33 Abundance Affirmations to Attract Success

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Today we feature 33 abundance affirmations to attract success in life. I’ve divided up the 33 abundance affirmations into categories to help you focus on abundance in a particular area if you so choose.

The categories of abundance I’ve chosen include:

  • Friends
  • Experiences
  • Love
  • Success in life
  • Money

Before we get to the actual affirmations I have a video with those affirmations in them. The video is Abundance Affirmations for Money and Success in Life. Following the video will be the affirmations and then following that you can download a free pdf of these abundance affirmations if you wish.

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The best way to absorb these affirmations is via repetition. So watch the video often or return here to read the affirmations or download the free abundance affirmations pdf and reread that. Even better, we have a variety of 1 hour audios on sale that cover whatever topic you want to improve on. They are on sale on the gumroad platform here: 1 Hour Affirmation Audio mp3s

Abundance Affirmations for Money and Success in Life

Abundance Affirmations to Attract More Friends

Others are magnetically attracted to me.

I know to keep an eye out for friends that the universe is sending my way.

I have an abundance of extraordinary relationships in my life and I do what it takes to maintain them.

Friends are always there for me and I am there for them.

My life is overflowing with an abundance of amazing relationships with family and friends.

Helping others comes easily to me.

I am an abundance magnet attracting magnificent people and things and experiences into my life.

I revel in an abundance of friendships.

Positive Affirmations of Abundance to Attract Wonderful Experiences

I attract an abundance of wonderful experiences into my life.

The universe sends me an abundance of amazing opportunities to experience beautiful trips, explorations, and more.

I am open to receiving an abundance of incredible opportunities in my life.

I take exotic trips on a regular basis.

My life is filled with an abundance of adventure.

Abundance is yours.

Affirmations for More Love in Your Life

I learn a variety of ways to bring more love into my life.

Enormous waves of loving spiritual power continuously flows through me attracting an abundance of all things to me.

I am blessed with an abundance of loving relationships.

The universe continuously sends an abundance of love to me.

This abundance of love takes the form of amazing friendships, wonderful family bonds, and sizzling soulmate connections.

I attract new and loving relationships all the time.

My life is overflowing with an abundance of love.

There are now an abundance of loving relationships flooding into my life.

Abundance Affirmations for Success in life

I have a burning desire to increase my skills and talents in all areas.

I learn a variety of ways to bring more money into my life.

All roads lead to success, some just take a little longer.

I am in the driver’s seat of life.

I am a magician of the Universe, able to conjure success and abundance.

Abundance Affirmations to Attract Money

I am a magician of money, able to conjure an excess of capital.

An abundance of money multiplying opportunities continuously comes my way.

My desire to help myself and others brings a plethora of wealth building opportunities my way.

I am blessed with an abundance of riches in all areas of my life.

My generous and loving spirit opens a floodgate of riches into my life.

An abundance of success in all facets of my life is natural for me.

I carry myself as if I am blessed with abundance in all areas of my life, for I truly am.

The more abundance I have in my own life, the more I can share with others.

I have a millionaire mindset.

Abundance is my birthright.

Abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I was born to be rich.

Abundance in all things comes easily to me.

There you have your 33 abundance affirmations with a few bonus ones thrown in for good measure. Hope you enjoyed them. If you have any you would like to share with us, we would love to hear them. Just scroll down to the comments section and leave the goods. Thank you!

Abundance Affirmations PDF for Free

As we usually do with our affirmations posts, we’ve included an abundance affirmations pdf for free.

The 33 abundance affirmations pdf contains the list of abundance affirmations you find on this page. In addition, we have added an assortment of motivational images aligned with the various affirmations.

If you haven’t checked out our other free self-improvement pdfs just go here:

Self-Improvement PDFs

To download this free affirmations pdf just click the link you’ll find below and you’ll be taken to our download page on Media Fire. Once there you’ll find the green download button in the upper right corner of the screen. Just click that button and save it to your device.

33 Abundance Affirmations PDF Free Download

More Affirmations of Abundance from Around the Web

“I am attuned to the frequency of love and abundance.” From Assad Meah at Awaken the Greatness Within.

Here’s an interesting one from the folks at MindValley: “My success is necessary.”

“Feeling joyful attracts abundance.” I like that one from the Law of Attraction Resource Guide.

Wealth Attraction Free PDF

This comes from millionaire hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones. I own many of his products and took his hypnotism course as well. He has some very good stuff. Check out his Wealth Attraction pdf.

The Wealth Attraction pdf is totally free and talks about using the power of the mind to attract wealth. Within this free Wealth Attraction pdf are links to his Total Money Magnetism course for which I am an affiliate. But, as mentioned this is totally free with no obligation to purchase anything.

To download The Wealth Attraction just click the link below and you’ll be taken to our download area on Media Fire. Once there just click the green button in the upper right corner. Enjoy!

Wealth Attraction Free PDF by Steve G. Jones

I hope you enjoyed those abundance affirmations. I truly hope they bring you much abundance in your own life. If you have any you would like to share please do so in the comments below. Also, if you found any of the positive affirmations here to your liking please let us know which one and why.

thank you and have a marvelous day!

Bob K.

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Ok, remember if you have a comment or abundance affirmation we’d love to hear from you. Just do your thing below my friend! And, thank you.

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