The Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Audio Affirmations MP3 Series

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The Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Audio Affirmations mp3 Series is an ever-growing collection of powerfully motivating 1 hour audios.

The collection currently has 24 different audio sets that at the present moment sell individually for $7.99 apiece. That is a real world value of $191.76 and will just be going up as I add more audios to the series.

The normal price of the Magical Mind Formula is $97. As of right now, the Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Affirmations Audio Series is on sale for just $37.00.

Once you invest at that price you get all future updates as well. I’m always adding audios to the series.

Consequently, I’ll be raising the price of the Magical Mind Formula as I do so. Get locked in now before the price goes up. And, it definitely will in the near future.

The Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Audio Series is currently on sale on the Gumroad platform. You can check it out here:

Click here to see the Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Audio Affirmations Series of mp3s

What is currently in the Series?

Below is a list of what is in the series right now. Each link is clickable so you can check out that particular product. You get two different one hour audios in each package. One with a music background and one with just the affirmations. There is usually a video on each individual page that, if played, will give you an idea of what affirmations are in the audios and what the music background is like.

1 Hour Audio Set Reality Shifting Affirmations for an Automatic Positive State of Mind

1 Hour Audio Set to Get Your Ex Back or Someone Better

2 Hour Audio Set Alpha Male Affirmations – Become the Alpha

1 Hour Audio Set to Attract Good Luck and Good Fortune

1 Hour Audio Set Become a Millionaire

1 Hour Audio Set Win the Lottery | Attract Good Fortune

1 Hour Audio Set Manifesting Money Quickly

1 Hour Audio Set to Develop the Millionaire’s Secret Habit – Constant Growth

1 Hour Audio Set for Healing

1 Hour Audio Set to Attract Massive Abundance in Your Life

1 Hour Audio to Lose Weight Fast

1 Hour Audio to Attract More Friends and Deepen Your Relationships

1 Hour Audio to Attract Your Soulmate

1 Hour Audio Master Delayed Gratification and Start Building Wealth

1 Hour Audio to Heal Your Life with Forgiveness

1 Hour Audio to Make Your Job or Workplace Easier and Better

1 Hour Audio to Become a Creative, Money-Generating, Idea Machine

1 Hour Audios to Program Yourself to Become Super Successful

1 Hour Audio to Boost Your Self-Worth

1 Hour Audio Morning Affirmations to Get Energized

1 Hour Audio to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

1 Hour Audio to Become a Money Master

1 Hour Audio to Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams

1 Hour Audio to Become Supremely Confident

The Magical Part of the Audio Affirmations Formula

This series is called the Magical Mind Formula because the affirmations were created to actually lead your mind to automatically induce the desired outcome. This is done by formulating the affirmations in a “take action” format.

Essentially, you are constantly being reinforced with suggestions to take actions that automatically trigger your mind and then your body to take the action necessary to get you where you need to go.

The 1 hour time frame is ideal for listening on any device and for playing before you sleep or even when you go to sleep to automatically program your mind while sleeping.  The nice thing about these 1 hour audio affirmations is that they are in downloadable mp3 format and you can put them on and play them on most any device.  Even better, you can play them again and again for maximum effectiveness.

Remember, each set of 1 hour audios comes with two different one hour audio mp3 files. One has the affirmations with a music background. The other version is just the affirmations themselves. When you purchase the Magical Mind Formula Series you also get all the bonuses that are included with each individual product.

Thank you and I wish you all the best!

Bob K.

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