55 Powerful Money Affirmations

I’m going to share some powerful money affirmations here. Now, I’m a firm believer in the power of affirmations to transform one’s life. However, as you may have seen in my 77 Confidence Affirmations for Self-Esteem post, I make most of the affirmations centered around you having to do some action to achieve the result.

For instance, one of the affirmations below is “Learning about investments is a passion for me.” That particular powerful money affirmation implants the idea that you need to learn about investments. So, hopefully, you repeat it often and start learning about a variety of investments. I call them “take action” affirmations because they prompt your mind to start taking action to achieve the desired result. You can’t just sit back and say “I am rich” while eating your cheetos and lounging around and expect results.

You’re obviously here because you want these money affirmations to actually bring you more money than you have. And, you want to know if money affirmations really work. And, if they do, can they work fast? Stick around after the money affirmations list below and I’ve got some surprises to share with you.

55 Powerful Money Affirmations List

There are many millionaires, I can be one.
I work smart to build money machines.
There are many millionaires that I can emulate and duplicate.
The more I study and learn about making money and building wealth the easier it is to do.
I am a relentless money machine.
The more money I make the more I can help others.
I study and learn about building wealth.
I study money.
Learning about investments is a passion for me.
Multiplying my money is a passion for me.
Creating multiple streams of income is a passion for me.
I constantly think about the smartest ways to build my income and increase my net worth.
My mind is open to good money making opportunities when they appear.
Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
The Universe provides an infinite supply of abundance.
I am generous and giving which opens the flow of money back to me.

Money Flows to you in Miraculous Ways

Money flows to me in miraculous ways.
Wealth, money, riches. It is all coming my way.
I am open to receiving windfalls of money.
Becoming a money expert makes me happy.
I take time to learn about money.
The more money I have the more I can help others.
Money is attracted to me.
Networking with successful people is a key to getting wealthy.
I derive great pleasure from helping others.
Power and light flow freely through me.
I associate with those making big money.
I recognize and seize opportunities to make money.
If I ask, I shall receive.
Large amounts of money flow to me quickly and easily from a multitude of sources.
I am comfortable with money.
Money is good and attracted to me.
I ask for more abundance and prosperity now.
I create my own reality and I have unlimited prosperity.
Financial freedom from multiple streams of income is my goal.
I develop multiple streams of income that will make money for me automatically.
I develop a millionaire mindset.
The Universe is bringing opportunities my way.

Grow Your Dough – More Money Affirmations

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.
The more I give the more I attract.
I strive to make my dream life come true.
I think of ways to multiply my money.
All the answers I need are within me.
I work smart to create a viral money empire.
I look for ways to constantly level up my financial game.
The more I give, the more I receive.
I am grateful for all the money that comes to me easily and effortlessly.
Prosperity and abundance come to me easily.
I am open to receive money NOW.
I can help myself and others with money.
Money Affirmations will work if you do.
Make it rain money in your life.
Grow Your Dough.
I am a money magnet.
What one thing can you do right now to increase your income? Do it.
What one thing can you do right now to increase your net worth? Do it?
What one thing can you do right now to better your life? Do it.

55 Powerful Money Affirmations PDF

Hope you enjoyed the 55 powerful money affirmations. Use them often and your financial life could very well transform. Also, give them time to work and give yourself time to start doing the things that these affirmations encourage you to do. Start studying finances. Learn about different business opportunities. Examine a variety of side-hustles. You get the picture.

You can have a copy of these positive money affirmations in pdf format for free right now. Just click the link below and this pdf will open in a new window. You can download it to your hard-drive or device if you so desire. In the pdf after the 55 affirmations I’ve included a number of bonus money affirmations as well. Enjoy!

Free Powerful Money Affirmations pdf

Money Affirmations that Work Fast

So, here we come to the crux of the matter. You’ve just been given a list of 55 powerful money affirmations. In addition, I’ve structured them in “take action” format so they automatically prompt you to take action in the direction of the desired event. In this case, that event is making more money. But, in the back of your mind, you still wonder, will these money affirmations really work? And, if they can work can they work fast? Although I definitely think that these powerful money affirmations can and will work for you there is still no guarantee. And that’s not even taking into account the speed that they can produce the desired result.

Did you know that people are actually searching on google for “money affirmations that work instantly?” Talk about wanting a shortcut! Now, I’m a firm believer in the power of the Universe to deliver some amazing things in a short time span. And, if you are as well, I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm about the possibilities here. Hey, money magic can happen and I truly believe that (and like I said earlier stick around for some real surprises about what is possible).

But do I think these powerful money affirmations can work fast? I would have to say I would be more comfortable with saying they will eventually work to improve your financial position in life. But, fast or instantly? I have no idea and there are no guarantees. But, stay tuned, even I was shocked by the results some folks who used some of these powerful money affirmations reported.

Money Affirmations Testimonial Proof in Videos on Youtube

So, I created a video years ago that had flashing images related to wealth, money, and success. I had these images flash 1000 times in 1 minute. There is also a semi-subliminal layer of powerful money affirmations in the audio as a background. Some of those affirmations are in the 55 money affirmations list.

The video currently has a little over 200,000 views. If you would like to watch the video just click the following link: Money Affirmation Video on Youtube. A new tab will open and you can watch it on youtube. Be forewarned if you are prone to seizures do not watch this video. Those images flash by real fast.

Is it Possible that Money Affirmations Really Work?

As I was doing research for this article I went back and rewatched this video. Now, as was no surprise, some commented that the video didn’t do anything for them. (Don’t know how often they watched it.) However, a couple of folks reported decidedly positive experiences.

First off there was this:

I had 83$ in my bank deposited for no reason just says credit memo after 1 day of listening to this. Thank You God! About 1 month after-I met a total stranger and he gave me 6K cash and said he wants nothing back. Eternal River

Then this:

Personally, I think this is incredible. When I first started watching this, I watched it maybe once or twice a day. When I watched it, I was broke, had no job, was making no income, $20 seemed like a lot to me then. Then, I got the biggest break of my life from my current employer, and was asked to go in for an interview. 2 weeks later, I had a job, and am making more money than I ever dreamed of. I was 17 and was making $2000 a month, am now in college, and life has never been better. Jeffrey R-S

More Proof that Affirmations Really Work

Now, those are a couple of pretty amazing responses to the money affirmations video. Of course, super small sample size and not real proof of anything. But, those people believed it worked for them. And, that got me to thinking.

That particular video of mine is just one money affirmation video of the thousands of affirmation videos on youtube. So I decided to do a little research and check out the comments in some of those other powerful money affirmation videos. Well, I must say I was totally shocked!

In many of the powerful money affirmation videos I scanned on youtube there were comment after comment describing similar situations as to the comments I found on my own positive money affirmation video! And, in many cases these folks were reporting that the money affirmations really did work fast and in some cases, believe it or not, these powerful affirmations worked instantly or close to it.

Color me impressed. Still, not scientific proof that they work for sure or that they will work for you. However, there were way more than enough positive responses that money affirmations really can work and that they can work fast that it would seem to be well worth implementing into your own wealth-building program.

Manifesting Money Success Stories

To share a couple of quick examples, many folks reported great result in this particular video Money Magnet affirmations video. Just click the link and it will open a new tab on youtube. And, here is another money affirmations video in which a number of folks reported quick success: I am Rich money affirmations video.

Now, affirmations are just one tool you can use to attempt to manifest more money into your life. If you want to see a variety of different ways that people have manifested thousands of dollars check out our article, Manifesting Money Success Stories. The people featured there attracted money using many of the techniques found in this article on our site: How to Manifest Money and Get Some Big Wins.

Positive Proof that Affirmations Work?

So a chap named Colin Hiles has a video on youtube called Proof Positive Affirmations Work. In that video he attempts to prove that affirmations work. He makes the case that the affirmations affect the subconscious mind and that that can then transform the conscious mind and pave the way for positive change. He then gives a quick test, called the pencil test, which he said demonstrated the power of affirmations.

Now, I played along and got the same results Colin did. It was basically a strength test. When I affirmed that my hand, finger and thumb were weaker they apparently were, when I tried the test. When I affirmed they were stronger they seemed to be.

Pretty simple and pretty clear that our words have an effect on our bodies. Not definitive proof for sure but a nice little test nonetheless on the power that words have to affect our minds and our lives. With all the apparent evidence piling up it seems well worth it to give money affirmations a try as a part of your financial plan to improve your life.

Wealthvibes Subliminal Money Affirmations on Youtube

Here I’ll share several of my mostly subliminal money affirmation videos that are on youtube. Most are fairly short in the 2-3 minute range. Good for a quick boost of motivational money power. Just click the links for the positive affirmation videos and they will open in a new tab on youtube.

Blended Subliminal Money Affirmations Visualization with Flashing Abundance Images

Manifest Money Affirmations Using the Law of Attraction

All aboard! Wealth Train Fast Audio Affirmations

Subliminal Wealth Affirmations

Subliminal Law of Attraction Meditation to Attract Money

Hope you enjoy those Wealthvibes powerful money affirmation videos on youtube.

More Positive Money Affirmations from the Web

I’m going to share some of my favorite money affirmations that I’ve found on the web.

I deserve to be paid for my skills, time and knowledge. This money mantra is from Girlboss.

I’m worthy of making more money. This powerful affirmation is from Prolificliving.

Everyone wants to give me money. This short sweet and powerful money affirmation is from the art of better site.

I give massive value to others, I create massive value for others, I am an unlimited being of creative ideas and thoughts. One of Greg’s millionaire affirmations on his Wegrow coaching site.

Should Money Affirmations Be a Part of Your Wealth-Building Strategy

After looking at the evidence I definitely think adding some powerful money affirmations to your wealth building strategy is advisable. Especially, as here many of the positive affirmations are “take action” affirmations.

So, you take action on building your knowledge of all aspects of investing and ways to increase your income whether that be through online endeavors, traditional businesses, side-hustles and so on. The affirmations will propel you to continue to look for more and more ways to increase your net worth and income.

And, you’ll start to see more and more opportunities. You’ll get more and more excited about your NOW and your potential future. All the while you’ll remember in the back of your mind the reports of all those who have practiced money affirmations and have had money windfalls come in out of the blue.

And you’ll know that for you too lightning could strike at any moment blessing you with a financial windfall. You’ll have the best of both worlds. You’ll become a relentless money-machine, constantly improving your financial picture and while doing so making it ever easier for the Universe to come in and start flowing even more wealth your way! A win/win my friend. In the end you might start to believe that maybe money really does grow on trees.

Law of Abundance Checks and New Moon Cheques to Manifest Money

Grab your free Law of Abundance and New Moon Cheques for manifesting money. They come in a variety of styles. These Abundance Checks were all created here at Wealthvibes to help you manifest more money. Do they work? No guarantees but definitely check out Jordan Cheyenne’s abundance check success story!

Free 1 Hour Money Magnet Audio and More

If you enjoyed these affirmations please let us know in the comments section below. If you have any affirmations of your own you think would be good let us know that as well. For more great positive affirmations please join our Wealthvibes Bulletin. As a thank you you’ll get a free 1 hour money magnet audio.

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Anyway, I hope these powerful motivational money affirmations will help you claim the rich bounty you deserve. Also, if you enjoyed this list of affirmations and think others might benefit could you kindly share it with others via whatever social sites you use. And, finally, if you would like to share any money affirmations you use that would be great as well as any benefit you may have received from them. Just use the comment section below. Would love to hear any other money affirmation related comment you would like to share as well.

Here’s to your good fortune,

Bob K.

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