3 Word Positive Affirmations and Sayings for Success

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Today we feature 3 Word Positive Affirmations and Sayings for Success. As of last count there were about 128 of these 3 word positive affirmations. This was a lot of fun to put together and I think you’ll get some benefit from these short but powerful sayings for success.

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3-Word Positive Affirmations Youtube Video

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3 Word Positive Affirmations

3 word positive affirmations claim your throne

Act as if.

Go for it.

You do you.

Be the best.

Don’t ever quit.

Take action now.

You are it.

Claim your throne.

Walk the walk.

Go for Gold.

Up your game.

Improve your life.

Focus and Finish – More 3 Word Quotes

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Attitude is everything.

Be here now.

Believe in yourself.

Don’t stop trying.

Focus and finish.

Free up time.

Go after wins.

Release the beast.

Don’t give up.

Get after it.

Complete the task.

Make a list.

Check it twice.

You be naughty.

You be nice.

Thoughts are Things – More 3 Word Sayings

Test it first.

Save and invest.

Thoughts are things.

Jump for joy.

Look before leaping.

Wake your soul.

Take the time.

Make the time.

Smell the roses.

Walk in nature.

Hug a tree.

Quiet your mind.

Enjoy the stillness.

Take a pause.

Listen and learn.

Free Your Mind – The 3 Word Positive Affirmations Continue

Forgive and forget.

Let it go.

Give of yourself.

Free your mind.

Believe in yourself.

Open your heart.

Laugh yourself silly.

Wallow in happiness.

Learn to love.

Keep the peace.

Embrace the change.

Fear no one.

Fear no thing.

More Short Positive Affirmations – Seize the Moment

Set big goals.

Take massive action.

Create a system.

Rinse and repeat.

Always be winning.

Seize the day.

Seize the night.

Give no quarter.

Be the hammer.

Bring the storm.

Release your Kraken.

Reach the stars.

Be the master.

Be the one.

More 3 Word Positive Affirmations – Find a Way

3 word positive affirmations melt their hearts

Live your life.

Breathe in deeply.

Pause and ponder.

Organize your life.

Throw it out.

Find a way.

Just do it.

Make no excuses.

Just get results.

Keep love alive.

Mix and mingle.

Melt their hearts.

Be a friend.

Pay it forward.

Work it out.

Dive into it – Short Positive Sayings

Dive into it.

Spread the love.

Spread the joy.

Be the change.

Achieve it all.

Never say never.

Never say die.

Speak your peace.

Let others contribute.

Harness your power.

Increase your income.

Raise your expectations.

Always look higher.

Think big thoughts.

Dream big dreams.

Believe in miracles.

Don’t play small.

Create your life.

Dream into being.

Speak it alive.

More 3 Word Positive Affirmations – Don’t Back Down

3 word positive affirmations believe in miracles

Face your fears.

Don’t back down.

Seek the gold.

Make it happen.

Always be positive.

Let love in.

Treat yourself nicely.

Plan for victory.

Have a backup.

Pay your debts.

Don’t stop believing.

To the moon.

Mind your manners.

Mend your fences.

Go After Love and Bring the Fun

Go after love.

Laugh and smile.

Bring the joy.

Bring the fun.

Feed on challenges.

Fly over hurdles.

Blast through fears.

Scale new heights.

Climb new mountains.

Fear no challenge.

Take it on.

Ride it out.

Onward and upward.

Overcome and outlast.

Be the boss.

Be the cure.

Don’t look back.

Always look forward.

Just keep moving.

Be in motion.

Don’t ever stop.

Keep on rolling.

Live your dream.

And, a bonus one I found on the web from Sebastian Gendry: “Miles of Smiles.” Love it lots. Couldn’t help it. Did it again. Somebody stop me. Ok I’m done.

There you go, over 128 short 3 Word Positive Affirmations, Quotes and Sayings for Success. If you enjoyed this post please let us know in the comments section below. If you have any 3 word affirmations of your own please share them, would love to hear them.

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