The Lottery Secret that I Used to Make Money Every Single Week

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Ok, so I admit that that headline is a bit of a clickbaity one. Did I actually buy lottery tickets every week? Yes. Did I actually profit every week? Yes. However, I may not have done so in the way you would ordinarily consider.

Today is a new Money Diary story and details The Lottery Secret that I Used to Make Money Every Single Week. How is that even possible? I don’t have to tell you that the odds to winning any lottery are pretty ridiculous. I mean the odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292 million and the MegaMillions is worse at 1 in 302 million.

As my brother once said while we were standing in line at a local convenience store behind someone buying a lot of lottery tickets, “That’s a tax on idiots.” Ok, so not exactly diplomatically correct and a little on the loud side as I told him once we were outside. But, not far from the truth.

As a way of comparison, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is only 1 in 3,000. Just to hit a small prize in those big lotteries the odds are less than 1 in 20. So, is it even possible to have an edge and actually make money by cashing in lottery tickets?

Lottery Secrets – Cracking the Lottery Code

In fact, the only way I’ve seen to ever actually make money from the lottery by buying and cashing winning tickets is when a geological statistician living in Toronto in 2003 found a flaw on some scratchers. He had bought some of the tickets and being a statistician started wondering how they actually created them. That lead him to examine the tickets he had bought where he thought he detected a flaw in the design. He was actually able to tell if a given ticket was a winner without scratching off anything. That was a great story in Wired from 2011 and is a fascinating read. Highly recommended when you get the chance: Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code

And, funny enough there may be a new flaw in play as I just recently read a story on USA Today in which a bunch of Princeton grads formed a company Black Swan Capital and seem to have found a profitable scratchers system. They have been paid out on 66 winning tickets totaling over $6.3 million. Nobody is sure exactly how much they’ve spent doing it and just exactly what they are doing. Some speculate that it might be as simple as them lowering their odds by knowing how many remaining winners are left in a certain scratchers batch. But, maybe they have an even bigger edge like the gentleman from Toronto above. Who knows for sure?

What we do know is that unless we know something like the guys above, we are not going to make any money by actually buying the tickets and trying to cash them for a profit. With that in mind let’s head back in time for my lottery secrets money diary story.

My Lottery Experiences During the Dotcom Boom

For this Lottery Secrets Money Diary story we go back to the late 1990’s and early 2000s. At that time, I had just started looking into ways of making money online. Back then there were a number of internet companies that were getting snapped up by bigger companies even though they had no earnings whatsoever.

Sometimes these companies didn’t even have a viable looking business plan. But what they did have was an obsessive desire to acquire potential customers at all costs. With a big enough database of customers they might eventually turn those potential customers into actual customers or even get bought out by a bigger company.

It was during this Dotcom Boom that I came up with an idea to profit using the lottery. Now, I knew there was no way to actually profit by buying tickets and hoping to hit it big. What I did was use my knowledge of internet marketing and affiliate programs to come up with a legitimate way to profit from the lottery.

You Could Play Some Lotteries for Free

At that time there were popping up a number of free lotteries on the web. You could go to a site like (no longer around) and play some numbers with a chance to win $1 Million. Now, I never did read the fine print but it is likely that the odds in that game were just as astronomical if not more so than the ones for today’s pay-for lotteries.

When I saw those lotteries I checked to see if they had affiliate programs. Most of them did. What an affiliate program will do is give you an affiliate link and allow you to send them traffic in exchange for compensation. Sometimes, you get paid only if a sale is made. At other times you may get a small fee if someone enters there email address.

With these free lotteries I noticed that you just needed to send someone there and if they entered their email address then that free lottery company would pay you. In fact, they would pay out a fixed dollar amount, usually 50 cents to $1, sometimes even $2, for everyone who signed up to play the lottery for free. Believe me, when I saw that I jumped on it. Let’s see, will someone enter their email address for a chance to win $1 million? Usually.

My Lottery Secret that Made Me Money

What I did then was come up with an idea to form my own free lottery pool. I decided I would spend $5 or $6 every week and if we won I would split it with whoever joined the free lottery pool. I’m pretty sure I was the first one who came up with the idea but regardless I know there were a number of others who jumped onboard within 6 months of me.

So, I bought a website, (abandoned it years ago) and started a free list (eventually landed at yahoogroups). Within months I had accumulated a growing list of players just through organic search of the listhost and the search engines (Yahoo, Alta Vista, and Google back then). Here is a screenshot of the simple website I set up back in 2001. I was hand-coding it with html so needless to say it was rudimentary at best.

Every Friday I would buy some lottery tickets for the Saturday draw and then send an email to everyone on the list letting them know what our numbers were. In each email I would also have links to some of the bigger free lottos that would pay me everytime someone signed up for their free lotto using my affiliate link. I would also link back to my website that had a variety of lottery and related affiliate links. That was a win/win/win in my book.

We’ve Got a Winner

As my list grew I made more money. It wasn’t a lot. Usually $200 or $300 a week, sometimes less sometimes more. I remember one week I promoted a new free lottery called the Sand-lotto that was paying $2 per sign up. At that time my list had over 1,500 folks in it and I ended up making something like $600 for the week. Not a bad return for spending $5 or $6 bucks on tickets and writing one email that usually took me about half an hour.

At one point it got so nutty that some list companies were paying you to move your free list over to them. That really never made any sense to me but I remember gratefully pocketing the $300 for moving my small list from one list host to another.

When I look back this was one of the easier ways I’ve ever made money. Kind of crazy, definitely different but easy. Now, when the dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000s a lot of the easy money that venture capital firms were throwing at startup companies began to dry up. As a result, a lot of the more speculative companies went belly up. This caused a domino effect which lead to lower ad revenue in many industries.

I hung on for a couple years longer but the income gradually became less and less as many of those free lotteries went out of business. After that happened, I abandoned the site.

When all was said and done it was a fun little venture that didn’t cost me much time and made me some easy money. We never won a big prize. If there was a small prize I would pick some email addresses at random and send them to the those folks. I’m almost glad we never won a big prize as that would have been a logistical nightmare trying to gather all the different names to split the prize with.

You Can Find Easy Ways to Make Money Like I Did

So, I actually did make money every week from the Lottery. But, like I said, just not in the way you may have expected. But, what I think you can take away from this is the vast array of ways you can make money today with almost anything. You can promote almost any product you want and find a way to profit from it. Most of the time this is referred to as affiliate marketing.

Over the years there has been one program that I always wanted to promote because of it’s consistently high marks from everyone who ever joined – just never really got around to promoting it. This program has consistently received high praise and is well worth a look if you are interested in learning and making money from affiliate marketing.

Highly Recommended Way to Make Money without the Lottery

That program is called WealthyAffiliate and they have two different ways to join. You can do it as a free member which I did some years ago. You can also become a paid member with a lot more perks. Either way you can get some great free training. Now, just as we have discussed WealthyAffiliate itself has an affiliate program. Those are my affiliate links above and below so if you join and eventually become a paid member I will receive some compensation at no cost to you.

So, in a nutshell, that is how the whole affiliate marketing model works. You find something that others can get value from and you let them know about it. I did that with the free lotteries back in the day. With a name like The Lottery Lover the folks who joined my list had already proved that they loved free lotteries so I just introduced them to other ones once they joined my list.

And, in the case of Wealthy Affiliate above I just showed you one easy way I used to make money. Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and I’m sure you’ll start to see hundreds if not thousands of different ways you can do the same.

Win the Lottery | Attract Good Fortune | Get Cash Windfalls Video

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I hope you enjoyed this video. My suggestion is to watch it once daily for at least a month and see what happens.

Also hope you enjoyed today’s new My Money Diary story. They don’t all turn out so well lol. For instance, have you read The Chain Letter Scam I Fell for yet? The title pretty much sums it up but see for yourself so you don’t make the blind plunge like I did.

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Hopefully you are enjoying a fantastic day today!

Bob K.

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