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Welcome to my Money Diary series. Here you’ll get to look at some of my madcap money adventures over the years. My financial life has seen it’s fair share of craziness. I’ve studied a lot related to personal finance over the years but haven’t always taken the actions I should have.

Add in to that mix a daredevil propensity to take some ridiculous risks while sometimes not doing my proper due diligence and you have a powder keg ready to blow. As you’ll soon see I’ve done some crazy stuff. I’ve also had a bad habit of entrusting some of my money at times to decidedly untrustworthy individuals.

Before we go any further with the Money Diary just know that I’m not a registered financial advisor and that these articles are for entertainment purposes only (as will no doubt become clear). Always do your own due diligence when looking at any potential investment.

Money Diary Tips

One thing I have learned over the years is the value of delayed gratification and paying yourself first. In fact if you haven’t checked out our delayed gratification quotes do so when you get a chance.

That delayed-gratification philosophy has allowed me to slowly but surely put money aside over the years. Money that allows me to make some monumental screw-ups and still plow forward.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my money diary series. If you have any madcap money adventures of your own please let us know in the comments section after this post. I and our readers would love to hear them.

My Money Diary Stories


Here are the money diary stories I have for you so far.

Just click the links to read that particular story:

My First Investment

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More money diary stories will be coming soon.

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That’s a wrap for today folks. Again, we’ll have some more money diary stories coming soon. I’ll just add the links to this page as they become available.

Hope you are enjoying a fantastic day!

Bob K.

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Hope you’re enjoying a fantastic day today!

Bob K.

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