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Welcome to my spirit animal page where you can see my funny spirit animals shirts, stores, images and more. When my schedule opened up a couple of months ago, I decided to look for a fun and creative way to make a little money on the side. I gave the pod, or print on demand, business a look. With this business you create designs for products like t-shirts, mugs, masks, and hoodies. The pod model is a bit saturated because a lot of folks have flooded into the business due to the low barrier of entry. You can essentially get started for free. But, it is creative and fun! You can literally do anything in this arena (within copyright boundaries of course).

Anyway, I’ve often been fascinated by the notion that we may have some sort of spirit animal attached to us. And, because I often have a warped sense of humor I decided to create a series of stores on Teespring featuring funny spirit animals shirts, masks, mugs and other products. Once you come up with a design you can put that design on a vast and ever expanding array of products. Trying to look at my designs objectively I think some are pretty cool and others may be a bit ridiculous. But, that was part of the fun of creating these funny spirit animal products. I’ve delved into the lore of mythical creatures, monsters, and the decidely absurd. Before we see if any of these unique spirit animals resonate with you, have you ever taken a spirit animal test or quiz?

Spirit Animal Test

Because of my interest in spirit animals I recently took a spirit animal test on a well-known spirit animal site that you can check out here. You answer a series of questions like, “What’s your favorite natural element?” Anyway, it came back that my spirit animal is a snake. Oh lovely. I immediately thought of the bad reputation that the snake has garnered in some religions and the pejorative phrase “snake in the grass” came to mind as well. But then I read the symbolic meaning of the snake (at least according to this site) and regained a bit of comfort. The snake was reputed to be a symbol of healing, transformation, and spiritual guidance. Alright then, I can live with that. Of course, I’m wondering if I take that test again if another animal pops up as my spirit animal! (Ok I just took the test again and I’m still the snake).

Funny Spirit Animals Quiz

So, if you’ve ever wondered what your spirit animal is you are not alone. You may need a series of spirit animals tests or quizzes or a deep dive meditation to attempt to discern what animal you resonate with. But, with my funny spirit animals quiz you only need to ask yourself one question – “Does this funny spirit animal resonate with the inner me and does it tickle my funny bone?” There you go simple enough. Let’s check out some of the funny spirit animals images, and then you can check out out the full line of ridiculous and bizarre spirit animals at my funny spirit animals stores.

Funny Spirit Animals Shirts and Images

I’ll present a bunch of funny spirit animal examples found in my stores. After a few of these examples of funny spirit animals shirts and other products, I’ll give you a link to each of my Funny Spirit Animals Stores and what unique spirit animals you’ll find within them. Also know that each design may have a variety of products in addition to the t-shirt or mask or whatever the spirit animal image shows. When you go to the stores you’ll see the different product underneath the price of the item. For instance, for every spirit animal design, there might be a t-shirt, a mug, a mask, a hoodie, a phone case, a sticker, a tank top, a poster, and so on.

If you go to my Teespring spirit animal stores you’ll find that I also include what that funny spirit animal might symbolize. For example, here is my spirit animal the Sasquatch or bigfoot and following is the description I give at the store. I’ll give the description of the unique spirit animals below the images.

My Spirit Animal Sasquatch or Bigfoot


My spirit animal the orange brown sasquatch. Let the beast with a big foot teach you to display your powers only when necessary. Powers of the mythical beast include possible telepathy, mind control, fearlessness, and stealth. Harness the traits of the legendary creature. Either that or just have a good laugh with this funny spirit animal. So, there you go, one of my funny spirit animals – the legendary bigfoot or sasquatch.

My Funny Spirit Animals The Thumbs Up Chicken


Get crazy with my spirit animal the thumbs up chicken. With a red hat and a basketball giving the thumbs up this is a humorous spirit animal. Believe it or not, the chicken is a symbol of self-sacrificing love and protection. You can use this bird as a spirit guide. Then again, you might just want to use it for a chuckle or a cluckle or a reminder to pick up a bucket on the way home. I say, I say, boy…er nevermind.

My Funny Spirit Animals The Queen of the Sea


Here my spirit animal is the Queen of the Sea, a trident-wielding mermaid. Let this magical creature be your protector in the spiritual realm. Access your own inner mermaid. Know that you can easily repel all obstacles, while easily gliding to the place you want to be. In fact, you may already have arrived and not know it. Take on the superhuman strength, calmness, and royal aura of the Queen of the Sea. Realize now who you really are – the Master of your own world.

The Loyal Dashing Dog


Dashing Dog My Spirit Animal. Take on the powers of man’s best friend, the dog. The dog is a symbol of steadfast loyalty, love, and protection. And, if you own a dog you know they have a unique personality as well. But this isn’t an ordinary dog. It is a hip, dashing, shades-donning, tongue-wagging canine. An encouragement to be a friendly eternally loyal friend to those we encounter in life. No need to overthink it, just be that friend. The dashing dog would be proud.

My Funny Spirit Animal Raptor on Skateboard


My spirit animal here is the dinosaur raptor flying high on it’s skateboard. Symbol of strength, courage, and unyielding desire to achieve what it is after let the raptor guide you to achieve your dreams and goals. And the skateboard as a symbol of fearless adventure adds another layer to this unique spirit guide. Or just have fun with the absurdity of it all!

Funny Spirit Animal Warrior Turtle


Here is my spirit animal the warrior turtle with a battle staff, and a hard shell helmet. A unique creature in this realm to be sure. Perseverance, determination, never quitting and an unyielding spirit are hallmarks of the turtle or tortoise spirit animal. Know that if you take a never-quit attitude into any situation you will eventually succeed. The hard shell is a symbol of letting criticism not get to you. Just do your thing and keep going. Let the Warrior Turtle be your spirit guide.

Unique Spirit Animal Star Alien


Let my spirit animal the Star Alien be your spirit guide and bring you the power of the universe. An out of this world spirit animal. Harness the powers of mind control, knowledge beyond the physical, and a thirst for adventure of epic proportions. With the Star Alien as your spirit guide, you will seek ever bigger dreams and adventures. Don’t limit yourself. Hitch your star to this alien spirit guide.

My Unique Spirit Animal The Attack Shark


It aint pretty but sometimes you need to harness the spirit of the attack shark. My spirit animal here possesses the power of relentlessness, determination and a hunger to get what it wants. Let this crazy visual be your reminder that at some point you may have to go all out to get what you want. In the end though this might just be good for a laugh. And there is nothing wrong with that.

My Funny Strange Spirit Animal The Messed Up Unicorn


For a funky fresh alternative to the my spirit animal series we present one very messed up unicorn. A smile in need of a mask. Shock and awe will be yours.

My Funny Spirit Animals The Playful Dolphin


Be protected with my spirit animal the playful dolphin. Fun and energetic the peaceful, playful dolphin can be your guide to a more spirit-centered serene life. Contemplate that calm, peaceful attitude whenever you don the dolphin garb or gaze on the visage of this unique spirit guide of the water.

My Funny Ridiculous Spirit Animal The Strawberry Cream Waffle


The strawberry cream waffle as my spirit animal? Really, are you serious? l know what you’re thinking; this is just a ridiculous non-animal spirit animal only to be entertained as a joke. But think of this, maybe, just maybe, this waffle is there to let you know it’s okay to indulge yourself every now and then and experience life to the fullest. It’s okay to take a big bite out of life. Not buying it? Ok, you may be right. But, in the end there is nothing wrong with having a good laugh and devouring something you love. I give you the Strawberry Cream Waffle. Just eat it.

Okay, that’s enough craziness for the present moment. Those were just a few of the many designs I have in my Spirit Animal Stores. I’m now going to give you a link to each Funny Spirit Animals Store and a list of what funny spirit animals are in those stores.

My Funny Spirit Animal Stores with the Lists of Shirts and Products Designs

Just click the link to each my spirit animal store to be taken to that particular store.

Funny Spirit Animals 4 Store

Happy Avocados
Crazy Cat
Peace-loving Werewolf
Feisty Mr. Carrot
Fighting Donkey
Raptor on Skateboard
Aqua Mermaid
Roaring Dinosaur
Mermaid Cat
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Fierce Vulture
Turtle with Claws
Thumbs Up Chicken

More of My Spirit Animal Store

Toad with Crystal Staff
Proud Blue Eagle
Vagabond Owl
Flying Sea Turtle
Warrior Turtle with Staff
Messed Up Unicorn
Unicorn Packing Heat
Full Moon Werewolf
Prancing Unicorn
Queen of the Sea Mermaid

My Funny Spirit Animals Central

Mermaid Water Queen
Bunny Two-Sticks
Star Alien
Stealthy Ninja Cat
Frog in the Bog
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Green Alien
Magical Dragon
Hipster Pizza Slice
Majestic Mermaid
Pirate Panda

My Funny Unusual Spirit Animals

Strawberry Cream Waffle
Honest Abe
Sea Maiden
Attack Shark
Bunny Tough
Skeleton Surfer
Playful Dolphin
Fluffy Kitty Kitty
Dashing Dog
Protector Alien
Grumpy Bear

And, as stated previously, just know that when you go to the store and click on a design you like that each design may have a variety of products in addition to the t-shirt or mask or whatever it was you clicked on. You’ll see the different product underneath the price of the item. For instance, for every spirit animal design, there might be a t-shirt, a mug, a mask, a hoodie, a phone case, a sticker, a tank top, a poster, and so on.

If you happen to purchase a funny spirit animal product I thank you as it helps support this channel. As stated in our affiliate disclosure and disclaimers we may earn a commission on any purchases you may make from our site but it won’t affect the price of the product.

So, here’s a quick collection of links to our spirit animal stores:

Funny Spirit Animals 4 Store
More of My Spirit Animal Store
My Funny Spirit Animals Central
My Funny Unusual Spirit Animals

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Thank you again for checking out my unique, strange and funny spirit animals. Pick one for yourself and it should bring a smile to your face.

I wish you all the best,

Bob K.

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