Manifesting Money Success Stories Using LOA Techniques

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Today’s post is Manifesting Money Success Stories using LOA, or Law of Attraction, techiques. Now, I knew there were going to be a lot of manifestation success stories out there because of the previous article I had written called 55 Powerful Money Affirmations.

In that post I noted that one of my original youtube videos called 1000 Money Images in 1 Minute had several commenters state that they had had manifested money in a short period of time after watching that video. Below are two comments just from that one video I posted years ago.

“I had $83 in my bank deposited for no reason, just says credit memo after 1 day of listening to this. Thank You God! About 1 month after-I met a total stranger and he gave me 6K cash and said he wants nothing back.” Eternal River

Then this: “Personally, I think this is incredible. When I first started watching this, I watched it maybe once or twice a day. When I watched it, I was broke, had no job, was making no income, $20 seemed like a lot to me then. Then, I got the biggest break of my life from my current employer, and was asked to go in for an interview. 2 weeks later, I had a job, and am making more money than I ever dreamed of. I was 17 and was making $2000 a month, am now in college, and life has never been better.” Jeffrey R-S

With that in mind I knew there had to be a number of other manifesting success stories across the web. Today I will feature just a few of what I have found.

The Search for More Manifesting Money Success Stories

That sent me down a rabbit hole looking for other manifesting success stories using affirmations. What I found was that there were a number in the comments of many of the affirmation, law of attraction and manifestation videos out there. And there are thousands and thousands of these kinds of videos. Plus, there are a number of first person videos of folks telling their manifestation success tales, some of which I’ll feature today.

Now, even if you eliminate a percentage of these success stories as being coincidences, or trolls just making things up, there are still many, many stories left. This alone seems to indicate that using certain manifestation techniques in your life can be a prudent avenue to take, especially considering that it doesn’t cost you any money at all.

But, there are also a number of very compelling manifesting money success stories out there from a variety of individuals. And, for the most part there is really no reason for any of them to be lying about their stories. With that in mind I’ve pulled a variety of money manifestation stories from around the web and feature them below. As you’ll soon discover the folks featured today used a variety of manifestation secrets and techniques that we have covered in our manifesting series that included the post How to Manifest Money and Get Some Big Wins. I summarize the techniques below.

How to Manifest Money LOA Techniques

So what are the law of attraction (loa) manifestation secrets and techniques today’s success stories have in common? I’m going to list them below and then you’ll see the individuals in the manifesting money success stories using them to manifest what they want. All of the techniques below can be used to try and manifest money:

  • Visualization – visualize what you want
  • Ask and You Shall Receive
  • Manifestation Scripting – Write down what you want
  • 33×3 or 55×5 Manifestation Method
  • Write Yourself a Law of Abundance check
  • Take Action
  • Be Positive and Use Affirmations
  • Have Gratitude and Forgiveness
  • Act as If You’ve Already Made it
  • Use a Vision Board
  • Be Generous

Jordan Cheyenne’s Manifesting Money Success Story

money manifesting success how to manifest money asap

Jordan Cheyenne’s loa success story is an amazing one. She does emphasize the hard work necessary to manifest what you want. She flipped her mindset from one of a poverty mindset to one of prosperity and positivity. From saying and thinking, “I’m broke” and “I have a bad job” she switched her mantra to “Money and Wealth and Abundance surrounds me.” She took that new positive mindset and used that powerful affirmation to help her start manifesting.

In 2016, Jordan Cheyenne had medical bills accrued by her and her son that she had to pay off. She had been paying them off little by little and was down to one bill remaining. That bill was for almost $6,000. In addition to her powerful money affirmation she used another technique we’ve talked about before – the Law of Abundance check method. With that method you take a blank check and write down the amount that you want to manifest. This is similar to what actor Jim Carrey did when he took a blank check and wrote down $10,000,000 million dollars. He then manifested that by signing a big movie contract.

So, Jordan found a blank law of abundance check and wrote $6,000 on it with the intention of trying to make it manifest in one month. (DeKara at newmoon has created some great Law of Abundance checks you can print and use.)

Bulk up Your Wallet with a Law of Abundance Check

At that point she didn’t have any extra money. She put the check in her wallet. Jordan stated that it raised her vibration and had her “acting as if” she already had the money. As you know that is another one of our manifesting money secrets. She asked herself how she would feel if she already had that money. She noted that she would feel lighter, less worried, and more free.

Well, what ended up happening is that she got a call from her mom who said that she had a letter for her from her old job at a Verizon store. Anyway, the letter stated that there had been a lawsuit and that based on the time she was working there and her position as an assistant manager she would be getting a settlement check in the mail.

Within two days she received a check for over $5900. So, she received a check for almost the exact amount of her Law of Abundance check within 2 weeks of putting that check in her wallet.

Jordan Cheyenne’s manifesting money success story really is amazing. Here are the manifestation techniques she used to manifest that money:

  1. Positive Attitude and Mindset
  2. Set the intention
  3. Put it out to the universe
  4. Write it down – in her case, a Law of Abundance check
  5. Act as If
  6. Use affirmations every morning
  7. Don’t worry about it just believe it is possible
  8. Be grateful for what you have now

More Money Success

So, in the comments section of her video, a gal Kevy noted that after watching the video she began saying the same affirmations that Jordan used as well as some from another video she watched. Anyway, 2 hours later while at work, she had a customer who returned after paying and told her that a higher power told him to give her this and handed her cash. Needless to say she was amazed.

Also, in the comments section, Marla R., filled out a blank check. After doing so, she said she immediately received a call from a company offering her a job with the exact amount that she had put on the check.

Another person put a picture of a landrover as the screensaver on their computer. Two months later and the vehicle was theirs. And, there was a person named CJR who manifested $700 in two days.

Generosity Pays – Another Money Manifestation Secret

And, here is another example of another big law of attraction manifesting secret in action. In this comment to Jordan’s video, Perlita notes that she and her husband sent $500 to her mother in law to help pay for a recent medical procedure. Within 3 weeks of doing so they had three different people send them money that was owed to them for a long time.

This money manifesting success story is a good example of using generosity to manifest what you want. The more money you give the more money you’ll get. With that in mind, maybe set up an automatic monthly donation to a favorite charity. Or you could volunteer for a worthy cause. Whatever you could donate or give away, just be prepared to get multiples back in return. Now, don’t do it with that mind, but don’t be surprised if the universe starts sending an abundance of your own generosity back to you.

The manifesting money success stories go on and on. You just have to believe and do the actual manifestation techniques.

Annie’s 10K a Month Manifesting Money Success Story

manifesting money success stories ohhmyannies 10k a month

Annie used the following methods to try and manifest $10,000 a month. Her original idea was to manifest $5,000 but after reading Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass at Making Money book she decided to double the amount.

She first decided what she wanted her life to look like. She pictured a new apartment, income, etc.. So visualizing what she wanted was a key component of her manifesting money ritual. Then she used manifestation scripting, wrote it down and went over it daily. But, she also did activities to get herself into the emotional energy of what she wanted. She went to the upper income area in which she wanted to live, saw herself living the new richer lifestyle, etc.

Annie relates that she didn’t do anything special beyond that. That next month, however, turned out to be very special. She had a video that went viral out of the blue and had millions of views. She then had brands reach out to her for paid gigs. Annie had numerous other opportunities that then started to come her way. The success just started to snowball. Before she knew it she had her first $10,000 month – within one month of starting to use her money manifesting techniques. Why not try and copy Annie’s success and get started with manifesting today.

The LOA Money Manifestation Techniques Annie Used

When it was done Annie had ended up using the following manifestation methods:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Manifestation scripting – future journaling,
  3. There was a 10 minute money meditation on youtube she did daily,
  4. Go do activities to get into the energy of what you want to manifest.
  5. Give back and cheer on the wins of others.

Another Law of Attraction Manifestation Success Story

Gavin Speaks is a money manifesting success story

Gavin Speaks (his youtube name) is a likable positive guy that tells his story of manifesting money. Gavin watched The Secret and then read Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The first time the book didn’t take but the second time Gavin read it he was inspired to believe that he could really think and grow rich. He was especially motivated by the chapter on “faith.”

Gavin had a friend that was making money online but for two years, while he was in that lower vibrational state, he was unable to get the guy to work with him. However, once he raised his vibration the friend responded positively to his plans and agreed to partner with him on a product launch.

Within 2 weeks of reading the book, he partnered with this guy and launched the product. Within 3 weeks after that they had made $54,000. That propelled him to start travelling. He went to the Maldives and Dubai and his life took off from there.

Don’t Let the Ego Get in the Way

His manifesting money talents got better as well. He was able to manifest 25k in a single day multiple times as well as 80k a month. As he noted, however, you need to maintain your inner strength as all the money caused him to lose perspective.

Gavin gives 3 great tips to manifest more love-based money (as compared to ego-based money) in your life. Here is the first one.

  1. The amount of money that you manifest is in direct alignment with the amount of value you hold and the level of inspired action you take to gifting that value with the world. Gavin notes that this uses the heart chakra. (Note that using the chakras is another technique we focused on when manifesting anything.)

Another Day, Another Dollar – or One Thousand Dollars

1k in 1 day Lindsays manifesting money success story

This is a great manifestation story from Lindsay Hoffman. She relates her law of attraction money manifesting story with a great opening. She had gotten into an Uber and asked the driver how his day was going. He noted that it was “another day, another dollar.” So, Lindsay stopped him, seized on that saying as an affirmation and noted that the intention he was putting out there was definitely not a positive one.

Then after talking with the Uber driver a little more, Lindsay decides to turn that statement on it’s ear and transforms it into “Another Day, Another Thousand Dollars.” A clever and much more powerful twist on that old saying. It was also a great way for both her and the Uber driver to flip the script and turn a limiting belief into a much more powerful one.

Now, I’ve caught myself saying this before and while inside I didn’t really believe it, at the same time I was putting it out there. Not a positive thing to do. One dollar a day. Not what you want to be striving for to say the least. But, instead of stopping there, Lindsay starts actually using that new more powerful affirmation.

The New Money Mantra

With the new money mantra in place Lindsay kept in contact with the Uber driver to see what would transpire. Lindsay is an entertainment reporter and also produces events with digital influencers. She had become friends with someone who worked for Pizza Hut and for 2 years had been trying to get him to sponsor one of her events.

One day he calls her and says that Pizza Hut had $100k in advertising money that they needed to spend before the end of the year. He asked her if she could get a pitch together. Because of some great networking she knew the former head of global marketing and had some other mentors. As it turned out they put together a very well-received pitch but lost out on the bid. She was blown away, however, by the fact that her little business (basically her and a partner) were able to get an offer like that in the first place.

Putting Yourself Out There is a Great Way to Start Manifesting

But the story gets better. She also sat down with the agency that she used to work with and was asking for suggestions. While doing so, she was asked for advice by one of the people there who was doing a pitch of her own for another company. This person liked the quick advice Lindsay gave her. Because Lindsay had contact with a number of youtube influencers the person told her to submit a proposal by the end of the day and she would pay her for services rendered. It took Lindsay about an hour to create the proposal and was paid, you guessed it, $1,000 dollars for one day’s work.

As an aside, she noted that the Uber driver got the job he was after and that his financial picture was on the rise. Even better his mental outlook was totally changed for the better as well.

Lindsay’s moral of the story? Watch the words you are using. Great advice!
And in the comments there was this from Nika, “Another Day, another 10k” – another great money affirmation with a nice ring to it.

More Manifesting Money Success Stories – A $5,000 Watch

manifesting money success stories Trice Pruitt manifested 5k

Here is the another manifesting money success story – this one from Trice Pruitt. Trice Pruitt, while in New York, was able to manifest one very expensive watch. After watching the famous law of attraction movie, The Secret, she decided to try manifesting something she would not ordinarily be interested in – an expensive watch.

She noted that she wouldn’t have paid $5,000 for a watch if he she had that money anyway, but a lot of her friends were talking about watches and she wanted to give the law of attraction a try. So, she focused on a particular brand of watch that she really liked. It was a $5,000 JL chanel watch.

Anyway, the only thing Trice did was to set up a mini Vision Board basically. She took a picture of the watch slapped it on a cardboard backing and put it on her refrigerator. After a short period of time she had someone offer to sell her a JL chanel knockoff for $100. Well, not what she was looking for but it was something.

Travel in Rich Circles – One Key to Manifesting Money

After telling her friends that she would be celebrating her 30th birthday for a month she got a rolex as a gift from one of her friends. Now, she knew she was onto something. Later she ended up at a party at the Hamptons (she obviously traveled in rich circles which is not a bad idea in itself) where she sees a lady wearing a J12 and tells her that she really liked the watch. A friend she had only known for a month overheard the conversation and after the party told her he had a surprise for her. He proceeded to drive her to a jewelry store where he bought her a J12! She was grateful but completely floored at what happened.

So, what is the moral of this manifesting story? Get yourself some rich friends. Ha ha, just kidding, but actually that is not a bad idea. You know the old saying. You are the average of the five people you hang around with. So, maybe it is a good idea to surround yourself with people who are above your pay grade so to speak. This by itself will have you upping your game and bring you more into alignment with an abundance attitude.

Anyway, what were Trice Pruitt’s tips for manifesting?

  1. Pick something with positive energy around it to manifest.
  2. Ask
  3. Visualize – She visualized herself getting it.
  4. Be grateful for manifesting even if it is something close and not the
    exact thing.

Manifesting Lottery Wins, Trips and New Spiritual Friends

In the comments section of Trice Pruitt’s video a user Emily Rose, notes that she used loa to manifest a school trip to Poland. Emily decided she was going to go even though the trip was already fully booked and she couldn’t afford it anyway. She kept repeating to herself that she was going on that trip. When a cancellation occurred, her teacher asked her, out of the entire class, if she wanted to go on the fully paid trip.

Other comments for Trice’s video included a person who manifested a bunch of spiritual friends and a lady, Gabriella, who envisioned herself with one of the those big lottery checks. Soon thereafter she won a Fantasy 5 lottery jackpot! Speaking of which, check out our Win the Lottery and Attract Good Fortune videos.

Folks, there are tons of these manifesting money and more success stories out there. The more you see them the more you realize that you really should try it yourself. It will cost you a little time and may end up paying you back much much more.

The Secret – Money Success Story

At the Secret to Living the Law of Attraction site there are lots of great money manifesting stories of success. One of the stories is relayed by Alana who while in a bit of a funk one day decides to take off from work. She stays home and starts to watch the movie the Secret. After doing so she writes out a list of everything she wanted to manifest including unexpected money in the amount of $20,000.

Later that day her husband comes home and gets a call from a childhood friend who was now living in the same home they used to live in. He tells the husband that it looks like a check had been delivered to the house. Turns out the check was for $3,000 that they had no idea was coming there way.

It wasn’t 20K, but what a great law of attraction manifesting start on the same day she wrote down the list! Then there was Amy J. who manifested a vacation by visualizing and writing about it. A week prior to the vacation she got offered a gig that paid for the entire thing.

Law of Attraction Money Manifestation Stories

Mary Kate in her video Manifest Money in 24 hours or less encourages you to stop using negative self-talk. As she notes, how you talk about money to yourself and others gets reflected back to you. Essentially stop saying you “need” “can’t afford” “want” etc..

With the law of attraction, like attracts like, so be positive, know you have money coming your way. Mary Kate’s manifesting technique is “Thought + Feeling + Inspired Action = Manifesting.” That jibes with my “take action” formula when doing affirmations or any sort of manifesting.

In the comments anaviveri notes that she lost her job following cv and didn’t have money for cat food. She visualized and in 2 hours her friend called telling her that they were sending cat food to her. A small win but a win is a win.

Another gal, Courtney S. noted that the technique worked in 26 hours. She started this law of attraction manifesting technique, and, after a year of her business being denied financing she was informed from a local news station that she was eligible for a small business grant.

Another Success Story for Manifesting Money

Jack Canfield tells the story of how he manifested money when he was earning $8,000 a year as a teacher. His mentor, W. Clement Stone, had told him to make a goal so big that he would know it could only be because of these manifestation secrets.

So, he decided his outrageous goal would be to make $100,000 in the coming year. To cement that idea in his head, he put an image of a $100,000 bill on his ceiling above his bed and looked at it every morning. When the year was done he had made $97,000. So, here again we have visualization, and in this case, meditation was another key component of manifestng more money.

Act as If – Another Manifestation Secret

Canfield also tells the story of a man who wanted a home in Hawaii that he couldn’t really afford. He put in an ultra low offer that wasn’t even countered. When the winning bid fell through he devised a plan with his family to “act as if” the home was already theirs. They would drive up to it every day, park, and act as if they lived there. When all was said and done, the bank eventually agreed to sell the house for his original bid.

So, as you see, many of the manifestation techniques and secrets we’ve covered are cropping up in the manifesting money success stories we’re seeing.

Manifesting Money Success Stories – Would You Believe $500,000?

At Goodvibe U. they relate the tale of a gentleman, J.B., who had an upcoming irs audit. He started to get worried so, having heard about the law of attraction and manifesting, decided he wanted to manifest some money. He went to a casino a couple of days before his audit and concentrated on manifesting a big win.

Well, lo and behold, he managed to lose a couple of thousand in the process. At that point he pretty much decided to let the universe take over and whatever will happen will happen.

J.B. then contacts his accountant with news of the audit and his accountant wonders if it has something to do with the nearly $500,000 that was deposited into his account several years ago from the company he was working for after he retired. J.B. has no idea what he is talking about. Turns out, after checking with the company, it was over $500,000 that had been deposited that he didn’t realize he had. Nice win for the universe and J.B.

This story is great for letting you know that once you cement the intention of what you want to manifest that it is ok to not worry about it anymore and let the universe take control.

So, there you have it, a variety of manifesting money success stories. And, believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of these manifesting stories out there. Hopefully, this will give you motivation to start using some of these manifestation techniques and see what happens in your own life. If you really want to do what these folks have done please start in on our Manifesting Series. Read the posts, do the exercises and watch the videos. Then let the universe work its magic.

Start Manifesting now.

Manifesting Money Quickly Video

If you haven’t started watching any of our manifesting videos yet give the one below a try. It blends manifesting affirmations with exhortations to do the actual techniques themselves.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s post and will be motivated to start manifesting money or whatever you desire using these manifestation techniques that are out of there. Let us know in the comments section below if enjoyed today’s post and also if you have any manifestation stories of you own. I would love to hear them!

I wish you all the best,

Bob K.

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