44 Gratitude Affirmations for an Abundant Life

Today we have 44 gratitude affirmations for an abundant life and our new Gratitude Affirmations video. In addition, after the affirmations you can download a free Gratitude Affirmations pdf.

So, what is gratitude and why do you even need to recite and affirm gratitude affirmations anyway? Gratitude defined is simply being thankful, being ready to show appreciation and to return kindness. Not only is it just plain polite to be thankful and appreciative but there are a number of benefits for expressing thanks or gratitude to others.

Benefits of Being Grateful

What are the Benefits of Being Grateful?

Psychotherapist Amy Morin in an article in Fortune listed 7 benefits:

  1. More and Better Relationships
  2. Improved Physical Health
  3. Improved Psychological Health
  4. More Sensitivity and Empathy Towards Others
  5. Better Sleep
  6. Improved Self-Esteem
  7. Better Resilience in the Face of Stress

44 Gratitude Affirmations Video

Gratitude Affirmations by Category

I’ve separated these affirmations of thankfulness into different categories to make them easier to relate to.

Thankful for Being Alive

I am grateful for having been born and realize that this is a wonderful opportunity for the growth of my soul.

I am thankful for being alive and getting to experience the joy of being human.

From this moment forward I will create and craft and transform this adventure into my dream life.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Literally.

Whatever may have happened in the past is in the past. I learn from it but do not dwell on it.

I will take this opportunity and do everything I can to fashion a life that once lived can be looked back upon as a masterpiece.

Gratitude for Planet Earth

I am grateful to this beautiful planet and will do what I can to keep it clean and healthy.

I will take time to enjoy the wonders of the earth and commune with nature.

The more time I spend in nature the more grounded and centered I will become.

Affirmations of Gratitude for my Home

I am thankful for the home in which I live and will do everything I can to fill it with treasures, both things and people, that will uplift my soul.

I transform my living space into a Temple of Joy.

With a roof over my head and others to share it with, I’m extremely thankful.

Gratitude Affirmations for Health

I am grateful for the ability to breathe fresh air every day.

I am thankful for the physical body I occupy and seek to keep this temple in great condition.

The body is a vessel which can teach me many lessons. While I strive to preserve this temple I also seek to understand any lessons learned from imperfections of the vessel. For that opportunity I’m grateful.

Thankful for my Family

I am grateful for the family that I have and strive to maintain harmonious loving relationships.

I regularly keep in touch with my family and quickly smooth out any differences that may crop up.

My family is my bedrock and for that I am eternally grateful.


I am grateful for the friends I have in my life and look to add new ones when I can.

I strive to see how I can be of benefit to my friends.

My loyalty to my friends is unmatched and I am thankful that I can be there for them.

Thankful for my Pets

Speaking of loyalty, it is nice to be grateful to our pets, so her are some gratitude affirmations saluting those stalwart companions of ours.

I am thankful for the love and devotion from my pets that I can return.

I enjoy being a safe haven of warmth and love for the loyal animals that are devoted to me.

Comfort and love are a beneficial exchange between us and our pets and for that we should be extremely grateful.

Gratitude Affirmations for Success

I am grateful that I live in an abundant universe and will do everything in my power to recognize and make the most of any opportunity.

I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to make income and always look for ways to increase those opportunities and income.

Continually adding value to my business or those I work for allows me to be both thankful for the opportunity and to also have the ability to increase my income.

I continually look to add as much value as possible to those who are paying me.

Affirmations of Gratitude for Abundance

I am grateful for any financial windfalls that have come my way or that may come my way.

The ability to create financial windfalls is my birthright. For that I am grateful as well.

I am grateful for the wealth I presently have and seek to grow it wisely.

Grateful for Generosity

I am grateful for the generosity of others whether it be of time or money.

Generosity is a blessing for both the giver and the receiver.

I seek to be more generous in my own life, giving more of my time and money for the benefit of others.

I recognize the generosity of the universe and am grateful and thankful for all benefits bestowed upon me.

Gratitude Affirmations for Love

I am open and grateful for any romantic/soulmate relationships that might now exist or might come my way in the future.

May love bloom in my heart and in the heart of any potential romantic partners.

I am grateful for all the love I’ve had in my life to this point and look forward to sharing more love in the future.

I am thankful that I can engage in close relationships with others, romantic or otherwise.

My goal is to bring value to any type of relationship, whether it be romantic, business, friendship, whatever.


I am grateful for the all the choices I have in my life.

I am also grateful to examine and learn from all the choices I have made.

Going forward I seek to make choices aligned with my higher purpose and am thankful that I can do so.

Life of my dreams

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the game of life on planet earth.

I am thankful that I have landed in a wonderful testing ground, planet earth. I will make the most of this grand adventure called life.

My dream life awaits me. I just need to create it. For that I am eternally thankful.

And, in case the ones I’ve created weren’t enough, I’ve found a few more on my internet travels.

More Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

In my travels around the web I’ve come across some more really good gratitude affirmations which I’ll share below:

“Whatever I see, I trust that the universe is supporting my highest good. I choose to see this season of my life, then, through the eyes of appreciation, as best as I can.” This gratitude affirmation comes from Jennifer Williamson at Healing Brave.

“I am forever grateful for being able to contribute to the lives of others.” This one comes from Che Garman at Affirm Your Life.

“I am grateful for everything I experience in this lifetime. I overcome, I grow, and I prosper all the time.” This one comes from Hugh Warren at Inspired Abundance.

“I am always moving forward.” This nice one comes from Arlin at About Social Anxiety.

And, there you go, 44 gratitude affirmations for an abundant life, along with a few more for good measure. If you enjoyed these please let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have any gratitude affirmations that you would like to share, again, please let us know in the comments. And, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve also created a 44 Gratitude Affirmations in PDF format to download and use whenever you’d like. Just see below.

Gratitude Affirmations PDF

gratitude affirmations pdf

So, the nice thing about this Gratitude Affirmations PDF is that, in addition to all the powerful gratitude affirmations, I’ve also included a number of highly motivational gratitude-related pictures to help get you into that grateful, thankful state of mind.

The Gratitude Affirmations PDF is totally free and allows you to download it to your device and have it with you even if you aren’t connected, or don’t want to get connected lol.

The download link for this file is at our Media Fire download area. Once you click the link below a new tab will open up and take you there. You’ll find a green download button in the upper right corner of the screen. Just click that and voila!

Download the Gratitude Affirmations PDF for Free

Alright folks I hope you enjoyed our gratitude affirmations. As I may have mentioned before, if you have any of your own gratitude affirmations and you like them please let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you like today’s post please consider sharing it to your social media. It would be greatly appreciated – thank you!

I hope you are enjoying a spectacular day!

Bob K.

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