Instant Money Miracles Manifestation and Creation

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Today’s post features instant money miracles via both manifestation and creation using positive affirmations. In other words, you can work on creating your own money miracles as well as opening yourself up to receiving the same from the universe. In addition to the positive affirmations we have two powerful money miracle videos to help you start attracting miracles in your life. Watch them often to start saturating your mind with the belief that miracles are possible that in fact you can create your own.

How do you create your own money miracles? By constantly studying and learning about money and investing and then taking action and actually investing in different things. The more streams of income you develop and investments you have the better your chances of one or more of them taking a big jump and providing you with an instant money miracle. Now, our affirmations also put it out there to the universe as well. But, why not really up your chances and take control of the “miracles” in your life?

Open Yourself Up to the Universe

You also can reap money miracles by opening yourself up to the bounty of the universe. Get into that vibrational state where you expect great things to come your way. Meditate, be positive, get grounded and centered, and just keep believing that anything is possible. You can “prime the pump” by being generous. Help others out and donate your time and money. Being generous can help get you into the flow state where good things start flowing to your naturally. Also, start networking with like-minded individuals and be prepared when big money opportunities come your way!

If you enjoy this you’ll also get value from our Attract Good Luck Affirmations video and our Affirmations to Win the Lottery. Both of those are less about actually winning a lottery and more about pushing you to do the things you should do to actually develop a winner’s mindset and create your own good luck. The powerful videos there are also filled with great images and clips as well. But, let’s get to today’s subject and start attracting some miracles.

The first step should be to watch one of the videos below. They are both filled with all the great Instant Money Miracles affirmations as well as money miracle images and video clips. You can use them both as a sort of prayer for a financial miracle if you wish. On the one hand you are sending out that request to the universe to manifest a money miracle in your life. On the other hand, the affirmations are also encouraging you to start taking the actions that will ultimately allow you to start creating multiple financial miracles in your life.

Instant Money Miracles Video with Music

The money miracles video below can also be watched before bed to saturate your mind with thoughts of abundance. And, if you want to make the positive affirmations on this page doubly effective you can let the audio in the video play in the background while you read through the affirmations below it. The video below has the money miracle affirmations with a music background.

Money Miracles Video with Semi-Subliminal Millionaire Affirmations

The Money Miracles video below has the same positive affirmations as the video above but there is also a second semi-subliminal layer at a lower volume of millionaire affirmations. Both videos are great for opening you up to become miracle-attractor.

Instant Money Miracles Affirmations

Money miracles are coming my way.
I am open to receiving miracles now.
I am generous with money and the universe rewards me.
The universe is sending money my way now.
I work smart to increase my wealth.
I create excess capital with which to invest.
My wealth is constantly growing.

I buy assets with my excess capital.
I am always looking for new ways to increase my wealth.
The more assets I own the greater my chances of big jumps in my net worth.
I am constantly looking to increase my net worth.
I look to acquire undervalued assets.
The more income-producing assets I own the more chances I have for money miracles.

I look to create my own money miracles.
I use part of my wealth to help others.
The universe rewards my smart work by sending me more money miracles.
I am a money machine.
I am constantly attracting more and more money my way.
My wealth is constantly growing greater.
I spend time studying the best ways to make big money.
I go after legitimate big money opportunities.

Acquire Assets to Better Your Chances of Money Miracles

Instant Money Miracles Life is a Game always level up

My time is spent acquiring assets and helping others.
I am open to creating and receiving money miracles.
I study the best ways to increase my wealth.
My money life is a game in which I always look to level up.
I am always on the lookout for the best ways to increase my wealth.
I am on the lookout for undervalued assets.
The universe sends great deals my way.
I will be financially prepared to take advantage of great opportunities.
I am creating my own money miracles.

When I find something that makes me money I look to scale it up.
The more assets I have that make me money the more I can help others.
I am always looking at ways to increase my income.
I am always looking at ways to increase my net worth.
My mind is a money-attractor.
Money miracles flow into my life.
I am becoming a money machine.

The more I learn about money the more opportunities I can create.
The more investments I have the more likely it is for one of them to take off.
I am creating more and more wealth.
I am open to receiving more and more wealth.
The more wealth I create, the more I can help others.
The more wealth I create, the more money miracles come to me.
What can I do today to increase my income?
What can I do today to increase my wealth?

More Instant Money Miracles Affirmations – Constantly Better Yourself

I focus on constantly improving myself to become a better person.
I am learning more and more all the time.
The more I learn the more I earn.
I am dedicated to getting better and better.
I am creating a life that can be an example to all.
Others look up to me for all I am doing.
The more I can help others the better I feel.
I am an example that others want to emulate.
I am a pillar of success.

What one thing can I do right now to improve my personal growth?
What one thing can I do right now to help someone else?
The universe recognizes my dedication to success and rewards me.
Money miracles are coming my way now.
I will recognize any and all opportunities that come my way.
I will be ready for any and all opportunities that come my way.
My life is getting better every day.
My wealth is increasing every day.
I am a money miracle in progress.
I am creating money miracles.

Open to the Power of the Universe while Creating Your Own Money Miracles

I believe I can create my own money miracles.
I also believe that money miracles can come my way in an instant.
The universe wants me to be rich.
The universe wants me to be a generous steward of my wealth.
I am open to receiving major money miracles.
I am also creating my own major money miracles.

The universe recognizes my dedication and sends money miracles my way.
I am open to receiving money miracles.
I am dedicated to creating money miracles.
The universe is on my side in my quest for success.
I am going places.
I am getting after it.
There is no stopping me.
I am relentless in creating my dream life.
I am a miracle.

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