Manifestation Secrets and Techniques to Attract Your Dream Life

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Today we reveal some Manifestation Secrets and Techniques you can use to start attracting your dream life. Some of these won’t seem like a big deal, but they can actually work like magic, so definitely give them a try. In fact, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our post, Manifesting Money Success Stories, to see all the money that real folks have manifested using the different techniques I am sharing with you today.

At the end of this post I have a video I created years ago filled with positive affirmations for you to become a “Manifestation Master.” Many of the affirmations in that video include principles from today’s post.

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One great manifestation secret comes from the Law of Attraction and basically posits that what you spend your time thinking about and focusing on is what you attract to you. With that thought in mind, start thinking about everything you want to attract into your life.

Now, the opposite is also true. If you spend your time thinking about all the bills you have and the stresses that are in your life, you may very well attract more of them to you.

Think About all the Wonderful Positive Things you Want to Attract

Therefore, you’ll definitely want to start thinking about and focusing on everything you want to draw into your life to make it a dream come true. Now, there is a manifestation secret or technique that is getting a lot of attention recently and that is for good reason. That manifestation secret is apparently working for a lot of people. In fact, I’ve used that manifestation secret in the past and was actually amazed by the results.

What is this manifestation secret or technique that works so well? It’s called “manifestation scripting” and quite simply it involves writing down everything that you want.

Amazing Results from Just Writing Down What You Want

Now, I used an abbreviated and what I consider much less powerful technique many years ago. One year in January as many of us are prone to do, I made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish for that year. I think I spent maybe an hour tops on the list. My plan was to go back, expand on it and then work out how I was going to accomplish all those things I wanted to accomplish.

Well, as usual, I got busy and never did get back to the list. In fact after a few months I had completely forgotten about it. When the next January rolled around I again decided to write up a new list of New Year’s resolutions. As fate would have it, I open the same exact program I had used the previous year (I think it was Evernote) and saw my previous year’s list of resolutions.

When I looked at that list I was amazed. Somehow, without consciously thinking about them, I had accomplished well over 60% of the things on the list from the previous year. I remember, just looking at that list and shaking my head in wonder. How did that happen, I thought? For me, that cemented the power of writing down what you want to bring into your life. Now, the manifestation technique of scripting is just taking that simple technique of writing down what you want and putting it on steroids.

Manifestation Scripting – A Manifestation Secret that Works

Manifestation scripting is a technique whereby you write down everything you want to attract in your life in the near future. Before writing down your items, you can address this manifestation script to God, the Universe, or yourself. Just put, “Dear Universe,” or whatever at the start of your script.

Then you can write down a list of pretty much anything you want to attract. If you want to attract a certain sum of money, a new vehicle, a relationship, or whatever, write it down.

This technique can also be for smaller more specific items as well. If you have a business and want to attract more clients, more income, more traffic, etc., you can write that down too. In general, anything that you can think that you want in your life write it down.

After completing the list, make sure you put down an end date for when you want to attract all of these items by. For instance, I want to have an extra $10,000 in my bank account by such and such month. You can do that for the individual items or even simpler just make one date for when you want to attract those things on your list by. I like 90 days, but you can make it for whatever time period you desire.

Finally, sign the manifestation script with your name. As you’re signing, know that you’re making a pact with the Universe and yourself to bring these wishes into reality.

Now, that you have your manifestation script you’ll want to read over it three or four times a day to saturate your mind with all the things that you want to come flooding into your life. But, one of the big manifestation secrets you want to use is the spoken word.

Manifestation Secret Technique – Use the Spoken Word

The manifestation script itself is amazingly powerful. But, now that you have everything written down and you can go over it 3 or 4 times a day, you can really amp up it’s effectiveness by saying the manifestation sript out loud when you go over it.

The spoken word is full of power. Essentially, when you repeat your manifestation script out loud you are announcing to the Universe your intention of what you want to manifest. Not only that, but you are announcing to yourself on a host of different levels your intention of what you want to bring into your life.

Finally, to make your manifestation script even more effective, be sure to infuse it with emotion. You really want to see and feel everything that you have written down as actually coming into your life. Believe it is real and happening right now when you repeat your script.

How Often Should You Repeat the Manifestation Script? The 3×33 and 5×55 Manifestation Methods

How long should you repeat the manifestation script for? It is up to you, but I think a week or two is a good number. After that, put the script away and let the Universe and your own subconscious mind start to working it’s magic.

There are also some other interesting methods for how often you should repeat the manifestation script. These include the 3×33 manifestation method and the 5×55 method. With the 3×33 method you recite the script 33 times a day for 3 days. Similarly there is the 5×55 manifestation method where you recite the script 55 times a day for 5 days. That’s a lot of repetition but both work equally well to firmly implant the script in your mind and then release it to the universe.

Now, when you come to the end of the time period dig out your manifesting script and compare it to where you are. You may be pleasantly surprised!

3×33 Manifestation and 555 Method Done for You Videos

If you are interested I’ve created some “done for you” videos utilizing both the 3×33 manifesting method and the 555 method. With the 3×33 manifestation videos you simply watch once a day for 3 days. With the 555 method money video you watch once a day for 5 days.

To check out the 3×33 money and love videos just click here: 3×33 manifesting method videos

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Manifesting Script Summary

So, there you go as far as manifesting via a manifestation script goes. Here are the key points to remember with the manifestation script:

  • Address it to whatever power you want
  • List everything you want to bring into your life
  • Put an end date on the manifestation script.
  • Sign the script and belive it will happen.
  • Repeat the script outloud several times a day.
  • Repeat the script with positive emotion knowing that it will come true.
  • Pick a time period for doing the manifestation script (3×33, etc.) then put it away.
  • Let the Universe and your subconscious mind work it’s magic.

Use Visualization to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

manifestation secrets and techniques visualization

Another manifestation technique is to use visualization to attract what you want in life. Just spend 10-15 minutes thinking about what you want to attract into your life and then visualize yourself already having it.

If it’s a new job, picture yourself at the new job. If you want to attract a new vehicle see yourself driving it. A new home? Picture yourself in and really feel that you are living in your new place.

If you haven’t read Shakti Gawain’s classic, “Creative Visualization, you might want to check it out. Firm steps in how to implement the practice of visualization. Another book I like in the regard of training your mind is the Silva Mind Control Method. Again, some concrete steps you can take to start controlling your mind to do your bidding.

Practice this technique often and soon you may find yourself doing things that move you in the direction of what you are visualizing.

Law of Abundance Checks for Manifesting

Free Abundance Checks and new moon cheques PDF

I’ve created a set of free printable Law of Abundance checks that you can use to start manifesting right now. To see what’s available and how to use them you can check out our post Law of Abundance Checks including New Moon Cheques. Essentially you’ll just download the free Law of Abundance Checks pdf and print whatever checks you want from the pdf. There are over 20 different styles to choose from. Then you’ll write the check for the sum that you want to manifest in a certain period of time. When you read the post be sure to check out the amazing Abundance Check story of Jordan Cheyenne. That should get you motivated to try this particular manifestation technique for yourself!

Manifestation Secret – Use Positive Affirmations for Manifesting

Ok, maybe not so much of a secret. However, affirmations are a fantastic way to saturate your mind with positive thoughts and images of just what you want to attract into your life. You know the old saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” Using positive affirmations is just the opposite of that. The more positive thoughts and ideas you implant in your mind the more positive outcomes you are going to have in your life.

Now, to put this manifestation technique in use just pick whatever it is you are looking to attract more of into your life and find positive affirmations to help you get there. Of course, here at Wealthvibes we have a variety of different positive affirmations to help you manifest whatever it is you’re looking for.

You can use positive affirmations to manifest love, manifest money, manifest abundance, manifest more positivity, more creativity, more gratitude, and the list goes on and on. Below, you’ll find a list of just some of the different categories and affirmations we have here at Wealthvibes. You can begin to use them right now. Feel free to flood your mind with all sorts of abundance-attracting affirmations.

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Positive Affirmations for Students

Manifest Your Dream Life Video

And, because we are looking to manifest the life of our dreams here, I’ve included our “I am Affirmations” video created to help you become a Mind Master and manifest the life of your dreams. Also, be sure to check out our new 1 hour audio created to help you attract your dream life. That powerful audio is on sale for a limited time. The affirmations in that 1 hour audio come from our new video below.

Manifestation Technique – Create a Vision Board

A vision board is just a board that you can create that is filled with images of what you want to attract into your life. You can grab images out of magazines, online and print them out or wherever. Just create the board and put on it images of everything you would like to manifest. Put the board in a place you can see it every day. That way the visions will start to seep into your mind.

One story of a huge vision board success that I absolutely love comes from real estate mogul John Assaraf, who appeared in the movie the Secret. He created a vision board and on that vision board he put a variety of items that he wanted to manifest in his life. One of the items was a nice home near the ocean and he had a picture of one on his vision board.

Years later, after he had become quite successful, Assaraf ended up buying a home near the ocean, like the home in his picture. A while after moving into the home, he came across a box that had his old vision board. He looked at the vision board and was stunned to discover that not only was the home he had bought similar to the one on his vision board, it was, in fact, the exact same home!

When John had initially purchased the home he was totally unaware of this. In fact, if you want to check out a video of his story you’ll see as he explains that the picture on his vision board was of the back of his new home and so he never consciously associated the picture on his vision board with the home he ended up buying. Really, a miraculous story if you think about it.

Free Virtual Vision Board Examples

I’ve created a set of free virtual vision boards you can download and use whenever you want. These cover categories like money, love and relationships, success, travel, fitness and more. If you want a quick and easy way to focus on positive things you want in your life then check out these already done for you virtual vision boards. The virtual vision boards are great to put in your phone and then pull up periodically for a motivational refresh! Just click the links below.

Virtual Vision Boards for Money, Love, Travel, and Spirituality

Virtual Vision Boards for Fitness, Weight Loss, and Success

More Manifesting Secrets – Let the Universe Help You

As far as the Universe lending a hand, who knows how this works or to what extent, but I do think there are ways to expedite the process. If you are imagining manifesting something in your life, also imagine all the good you can do to help others once you achieve what you are looking to manifest.

For instance, say you want to manifest $100,000. Imagine the money coming into your life and you taking a percent of it and either helping out family or friends or those in need. Picture yourself donating to a specific charity and seeing in your mind’s eye the people you can help by doing so.

I really do think the Universe will reward people that want to help others. If you have that in mind from the start, I think it will help you to feel really positive in your quest to start attracting a wealth of abundance in all areas of your life.

Of course, you can start magnifying this manifestation technique by starting now to prime the pump by being generous. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, start donating on a regular basis to your favorite charity. Or, if you don’t have any extra money to spare in the beginning, give of your time. Maybe, serve at a soup kitchen or something in that vein. Whatever the method you can prime the pump right now by starting to be more generous to others in your life.

Now, the next manifestation technique, combined with all the others, should propel you to begin manifesting what you want even quicker.

Manifestation Technique – Take Action

This one is real simple. After you’ve written down what you want to attract in your manifestation script, figure out the steps you need take to eventually reach the goals you’ve specified. Then start taking massive action to accomplish all those goals. No need to wait for the magic of the Universe to get involved. Just take it upon yourself to move rapidly in the direction that you want to go.
Once you start taking massive action, believe that the Universe will recognize your passion and desire in going after what you want and eventually get involved to help in some way. But, don’t rely on the Universe or anyone else to create the life that you want. Just start right now today and get it done.

And, as Dorothy Ratusny in an article on manifesting noted – it is your focus and the energy you put behind it that helps you manifest. With that in mind start focusing your energy on what you really desire in life. Hope you enjoyed today’s post on Manifestation Secrets and Techniques to Attract Your Dream Life.

Manifestation Master Video

Here is a video I created years ago for my old Real Psychic Power site. It is filled with a number of manifestation affirmations exhorting you to take action and go after what you want to manifest. There are actually two different layered sets of manifestation affirmations included in the video. One is at a higher volume and the other is at a semi-subliminal lower volume. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this post please let us know in the comments section below. If you have any manifestation secrets or tips of your own I would love to hear them.

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