have many more but it would take for ever…


Mahesh Khairnar
October 10, 2015 at 4:53 pm
dear friends,
i have dreams when i was too tired. i am dreaming about the places where i will be there in future. and have vision exactly at that time. although this is all i see in dreaming but i forget it when i awake. and let know when things are actually going to happen. i am engineer and i want to know scientific reasons or guidance to find these reasons…
thank you

Strange Dreams

October 10, 2015 at 2:44 am
So many people might think I’m crazy cause anyone I tell look at me different when I do finally open up and the dreams I have been experiencing since I was 6yrs old. I just decided to start writing them down because the older I get the better I can understand them and sometimes try to “change’ them. Never really works but it doesn’t hurt to try .

Anyway it started inside a house in north Carolina I lived in with my mom and 4 sisters. One night I woke up out my sleep and something was standing in my door way with red eyes , you know as a kid your mom always Said if your scared count to 10, pray, or you just throw the blanket over your head and call out. Well I did it all and the more I tried to hide it came closer.

I was so scared and yelled my mother came in the room turned on the light and what she told me in the morning was that I just went back to sleep. She stayed with me until the sun came up…I was so scared of what I know had happened I didn’t want to sleep alone ever again I didn’t want anything open when I’m going to sleep because I was scared.

But every night I would dream of horrifying things happening to me and my family and than we move not cause of what was happening because I didn’t talk about it bracuse I know no one would understand or believe me . We moved back to New York to be closer to family . And while I thought everything would be better it wasn’t I was still having the dreams and I was no longer in that place any more.

The Dreams Kept Coming

Mind you by this time I am 7-8 yrs old . To me I was always on the guard at night because. But it tryed to show it’s self to me again But this time I didn’t sit and wait I counted. And ran to my mom but the whole time I felt like it was rit behide me.

And then there was a bright light that took my attention off what was scaring me and I went to sleep but this time I dreamt about something burning in the oven of our house and two days later something was burning in the oven of our house and I said I dreamt this mommy and she just looked at me as if I was playing a joke.

But it could be anything random but most times I lay down and sleep I dream of this that “might” happen not all of them I hope won’t come true. I’m 27 and I’m starting to understand what’s happening but Why. I have been wanting answers for sooo long … I don’t know if anyone here can relate and this story is not a fake.I am a real person really looking for help of knowing what is going on…

Premonition Dreams of Death

Premonition dreams of death are not unusual as you will see below and if you read the Premonition Dreams PDF.

October 8, 2015 at 10:17 pm
It happened to me 3 times 1) I had a dream about my someone who was my teacher 3 years back and I thought of it as weird to dream about her a few days later my brother comes home and tell us that his teacher died, the one who I had a dream about. 2) I dream of a person with something around her neck the following week my teacher hurt her neck from falling of a chair. 3) and this one happened recently I had a dream of someone I used to know who was my mothers school friend , and a few days later she died. This dreams might just be coincidences so I don’t really know.

October 7, 2015 at 8:43 pm
I was best friends with this girl katelyn, for ages we were best friends since we were like babys , we grow up together our family knew each other. We had our falls outs then made back mates now and again but that didn’t stop us from being the best of friends. We were ded close to each other we told each other everything.

Premonition Dreams of Friend Conflict

When we were kids I was 11,years old and she was 9 this girl moved into our street she lived just across the road from my bestfriend. We all made friends and hung around together but then she started to become close with my best friend I felt frustrated with it. For a long time we all used to fall out argue and my best friend always used to go to the new girl it was a nightmare for me. Ever since then we haven’t stopped arguing and at the minute were not friends now over something really big but anyway.

One night I had a dream it was weird it made me upset when I woke up and I was wish in it not to be real me and my best friend had an argument for a long time I was having these dreams and in every single one it told a story on what’s going to happen to our friendship.

My dream told me we were going fall out fight and she was going to ditch me for that other girl in every single dream I had. A couple of months after we fell out over the same way we fell out in my dream she ditched me and bullied me with that other girl And my head was telling me this was going to happen it was warning me and it actually did happen its strange but is helpful on what’s to come.

Please Leave Your Own Story of Dreams that Have Come True

Please leave your own story of premonition dreams that have come true in the comment below. We’d love to hear them!

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