77 Confidence Affirmations for Self-Esteem

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Here you will find a list of 77 powerful positive confidence affirmations for self-esteem. Now affirmations are a tricky thing. If your conscious mind or even subconscious mind for that matter, doesn’t believe what you are repeating then they may be no help at all. But, if you know what gives you confidence then you can word your confidence affirmations in such a way that not only will you build your self-confidence and self-esteem but you’ll also actively start doing the things that will lead you to become even more and more confident. That’s what I’m trying to give you here.

One of the things that creates confidence in most people is the accomplishment of a task or goal. To that end, I’ve created affirmations that will increase your self-confidence by urging you to complete tasks and goals. So not only will your brain be fed standard affirmations like, “I am confident,” but you’ll also get ones like, “I make it a priority to achieve goals,” “I am results oriented,” “I love achieving goals,” and “I go after my goals and achieve them.”

I like to include affirmations that train your mind to take action. This creates a feedback loop as you get more and more confident. You really do believe the statements and sayings that tell you you are confident and have high self-esteem AND you start taking more and more action to complete more and more goals to become one super confident person.

Take Action Affirmations

Over the years I’ve created hundreds of mind power and affirmation videos on youtube. I’ll share a few of the affirmation videos I’ve created that are loaded with confidence affirmations for self esteem. As you’ll discover they will almost all include positive affirmations exhorting you to set and achieve goals with calls to take actions that can improve your life. The affirmation videos will be interspersed throughout the post. The main part of this post will be a list of 77 confidence affirmations for self-esteem. Watch some of the videos and absorb the affirmations and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with!

Remember, start doing something and then work to get better at it. The more somethings you do and get better at the more your confidence grows. As the affirmations image above says, confidence truly is earned and learned!

77 Confidence Affirmations Youtube Video – Ultimate Confidence is Yours Now

Free Confidence Affirmations PDF

Once you’ve finished this post ๐Ÿ™‚ if you like the list of 77 confidence affirmations you can come back here and get the Free 77 Confidence Affirmations pdf. Just the click the link and it will open up and you can also download it if you wish. It is just a straight list of all the affirmations contained in this post without any filler.

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77 Confidence Affirmations

In your mind, at the end of the “Every day” confidence affirmations for self-esteem below just add the phrase “and my confidence grows.” So every day I learn something new becomes every day I learn something new and my confidence grows. You can create your own “Every day” affirmations for healthy positive things that you do on a daily basis. Maybe you call someone you love, you do yoga, you volunteer, etc.

  1. Great habits build confidence. I strive to constantly improve my habits
  2. Every day I learn something new.
  3. Every day I workout.
  4. Today and every day I eat healthy.
  5. Every day I help someone.
  6. Every day I connect with someone.
  7. I become more confident every day.

The road to supreme confidence is paved with many mistakes. Treat every mistake or failure as a badge of honor in your pursuit of excellence. And, as you get better at anything you will naturally become more confident. You must be willing to fail and fail again in whatever endeavor you pursue. Course correct, realize what works and what doesn’t and keep moving ahead. The further you move ahead the more self-confidence you build and develop.

Failure – Brush it Off – More Confidence Affirmations

When you begin anything you certainly won’t be perfect or probably even very good at it. But don’t let that stop you from starting any new endeavor. As you progress you naturally build your self-esteem. Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence and you’ll start seeing rapid progress as you knock down hurdles and obstacles. Not only that but the Universe will start opening doors for you!

8. I am relentless in my pursuit of excellence.

9. Persistent and relentless is who I am. I go after what I want. I will not be denied.

10. Every time I face a fear I become more confident, more resilient, more powerful.

11. I enjoy taking on new challenges. Every new challenge is an opportunity to get more accomplished in life and as a result more confident!

Affirmations To Be Relentless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

One of the hallmarks of those that are supremely confident is that they are relentless in the pursuit of their dreams. They know what they want and go after it. I created this quick video to hammer home that concept of being relentless in going after what you want. Don’t settle for less than the best. With that attitude you will get what you want in life and you WILL be supremely confident! Just click: Don’t Settle for Less than the Best and a new window will open and play the video on youtube.

12. I set goals and work smart to achieve them. (Had to put the smart part in there because I’ve spent so much time working hard rather than smart ha ha – just work smart from the start!)

13. I love to complete tasks both small and large. Every task completed brings me more self-esteem.

The Universe Has My Six

14. The Universe has my six. (This one just came to me – I like it. And, I just decided to create an image for it. Now, if someone already created something like it somewhere I’ll just chalk it up to the 100th monkey theory!)

15. I am brimming with confidence.

16. Others find me irresistibly attractive.

17. I project an aura of supreme self-esteem wherever I go. (Supreme self-esteem – that has a nice ring to it. Repeat it with me now…)

18. Others are attracted to my magnetic aura.

19. I am so self-assured people love to be around me.

20. My eyes sparkle and shine with magnetic power. Others are mesmerized by my presence.

21. I am overflowing with confidence.

22. My aura is one of supreme power. All are attracted to me.

Power Motivation to Have More Confidence

Below is a link to an affirmation video I created to become more confident. Notice it is filled with exhortations to go after and achieve your goals. Confidence affirmations for self-esteem in the video below include these:

Others are impressed with your confidence and are attracted to you.
You set goals and achieve them. You get more confident with every goal achieved.
All are attracted to your powerful presence.
Every time you learn something new your confidence grows.
You flow with confidence.
You have high self-esteem.

Just click the link and a new window will open and play the video on youtube:

Have More Confidence video on youtube

Meditation to Increase Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Meditation can help you become more grounded and centered on the inside while remaining calm and relaxed on the outside. The more you meditate the more relaxed and powerful you become. You won’t sweat the small stuff. In fact, as the saying goes, most everything will become small stuff.

As James Allen of As a Man Thinketh fame said, it’s not the things that happen to you that dictates your mood but rather your reaction to those things. And your reaction is totally under your control. Once you realize that, you won’t get ruffled or fazed by hurdles or obstacles. You will ask yourself why you called those into your life and what you can learn from them.

That’s part of taking responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, even if you “know” that you weren’t the actual cause. With that attitude you no longer make excuses for anything and just go after results. At that point your power builds and builds. Meditation, then, can nicely augment and amplify any confidence affirmations for self-esteem that you might be using.

23. Every time I meditate I see life from the bigger perspective.

24. I glow with confidence from the inside out.

25. I shine with an inner light and others are hypnotized by my overflowing radiance.

26. My gaze is magnetic.


One of the best ways to improve your confidence is to become a great speaker. There are many local Toastmaster organizations where you can learn this skill. Even if you don’t join a formal organization take the time to join groups, make friends, and speak your mind. You can disagree with someone without being disagreeable. Go out of your way to speak with others. If you listen more than you speak you will make even more friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

27. I speak with passion and bold assertiveness.

28. I am assertive and go after what I want. I am relentless in my pursuit and will not be denied.

29. Every time I speak to a small group my power grows.

30. Every time I speak to a large group my power grows.

31. My opinion has value. I enjoy voicing my opinion to others.

32. I can disagree with others without being disagreeable.

33. I am relaxed and poised in any encounter.

34. Others love my positive attitude.

You Glow with Confidence – More Confidence Affirmations

35. You glow with confidence.

36. What can I do to make every interaction with anyone else an extraordinary one for both parties – a “meeting for the ages?”

37. I make it a priority to achieve goals.

38. With every goal achieved I gain more capacity and competency. I am ever expanding.

39. Manifesting miracles comes easily to me. I am open to letting the Universe flow freely through me.

40. I flow with confidence inside and out.

41. My opinion is valuable and I share it when I want to. I don’t mind having a dissenting opinion.

42. I love to do things that increase my value.

43. Worthy and deserving I am. (A tip of the hat to the little green guy.)

44. I believe in myself.

44a. I am on fire with confidence! (The significance of 44a you ask? It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a tortilla.)

Build More Self Confidence Video

I created the video below for one of my old websites, Brainsngames. Here you get the positive confidence affirmations for self-esteem along with flashing images of wealth, money and happy people. And, again, as with the 77 confidence affirmations you get in this post, you will hear similar positive affirmations in the video imploring you to get out there and build your power by going after what you want in life. Set goals, achieve the goals and grow and expand your capabilities. Simple recipe for becoming a more confident person. Just click the link:

Build More Self-Confidence video on Youtube

Courage is a Trait of Confidence

Those who have confidence are usually courageous as well. They blast through their fears on the way to pursuing their best life.

45. Every time I face a fear my confidence grows.

46. I am brave, bold, and love facing my fears.

47. My mind flows with confidence and power. I am bold and decisive.

48. I have the courage of a lion. (If you click the link a new window will open up with our Courage of a Lion video on youtube.) The next several positive affirmations on this list can be found in that video.

49. I am brave and bold.

50. Going through fears is the fastest way to defeat them.

51. I go after what I want. I can do anything. Nothing can stop me.

52. An adventurous spirit flows through me.

53. I fear nothing. I fear no one.

54. Confidence is my middle name. I conquer all my fears. Fears are only False Experiences Appearing Real.

55. I am assertive. I am cool and confident under pressure. Pressure slides right off me.

Be the One. Be the Master.

What if you approached every situation, every encounter like you were a Master? Would you handle yourself differently? Would you treat others differently? Why not take that mantle on yourself. Be the One. Be the Master.

56. I am a hero. I do what heroes do. I act like heroes act.

57. Decisions are made easily by me after quickly digesting the surrounding facts.

58. I stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.

59. Every day I try something new and exciting.

60. A fearless warrior dwells within me which can be unleashed whenever I desire.

61. I am a Champion in life. I strive to be the best for myself and as an example for others.

62. I lift others up.

63. The daredevil spirit in me makes life an adventure.

64. In every encounter I am strong and wise, compassionate and considerate.

65. I am a benevolent all-powerful soul.

66. Others look up to me. I’m a shining example of love and light.

67. I take on projects that I know will make me more confident. I look forward to learning and growing.

You Have Unlimited Confidence Inside of You

I have filled this list of positive affirmations for confidence and self-esteem with exhortations to take action and do actual physical things to increase your belief in yourself and thereby your confidence.

While I think this is good solid advice for those looking to increase their confidence, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that I also think we can spiritually go inside ourselves to access an unlimited reservoir of confidence and power within.

This may be a little on the woo woo side of the spectrum. That spectrum, however, is a very vast and potent dimension that is well worth trying to tap into. Do what you can to bring the power of that spiritual dimension to your inner world to manifest and help transform your outer world. Meditate, pray, go into the silence – whatever works for you. But start letting the floodgates flow. That is attacking the problem of building confidence from within and without.

Affirmations for Building Confidence from Within

68. I ask the power of the Universe to fill me with an unshakable confidence.

69. The earth is my playground. I am here to learn, grow and develop. And to play!

70. Unlimited power and confidence continually flow through me. I access the power of the Universe at all times.

71. I am a beacon of light and love flowing with immense power.

72. My inner power flows and grows every day.

73. I can tap into the Universal source energy whenever I want for whatever I want.

Take Action Now

74. I am grateful for all things in my life.

75. I take responsibility for everything that has happened to me in my life even if it doesn’t appear that way externally.

76. You gotta fight for your right to party. Ok just checking to see if anyone made it this far lol. That affirmation was from a famous band of motivational gurus. ๐Ÿ™‚

77. I know what it takes to get to where I want to go. Now I take action to get there.

So, there you go. You can take some action every day and before you know it you’ll be a Supreme Master of the Universe, or something close to that. Just make it happen captain. You’ve got this!

Affirmations for Confidence on Youtube

I’ve shared with you a new confidence affirmation video that I have on youtube. Below I’ll give you links to several more that I created and are directly relevant to you becoming more confident. The links will open in a new tab and take you directly to youtube. After the link I’ve included some of the positive affirmations you’ll find included in that particular affirmation video. Taken as an aggregate these videos are loaded with confidence affirmations for self-esteem.

This is Your Year. Make it the Best Year Ever. Be outrageous. Be outlandish. Don’t wait. Get it done. Make a dream come true. Make and achieve an outlandish goal. (Writing this just reminded me of the movie Visionquest in which the main character Matthew Modine, a high school wrestler, makes a pledge to himself to wrestle a bonafide monster in another weight class, an undefeated wrestler named Shute. Good motivation if you’re a dude lol and haven’t watched it.) Don’t wait. Time flies.

More Confidence Affirmation Videos

Be Assertive. You are a force of one. (Love that saying!) You handle criticism easily always looking to learn something. You are calm and relaxed in any encounter. And – you feel free to express yourself in any situation. You believe in Constant and Never Ending Improvement (Tony Robbin’s CANI). You are a class act. Also, finally: You take charge. You love to express yourself in a positive manner.

Make No Excuses Just Get Results. Don’t play the blame game, just get results. Be the one who refuses to make excuses. Always move forward. Be the one. Be the master. Make no excuses. Just get results. You are the master. You are the one in charge. Get results. Make it happen. You are the one. You are the master. Take control of your life. Move forward relentlessly. Be the winner you were born to be. Take charge. Make no excuses. Get results.

Positive Motivation Video to Never Give Up. I push myself to succeed. I am a winner. I get the job done. I keep going. I keep going. I will be successful. I don’t quit. I won’t quit. I believe in myself and what I am doing. I am successful.

More Affirmations for Confidence Videos on Youtube

Here are four more affirmations for confidence youtube videos I created. Give ’em a listen and boost your self-esteem now. Many of the videos dealing with confidence, assertiveness, and the like have an upbeat music background track ideal for listening to on a regular basis.

Have the Courage of a Lion. I have the courage of a lion. I am brave and bold. I go after what I want. I can do anything. I am assertive. I am cool and confident under pressure. I fear nothing. I fear no one. I conquer all my fears. I control my fears. Going through fears is the fastest way to defeat them.

Fireworks Motivational Confidence Burst. You carry an aura of confidence whereever you go.
Everytime a firecracker bursts your confidence grows. You are powerful and confident. You get more confident with every second that passes and every time you watch this.

Persistence Quotes. Patience, persistence, perspiration. Energy and persistence conquer all things. The best way out is always through. We are made to persist.

Motivational Phrases to Help You Create Your Life. If your ship doesn’t come in swim out to it
If you want time you must make it. Make the time for what you want. Make the time take the time.
When you look back will you say I wish I did or I’m glad I did.

Free Confidence Affirmations Audio for Sleep and More

I created this 32 minute affirmations audio by combining the audios from about a dozen or so of my videos on building confidence, self-esteem, being persistent, being decisive, having courage, etc. I love that audio and have listened to a version of it fairly often. It’s a great audio to fall asleep to or to listen to on repeat if you want a quick blast of power. I currently have it available via Soundcloud. Click the link here to go to the page on our site to listen: Super Confidence Affirmations Audio

Bonus Affirmations for Confidence

Here are a few bonus affirmations for confidence and self-esteem that I found on the web and liked.

“Mistakes are just an apprenticeship to achievement.” Great quote from Steve S. J. Scott from developgoodhabits.com. He runs a fantastic site over there!

“Today, I will be a better me than I was yesterday.” From michael bonnell on medium. Reminds me of the old Silva Mind Control saying, “Each and Every Day I’m Getting Better and Better in every way.” Doesn’t that just make you want to smile?

If you have any confidence affirmations that you use I would love to hear them in the comments below! I think that’s a wrap folks. If you enjoyed this content would you please consider sharing it via any of your social networks. That would be much appreciated. At the very least could you just give me a thumbs up? Yeah, just point it at the screen. Ahh, you’re the best.

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