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Everyone needs a hug now and then. In these perilous times, when social distancing is the norm, they are not always easy to come by. So, do you want a hug? Here at wealthvibes we are giving out virtual hugs for free. What you want to do is go below to the comments section and put out a request for a virtual hug.

All that I ask is that if you see any other requests for a virtual hug that you consider sending out a virtual hug to that person. Just direct your powerful loving energy to those who have requested it. If you want to tell them that you did that, it is fine but certainly not necessary. Just know that if you put in a request whoever comes to this page and sees it will be sending you that good old warm and fuzzy virtual hug!

We use to do this years ago on one of our sister sites, and folks really enjoyed the concept. You could send and receive those virtual hugs and know that you were at least exchanging that loving energy with others. When I decided to reboot Wealthvibes I thought it was a worthy concept to bring along.

Now, hopefully it won’t take long before someone dips their toe in the water and requests a virtual hug. The more folks we have participating the better it will be.

Free Virtual Hug from Me to You

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Alright guys let’s get this party started. Please accept a nice warm friendly virtual bear hug 🙂 from yours truly. If you want to send one back, hey, I’ll gladly accept and thank you!

So, you’re getting a free virtual hug right out of the gate folks. Does it get it any better than that? Don’t answer that lol.

So, like I said before, if you want or need a virtual hug just put in your request when you get to the comments section below.

Send Virtual Hugs with these Virtual Hug gifs

You can send virtual hugs to others when you grab these virtual hug gifs at Tenor and send them to friends and loved ones. Just go there, download what you want and then send them to whoever you think might need a good cyber hug. Hey, who doesn’t need a nice hug, virtual or otherwise?

Powerful Free Self-Improvement Goodies

Here’s to hoping you enjoyed a free virtual hug today! I’ve got some Wealthvibes freebies for you. Enjoy and remember if you want someone to send you a hug just scroll to the comments and leave one. I moderate all comments so give me a day or two to approve it. But, hey do it – everybody could use a hug coming their way!

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Hakuna Matata and Mucho Hugs,

Bob K.

P.S. The comments section is just below the hugging lion.

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