Taking Bitcoin Profits, Going Down in Flames, or Holding On

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Today’s article is another in my Money Diary series. This one is entitled “Taking Bitcoin Profits, Going Down in Flames, or Holding On.” If you haven’t checked out my Money Diary series yet please do so. Some interesting stories. As usual, today’s story is for entertainment purposes only. Anyway, this article is another of my … Read more

Money Diary

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Welcome to my Money Diary series. Here you’ll get to look at some of my madcap money adventures over the years. My financial life has seen it’s fair share of craziness. I’ve studied a lot related to personal finance over the years but haven’t always taken the actions I should have. Add in to that … Read more

My First Investment – A Property and Trust Deed

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Today I go over my first investment, a property investment that turned into a trust deed. Greetings and welcome to my first installment of my Money Diary series. I hope you’ll enjoy my Money Diary series. I think you’ll get some entertainment out of it. As you’ll discover, I’ve made a number of financial faux … Read more