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Welcome to the New Wealthvibes! The new Wealthvibes is all about flooding you with good vibrations and helping you improve your life with the best money and motivational material possible. The goal here is to get you on the road to living the life that you desire.

My name is Bob and I’ll be your humble host. I started Wealthvibes about 15 years ago to crank out as much self-improvement material as I could. I’ve been reading and studying self-help, and motivation for several decades and love to share what I’ve learned.

Over the 15 years of running Wealthvibes I sent out a newsletter to over 10,000 people every week for well over a decade. At that time I had about 4-5 complementary websites going with related positive information. All the websites were about sharing as much positive motivation and self-improvement content as possible.

In addition I created hundreds of motivational and inspirational videos. A number of these videos are still up on youtube scattered across a variety of different channels. Here are just a few comments from the many received about some of the motivational videos I’ve created.

Wealthvibes Testimonials

“Enjoyed it so much! Thank you guys! keep up this tremendous value of work going. Very powerful.” Rae

“I feel great, powerful, energized, great feelings.” Chris

“Enjoyed watching the videos, a big two thumbs up! Highly recommended!” Keith N.

“thank you immensely. I have never felt better!!! I am only 10 days in and i feel amazing. i can actually tell that my mind is working differently[ and better]. I am becoming a new person, an irresistible force of nature.” John

“Thank you very much… I enjoyed these videos very much…” Tania

“Wow, these videos are great, they make a person positive and rejoice in their life. Enjoyed them!”  Sharath C.

“Thank you very much!  My mood changed, I feel much better with myself, with hope and creativity.  I resumed my painting and writing, and I am a bit more social.  Thank you very much again!”   Monica

“…an amazing tool to change our life. It has tremendous potential and the results are mind blowing.Thank You so much.”  Donald

It was a real pleasure to be able to create such positive motivation. However, I had to take Wealthvibes and the rest of my sites into a deep slumber about 4 years ago when I started a new business venture. That venture was time consuming and physically demanding. However, after mostly extricating myself from that business, I have returned with new zeal and vigor to restart and expand the Wealthvibes site.

The plan is to have Wealthvibes become your “good vibrations” headquarters. I would love to have you come here often, hang out, soak up those good vibes and spread them to others. I’m creating material that should have you not only feeling fantastic but also helping you to up your game in life. With that in mind I would love to have you join our free Wealthvibes Bulletin.

Join our Wealthvibes Bulletin and Get a Free 1 Hour Money Magnet Audio

Money magnet audio free

My desire going forward is to give you as much good powerful content as I can!

To that end I’ve just started the ball rolling here and Iook forward to having you join with us. Now, if you do join our Wealthvibes Bulletin, you’ll get to download a free 1 Hour Money Magnet Audio.

Check out our newsletter sign up page below:

Free Wealthvibes Bulletin

It would be great to have you join with us. If you do, I’ll let you know whenever I have some new valuable content to share with you.

I hope you stick around, join our Wealthvibes Bulletin, and return often to see what is new. Now, in the meantime, we already have some great stuff for you.

My Money Diary

Check out our new series, My Money Diary. Just getting started with this one but it should make for entertaining reading. Click here to see what’s new: Money Diary

The Wealthvibes Blog

Always something new, fresh, and full of power on our Wealthvibes Blog. Check out all the great blog posts by clicking the “Blog” link in the navigation bar or going here: The New Wealthvibes Blog

Kickstart Your Day Every Day

Why not experience some of those new fresh posts full of good vibrations right here and right now with our Morning Affirmations post? Great stuff no matter what time of day it is!

One of my favorite posts here on Wealthvibes is our 22 Powerful Morning Affirmations to Get You Energized. Takes about 5 minutes to go through and it’s guaranteed to get you in a rocking, positive, powerful state of mind to dominate today and every day!

Powerful Posts at Wealthvibes

These are a few of our latest posts.

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and, don’t miss any of our other powerful affirmation articles. Just click “affirmations” in the navbar above or right here: Affirmations

And, please check out my Funny Spirit Animal stores.

1 Minute Affirmation Videos

One Minute Fast Affirmations Video Pack
One Minute Fast Affirmations Video Pack

If you haven’t checked out the Fast Affirmation video pack yet you should give it a look. Years ago I created a series of 1 minute videos covering a wide range of self-improvement topics.

I’ve bundled them up and created a Video Pack. Our page on Wealthvibes will give you an overview of what you get in the package as well as let you watch a number of these fast affirmation videos for free.

Currently it is on sale and contains over 60 different fast affirmation videos. These affirmation videos cover a wide range of topics. Attract money, attract love, become more confident, achieve your goals, be persistent, be assertive, manifest your dream car, manifest your dream home and a lot more positive motivation.

Check out the Affirmations video pack here: 1 Minute Fast Affirmations Videos

Good Vibes and Virtual Hugs

The old Wealthvibes site was dedicated to sending positive energy or good vibes to one another to help them in whatever area they needed it; be it wealth, health, better relationships, better career, you name it. I’ve retained that idea to a smaller extent. I’ve just created a Good Vibes page where everyone who visits can send and receive good positive energy for whatever they want. Check it out here:

Sending Good Vibes for You

Another idea I liked that we had was that of exchanging virtual hugs with one another. I’ve just set up a page for that as well. Click the link below to get your virtual hug and return often!

Virtual Hugs for Free

Self Improvement PDFs for Free

Self-Improvement PDFs

Here at Wealthvibes we have an ever-growing selection of free self-improvement pdfs. Just download what you want and use often for your own self-improvement.

As I create new self-improvement pdfs I’ll add them to the Self-Improvement PDFs for Free page.

So, be sure to bookmark that page and return when you need an additional boost of motivation.

Just click below to check it out.

Self-Improvement PDFs for Free

Mind Power Pack

Over the years I’ve created dozens of motivational videos and audios. The Mind Power Pack is a collection of many of those videos and audios.

The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System was designed to help you manifest the life of your dreams. It is a total System of transformation that includes motivation and mind power videos, audios and ebooks to propel you to a better life.  To check out what comes in the Mind Power Pack just click the link below:

Mind Power Pack

Again, thank you for visiting Wealthvibes and I hope to be of service to you.

All the best,

Bob Kish

Bob K wealthvibes