Dear Traveler of the Internet,

Greetings, Salutations, and a very warm welcome from my cozy corner of the Intrawebs. It’s a pleasure to have you swing by. You’re looking good!

My name is Bob and I’ve been the resident caretaker (and I use the term loosely) here at Wealthvibes for somewhere around 15 years. Up until this month the Wealthvibes website (and all the others I had) had been in deep hibernation for the last 3 and half years or so. So deep as to be non-existent. On the other hand, for the last 3 years I’ve been working my tail off in a physically demanding business/job in the “real” world. After much contemplation I’ve decided to return to fire up the old website.

In it’s original incarnation Wealthvibes was created as a unique experiment in which all who joined would send positive energy to everyone else in the group. The energy was to help everyone attract what they needed in life – wealth, health, great relationships, peace, love, basically whatever you could think of to make one happy. To that end I created hundreds of free videos -which are still scattered all over youtube on a variety of different channels. At one point we had over 10,000 folks in our group sending energy to one another.

Did the concept work? We did have some great testimonials and positive endorsements over the years, along with some interesting stories of people who claimed that the energy helped them or a relative. But who really knows for sure, it was basically impossible to quantify or track. In the end, I would like to think we helped some people along the way. And, for that it was worth the time spent.

As an homage to that concept can you do me a fast favor right now? Just send some loving energy to a friend or relative who you think might need it. Just take a quick minute. I’ll wait… Thank you and away we go. (We also have an energy sending page here on wealthvibes where you can make a request for energy sent your way.)

My new vision for Wealthvibes is as a motivational and money haven. I have spent decades studying both personal finance and motivation. I have owned businesses and invested in a variety of things – some of which were profitable! I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and will share some of them with you. I have a lot of great advice about what not to do as well as some on what has worked for me.

Over the years, I have also read and studied a great deal of motivation and inspiration. I created hundreds of motivation and affirmation videos over the years for several different websites. Many of those videos are still on youtube.

What I want to do is to turn Wealthvibes into a place where you can go for solid information on motivation and money. A place that can be of help if you need it. A positive place where positive people come to help each other out. I envision it as a place where we can all have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

I appreciate your stopping by and would love to have you join with us. I wish you all the best in life!

Have a magnificent day,

Bob Kish

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