50 Business Affirmations for Super Success

Today we have 50 Business Affirmations for Super Success. I’ve also created a quick money-making business affirmations video that is part of our 30 Day Challenge – just one quick video a day to get programmed for power. For our longer 30 minute video to get motivated to start your own money-making business check out our Business Affirmations to Create Your Dream Life video on youtube.

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Before getting into the actual business affirmations you can get your mind primed for success by asking yourself the questions for business success below. We also have a Business Vision Board of the virtual variety. Feel free to save the image and use it for regular motivation. We have a variety of virtual vision boards here at wealthvibes. Just click the link to check those out: Virtual Vision Boards for Manifesting post.

Hopefully you’ve already asked yourself these questions at some point and know exactly where you are going. These questions will just get your mind stimulated to think about the ways you can make the most money with your business.

Questions for Business Success

How can I give the most value possible to my customers?

How can I increase the services I offer to my customers?

What area should I be spending most of my time on in my business?

Where is most of my revenue coming from?

What can I do to increase my revenue?

How can I target more of my ideal customers?

What are the ways I can scale my business?

What are the things I can do today to make more revenue?

How Can You Improve Your Life as Well as that of Your Customers?

How can I make my life and the lives of my customers better?
What can I do to make my product or service even better?
What is my usp (unique selling proposition)?
In what areas would it be wise to outsource?
What is the easiest way to network with the most powerful people?
Are there trade shows or marketing events I can attend?
What is the most valuable way for me to spend my time in this business?
How can I get to a place where my business runs itself?
What is the most profitable way to outsource most of my business?

So, let those questions for success simmer in your brain for a bit. Before proceeding please consider joining our Wealthvibes Bulletin. As a thank you you’ll get a free 1 hour money magnet audio. Clicking that link will open a new window that you can visit later. Save the virtual vision board below and use it to become the Master of Your Destiny.

Business Vision Board

business success vision board

Now, on to the business affirmations for super success!

Business Affirmations

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Before doing these affirmations clear your mind. Picture yourself as already being a super successful business dynamo. Really feel that confidence and power coursing through your veins. Know that super success is your birthright and that you are deserving of all the wealth, riches and fame that accompany it. Also, know that the wealthier you get the more people you can help.

My goal is to help as many people as possible.

To do that I must provide superior value to others.

I am worthy of super success.

I am passionate about the business I am in.

Business opportunities flow easily to me.

I have a plan of success.

My business is getting more successful every day.

I will be a super success.

I will make the most of my time.

My business helps many people.

I bring a ton of value to other people.

The more people I help the more money I make.

I love to help others succeed.

The more I can help others succeed the more I will succceed.

Find Ways to Scale Up Your Business and Become More Successful

I will become more and more successful.

As I become more successful I am able to scale up my business.

As I scale up my business I can outsource more and more of the tasks I do not want to do myself.

I will eventually get to a place where my business runs itself.

I am worthy of super success.

As my business becomes more successful I will free up more of my time.

I am always looking at ways to increase my revenue.

New and exciting ways to increase my business are always appearing.

I am the master of my destiny.

I love to network with others.

The more value I bring to others the more my business spreads.

People say good things about me and my business.

More Business Affirmations for Super Success – Business is Booming

I spend time working on the important parts of my business.

I’m always looking at ways to help more people.

My revenue is constantly increasing.

Business is booming.

I have a business I can be proud of.

I do what it takes to make my business successful.

More and more people want to work with me.

I am attracting more and more opportunities.

I am attracting more and more income.

My revenue comes from a variety of sources.

I will track and identify where most of my revenue is coming from and find ways to attract more of that same type of clientele.

Build a Business that Will Give You More Free Time – Business Affirmations

I will outsource those things in my business that I can outsource to free up my time to focus on the most important aspects of my business.

Ways to increase my business will suddenly become clear.

The universe is sending more and more clients my way.

Wonderful opportunities will come my way.

As I become more and more successful I can help more people.

Business riches are coming my way.

Wealth is coming my way.

Prosperity and abundance are mine.

I accept all the bounties that life has to offer.

I am grateful and appreciative for everything in my life.

My Business is Going Viral in a Big Way – Business Affirmations

Great ideas to make my business better flow to me constantly.

Even my competitors admire my business.

I seek to help all those I work with.

I am an idea machine.

My business helps my community.

I turn my ideas into money.

I network with rich and successful people.

My business is a powerhouse.

My business is going viral in a big way.

And, finally here is a good one from Che Garman at Affirmyourlife: “Everyone loves to do business with me because I deliver the goods.”

Be a Mover and a Shaker in the Business World

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Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!

Bob K.

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