22 Wealth Tips for Living a Better Life

Today we have 22 wealth tips for living a better life. Now let me say at the outset I am not a registered financial advisor so please take these tips as entertainment value only and nothing more. While I have studied personal finance and investments for decades I don’t know your personal situation or am I qualified to give you financial advice. Having said that I think you’ll get some value from today’s post.

Several years ago I purchased a plr book called Timeless Wealth Wisdom, 77 Wealth Secrets to Make You Rich. Now, a plr book simply means that I received private label rights to the book and could change it as I wished and then either resell or give it away as my own.

What I did with Timeless Wealth Wisdom was to go in and add a fair amount of my own stuff with examples as well as switch it up in spots. I would say it is fairly different than the original. Today I’m going to present 22 of those 77 wealth tips. Many of these I have expanded upon.

Now, the wealth tips on this post may be a bit different from the similar one you see in the book due to me adding to some of it here.

I hope you enjoy the 22 Wealth Tips I have for you today. If so, please let us know in the comments section at the end of the article. If you are interested in the entire Timeless Wealth Wisdom 77 Wealth Secrets pdf for free just click the link. A new window will open and you’ll be taken to our download area on MediaFire. You’ll see a download button in the upper right corner. Just click that and save the file to your harddrive.

Also, be sure to check out our new My Money Diary series. I’m going to have some crazy stories in that series. That link will open in a new window so you can click and check it out later if you wish.)

Wealth Tips Bonus 1A- Creator or Consumer

Here is a wealth tips bonus tip I just decided to add not found in the book. Ask yourself if you are a Creator or a Consumer? Most of us are both to some degree. The creators are out there creating the content that the consumers consume.

In today’s increasingly digital society the creators are putting up youtube videos, instagram posts, blog posts, writing the kindle books, creating import/export Amazon businesses, creating and selling on Etsy, etc… The consumers are watching the videos and instagram pics, reading the books and blog posts and buying the products.

It’s no real secret here as to who is building more wealth. The more creating and less consuming you do the greater your wealth will be. You’ll also have a bigger chance of going viral with something – a video, a post, a pic, a great product, you name it. And, once you do that a couple of times, real wealth is within reach.

So, with that in mind, think of more things you can do to get on the creator side of the Creator vs. Consumer equation.

Wealth Tip Number 1 – Set Lofty Goals

One important step when it comes to managing your wealth is to set goals. Start with an overall battle plan, such as “By the end of the year, I will have at least $50,000 in savings.” Why? You need to be a visionary to be wealthy. A common factor that sets the millionaire apart from the average Joe is this: they know they wanted to be wealthy and they were willing to take the steps to reach their goal

To reach one goal, you have to make smaller goals and reach them. Every little step you take, every penny you save matters. Use smaller goals as stepping stones. For example, to save that $50,000 one needs to set aside $5000 every single month, invest or cut down expenses.

Also, set your goals on the high side. That way it makes your subconscious mind search for ways to attain that goal. Also, setting high goals, makes you reach farther. If you don’t succeed you may even end up far surpassing any lesser goal you may have made for yourself.

Wealth Tips #2 – Create a Dream Chart or Vision Board

Wealth tips #2 is to manifest your financial destiny by setting your subconscious towards specific goals. You can do this by creating dream charts or vision boards. You create dream charts by cutting out pictures of your dream status or words that empower to help fuel your subconscious and get you to wear you want to go.

Never underestimate the power of your will and mind. Wealthy people never say they cannot do it, they think of ways so that they can. Write it down. Seeing what you want, and getting what you want involve seeing it in black and white.

This reminds me of the amazing story of real estate mogul John Assaraf from The Secret. Essentially he created a vision board with pictures of what he dreamed of manifesting. He had just cut pictures out of magazines of the types of things he wanted to manifest – homes, cars, etc.. (You can do the same.)

Well, he put the board away and years later after he had moved into his new seaside mansion he found that same vision board. On that vision board was the exact picture of the home he had just moved into. Not only did he manifest a home like the one on his vision board, he manifested the exact same one!

His story is a great example of what seeding your mind can do to help you achieve what you want. Another good way to do this is with affirmations. To give yourself a millionaire mindset be sure to check out our 55 Money Affirmations post at Wealthvibes. (That link will open in a new window so if you want to click it now and come back to it later you can.) It’s loaded with great stuff and some amazing examples of just what can happen when some people use these money affirmations. It also has links to some of our money affirmation videos that other folks claim worked!

Wealth Tips #3 – Know How Much You are Worth

Know how much you are worth. Take stock of all your assets and income and subtract your debt. Many people go through life financially blind, not knowing how much they are worth or how much they owe and often end up blindsided by money. So, your net worth is simply your assets minus your liabilities.

Here is a chart from Marketwatch showing the median and average net worths by age of folks living in the U.S.

Median and average net worth by age

  • Under 35: Median net worth: $11,100 (average net worth: $76,200).
  • 35-44: $59,800 ($288,700).
  • 45-54: $124,200 ($727,500).
  • 55-64: $187,300 ($1,167,400).
  • 65-74: $224,100 ($1,066,000).
  • 75+: $264,800 ($1,067,000).

Now, the median is just the mid-point. In other words, half of the people above that number have a greater net worth and half below it have a lower net worth. In other words, taking the 45-54 age category we can see that the median net worth is $124,200. So, 50% of the people in that age category have a net worth greater than $124,200 and 50% have a net worth less than $124,200.

When you look at the chart how do you measure up? Now, the average net worth figures can be a bit daunting. Those are skewed to the high side because of the massive net worths of those individuals at the very top of the tier. I would concentrate on the median net worth figures. How are you doing versus your peers right now?

Wealth Tip 4 – Gauging Where You Are at Right Now

One test used where you can get a gauge of where you stand financially right now is to take your age times your average household income from all sources then divide by 10. This will yield a net worth figure.

So say you are 45 years old and make 50k a year. 45 times 50,000 makes 2.25 million divided by 10 gives you $225,000. So, someone 45 years old making 50k a year should have $250,000 saved up in order to be able to retire at the typical retirement age. Where are you at presently in relation to where you should be at?

Now, the rich have a net worth often double or triple that amount. The average American has less than half. The goal is to double your calculated net worth figure. One of the fastest ways to increase your net worth is to accumulate assets like real estate.

Wealth Tips 5 – Your Biggest Asset

22 Wealth Tips your biggest asset is you

Wealth tip number 5 is that the truly wealthy consider themselves as their foremost asset. Accordingly, they pay themselves first.

They also tend to invest in themselves first, especially when it comes to education. Take classes and groom yourself to be the millionaire, entrepreneur and success you want to be.

As legendary motivational guru Jim Rohn said, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

Also, as you learn more about different investments and get better at them when you actually do them, you’ll see more and more opportunities.

So, get out there and learn as much as you can and see what opportunities start to come your way. One way you can start to improve your life is with our 10 Good Daily Habits post. Check it out and see how many of these daily habits you are currently doing. That link will open in a new window.

One other habits of Millionaires is that they are constantly growing and learning. They have an obsessive need to constantly improve. We have a new video that allows you to develop the Millionaire’s Secret Habit of constant growth right here: Develop the Millionaire’s Secret Habit

Wealth Secret 6 – Many of the Rich are Under the Radar

Keep in mind that the average millionaire is not who you think he is. The frugal rich stay richer—if you do not believe this, think of all those high flying celebrities who end up with their homes in foreclosure or selling their tell-alls on TV to pay for all that Cristal and all those houses. The typical millionaire flies under the radar.

The famous IKEA owner drives a Volvo. HSBC’s chairperson famously goes around the main office turning off all the lights long after the employees have left. The stories go on and on. The rich do not live the lifestyle of the rich—they stay rich because they are frugal at heart. By the same token, don’t hesitate to be generous to others once you start making a lot of money. That keeps the money flow flowing!

If you haven’t read Thomas J. Stanley’s The Millionaire Next Door you should check it out. Basically, he interviewed a lot of millionaires and found that many of them got there utilizing a real simple formula. They lived below their means, were disciplined savers, and invested the difference. As the years rolled by, they just got richer and richer as their investments compounded. You can do the same. If you haven’t started yet, you can start now. There is no time like the present. In fact, that is all there is. I know – deep. 🙂

Wealth Tips #7 from the Millionaire Next Door

Assess your income and what you can do with it. 80% of modern millionaires were able to get there on annual incomes of $55,000 or less. Even meager savings eventually add up to thousands or millions of dollars.

This wealth tip is hammered home in the Millionaire Next Door series of wealth creation books. Now, if you are looking for a quick buck this series isn’t for you, but it is an enlightening look at how those with often ordinary incomes were able to build substantial wealth over time by adhering to a few basic wealth principles.

If you want a faster plan, there are many of them out there. For instance, try Harv Eker’s speed wealth. Or see what many folks have done with real estate investing, amazon fba, ebay businesses, or even running their own websites.

Wealth Tips to Increase Income

Here I’ll quickly go over wealth tips to increase your income. Find alternative ways to generate income if you are unhappy about your current level of earnings or the amount of the salary you currently have. This can mean looking for other employment with better pay or benefits or finding ways to boost your income little by little. This can mean starting a side hustle, learning to invest, buying and selling online or any number of means to add to your nest egg.

What you don’t want to do is get complacent or comfortable. That road often leads to a rut. And, if you aren’t doing any supplemental investing or side-hustling or business building you may find yourself in trouble if an emergency arises or you lose your job or your investments crater.

Right now there are so many different ways to make money that it is truly mind blowing. For instance, just check out the site Fiverr for all the different things people are doing to make money. If you are into crafts try Etsy. If you want to play the buy low sell high game there is Ebay.

You can also do POD, or print on demand, and create your own tshirts, mugs, posters, etc., without ever having to leave your couch. For instance, check out my new print on demand stores, Invincible Vibes and My Funny Spirit Animals. I’ve just started them and the plan is to gradually add more and more motivational items that will complement what I’m doing here on Wealthvibes.

These POD stores are easy and fun to setup and cost nothing for you to get going. Having said that, just know that print on demand is starting to get saturated. However, if you are an artist, or creative, or building an audience, it is almost a no-brainer to give it a shot.

Then there is Amazon, where you can do Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon. Essentially, you find a product you want to sell (a lot of folks use Alibaba for this) ship it to Amazon and they do all the fulfillment. You don’t worry about shipping to individual customers, returns, or anything like that.

The ones I just listed are huge. But, even that is just scratching the surface. You can be a writer on the net, start your own blog, be a youtube star, an instagram influencer, and the list goes on and on. If you are not already out there why not dip your toe into the water and see what it is like?

Oh, and the Marshmallow Experiment? We’ll get to that in just a bit.

The Search for Passive Income – Wealth Tip 9

Of the wealth tips we feature here, this one is like the search for the Holy Grail. Passive Income. If you can get a hold of these mythical creatures you are then well on you way to financial freedom. But what exactly is passive income? Usually it is income you receive with little or no actual work involved. Or the work is done at the beginning to setup a passive income system with tweaks along the way.

For instance, stock dividends are a truly passive income source. You invest money into dividend paying stocks and every quarter, or every month, depending on when they pay out, you get dividends put into your account. Rental real estate is another great example of passive income, especially if you hire a property manager. Now, real estate flips are another matter entirely. With those there is no income but there is a lot of hard work.

Another strategy is to sublet properties and use them for airbnb. Many have made monthly fortunes doing this.

Now, when people say “passive” income you have to be careful, there is usually a lot more work to it than just set and forget. What you want to find is something that continues to pay you after an initial setup or investment.

Passive Incomes are Sometimes Hybrids and Not So Passive

While some methods aren’t purely passive there are elements of passive income. For instance, youtube creators often make a passive income off of all the former videos they have created. So, in essence they are making some nice passive income off of videos they may have created months or years prior. But, the viewers and youtube’s algorithm’s continual chase for “New” often keeps the content creators working their tales off to continuously create new and better content. Not a totally bad thing if you’ve seen some of the income made by some of them.

Passive income can come from many sources. Exploiting the business possibilities of the Internet through blogs or sales from eBay or Amazon is one way to add to your income with minimal effort. The truly wealthy prefer passive income anytime. It frees up time for you to do what you want, even while you earn. One great way to earn passive income is to start your own membership site about something you are interested in. One of the original masters at membership sites was Ryan Lee who made millions running his own fitness memberships sites.

So, as you see there are lots of ways to set up passive income systems. Are you presently taking advantage of any of them? Would love to know in the comments below if you are and just what you are doing to earn this passive income.

One of the Greatest Wealth Tips Ever

One of the greatest wealth tips ever is delayed gratification. See how I held off telling you what it was. Now, that wasn’t so bad was it? A wealthy person knows how to delay gratification and sacrifice the now for later. This often comes with a positive attitude towards work and wealth, such as: “If I invest now, I will make 10% more later.”

In fact, the ability for one to delay gratification can point to not only an ability to save money but in fact to be a better success in life. This was detailed in the very famous Marshmallow Experiment conducted by Dr. Walter Mischel, a Stanford professor, in the 1960’s. It was performed on children 4 and 5 years old.

The Marshmallow Experiment

In the Marshmallow experiment a child was given a marshmallow and told they would receive another one if they waited 15 minutes to eat the first one. Some passed, some failed, some failed miserably lol. But the interesting thing was that the group of kids continued to be studied over the next 40 years. What they found was fascinating.

The ability the children displayed to delay gratification was critical to their success in their life going forward. James Clear noted that they had better responses to stress, better SAT scores, lower likelihood of obesity, lower levels of substance abuse, better social skills, and generally better scores in a range of other life measures.

So, to sum that up, one of the best wealth tips that can change your life is to use delayed gratification. If you don’t presently have the ability to delay gratification – get it and start delaying gratification now. Once you do, you’ll find it gets easier and easier and will make your life better and better. Be sure to check out our Delayed Gratification Quotes article and watch the video below. It will help you hammer home the need to delay gratification and actually start doing it.

Delayed Gratification Quotes Video

Delay Gratification but Enjoy the Present

Although the wealthy are often masters of delayed gratification which is one of the keys to attaining wealth, the ability to enjoy the present should also be mastered. It is the ability to balance your accumulation of wealth while living a joyful and love inspired lifestyle that will make you truly wealthy!

Again, it gets back to what you define wealth to be. In order to truly enjoy life you don’t necessarily have to be spending a lot of money to do it. Just have a fulfilling life with a lot of family and friends and spread the love around. Maybe that is True Wealth.

And, to help you enjoy life more check out our article Enjoy Life Quotes and Sayings. As usual it will open in a new tab so you can visit it later if you wish. It might have you enjoying and appreciating life a bit more.

Wealth Tip 11 – Change Your Mentality about Spending

Change your mentality about spending. Do you really have to have that (place object here) now? The truly rich hold off gratification, knowing that what is trendy, popular or a must have today may not last until tomorrow. Or, if you want that something special, why not make a plan to make some extra money to acquire it as quickly as possible. This could act as motivation to help you make some extra money as fast as possible and let you get that thing you want without going into debt!

Wealth Tips – Number 12 – Be Patient and Realistic

Be realistic. Growth and wealth do not appear overnight, unless you are lucky enough to win the lottery or find long lost treasure. Investments need time to mature and savings need time to accumulate. Patience will be well rewarded. The wealthy know that scrimping now will lead to better results in the future.

On the other hand, if you find something that makes you money quickly why not ramp it up and go for it. The more you learn about money making opportunities and investments the more likely it will be that something of this nature can occur.

So, to sum up. Be patient with your core investments but also keep an eye out for something that could go viral or hit big.

Create a Sense of Urgency – Don’t Wait for Things to Happen to You

Create a sense of urgency in your life. Do not wait for things to happen to you. You may think that you are playing it safe by waiting around or looking for the next big deal. This is the financial equivalent of sitting around. Take risks, invest, start the business now. Seize opportunities the moment they happen. The first to get there often wins, leaving the losers in the dust.

Having said that do your due diligence. I’ve personally lost a good deal of money by jumping into things without looking at all the angles. That and greed can get you into trouble. I know this for a fact lol. I’ve done deals that I intuitively knew sounded too good to be true but my greedy side over-ruled my logical side. Live and learn.

Get Everything You Can out of What You Have Right Now

Taking stock of what you have right now can have some advantageous surprises. For one, you may find out that you have more than you think. Second, it gives you a clear cut place to start and helps you find balance as well as set goals. After all, you cannot move forward without knowing where you come from.

One of the best books on marketing I ever read was Jay Abraham’s Getting Everything You Can out of All You’ve Got. Just the title alone should give you some inspiration for where you are right now. What I mean is that we all have overlooked assets that we could be selling, taking advantage of right now, etc.. What are yours? For instance, do you have things in a storage unit you’ll never use? Why not save the monthly rental cost and make a few bucks in the process.

I’ve recently read a couple of books including one of Marie Kondo’s discussing her KonMari method of organizing. The one takeaway I got is that so so many people leave a ton of stuff for their relatives to sort through when they die that it is simply astounding. Why not go minimalist to a certain extent and save yourself and your loved ones the hassle of combing through it all (and donating or throwing away most of it – which is the inevitable outcome).

Once you do this you naturally have less stuff to insure and worry about. That sometimes get lost in the equation.

Cutting Corners Where They Matter

When it comes to wealth generation, another important factor that is hard to follow is “living within your means.” For many people, living in debt has become the norm. It is common for the average person to be buried in debt before they reach the age of 25. A consumer-driven economy based on floating credit also creates the impression that wealth means more products. After taking a hard look at your assets and income, now you have to check your lifestyle and see where you can cut down on expenses.

Wealth Tips – Number 14 – Get Rid of the Excess

Ruthlessly cut out all the services you do not need and monitor those you do. One millionaire famously counted the sheets in toilet paper rolls because he thought suppliers were overcharging him. He was right. Granted that might seem excessive or ridiculous but look at the stuff in your own life and see where you can save money.

Paying too much for cable, or other subscriptions? Look for better deals or get rid of services you don’t use that often. Even better, go about looking for ways to increase your income so you can afford the little luxuries that you really do enjoy. This is one of those wealth tips that can really help you save some money. So many folks have monthly payments on things that they don’t really use but just won’t take the time to cancel.

15 – Another Wealth Tip – Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

Get a free copy of your credit report. Dispute any outdated items. Keep in mind that items should slide off, not stay on. Focus on judgments, liens and any items that undermine your potential to lenders. Clean it up. Click here to see how to get your free credit report.

16 – Pay off Debt ASAP

Pay more than the minimum on loans. Satisfy the interest and part of the principal—the debt amount will lessen over time and the bonus is you pay it off faster. The more you pay now, the less you pay later.

If you have a lot of debt you might want to look at using the Debt Snowball method. With this method you focus all your energy on paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first. Once you knock that out you go to the next highest interest rate and so on and so forth. This method begins to free up more and more capital to allow you to pay down the debts even faster, hence the name snowball. Give it a try!

Wealth Tip 17 – Make a Budget

Make a budget and stick to it. Think of it as a budge-it. Once you make it, you do not budge-it. Monthly and weekly budgets should be calculated to the penny. For free budgeting tools from u.s. news: Click here. There are many places online now that will allow you to aggregate all your investment accounts in one place and some like Mint include budgeting options.

I have a Personal Capital account and used it for several months but haven’t returned. The account is free and doesn’t cost anything to set up. One thing I didn’t do was go for their offer to run my portfolio for me. That would have cost, if memory serves, about 1% a year. Why pay someone to do something I’m already doing. It didn’t make any sense to me. Other than that, though, it was a great service that let me look at all my investments in one place. I have a number of smaller accounts so to get an accurate overall look at where I stand financially was nice in that I didn’t have to log into a variety of different accounts.

More Wealth Tips – Get into Debt Only to Buy Assets

The truly wealthy or those who want to be, consider debt not used for investment purposes, to be death to their portfolio. They only allow themselves to go into debt when they need it, and in that case they often refer to it as capital or even better, they often get it from someone else.

Keep the motto in mind when working with debt and get rid of it as soon as possible. Getting rid of debt not only helps your financial picture but also is great for peace of mind. The less debt you have the less worry you experience!

The most important thing you should know is that without financial freedom, you cannot be truly wealthy. The most important thing is to create a base: a lower debt to income ratio and leeway to save and put money aside for investing later on.

It also frees up your mind so you can implement the law of attraction. Implementing positive thinking in your life can draw in positive forces and create more and more goodwill and luck. It is hard to think positively when you are constantly worrying about bills or making payments. By thinking positively and creating more positivity in your life, you bring in not just monetary wealth but a wealth in your personal life as well. You attract more opportunities to you and actually have the time to evaluate them.

Wealth Tip 19 – Create an Emergency Fund

Create an emergency fund or funds. These accounts should contain the equivalent of 6-12 months salary using low risk accounts (savings, certificates of deposits or insured money market accounts) as a safety net not just for your finances but for unexpected events in your life. This prevents you from dipping into your earnings or cashing in other income resources when unexpected and unwanted events happen, such as sudden illness.

Also, when using those low risk accounts you can still find ones that pay higher (and often much higher interest rates). Check out the current high payers here at bankrate.

One of the Best Wealth Tips – 20 – Negotiate Everything

Negotiate everything. I would add even negotiate everything tooth and nail. One of the old adages is that “the money is made on the buy side.” In other words, if you can get a better deal when you buy something you are far far ahead when it comes time to sell.

Never accept a deal at face value. Negotiate until you feel the terms are in your favor. You can do this with almost every purchase in your life. I have saved a ton by negotiating. On the flip side, I’ve left a lot of money on the table by sometimes poorly negotiating or not negotiating at all. One of my weak points in this regard is being afraid to offend the other party.

What I’ve learned is that you can still be a good-hearted soul and yet not be afraid to come in with a really really low offer on something. You never know, that offer might get accepted or even countered at another price that is still a steal. I’m still working on this one, but getting better.

Learn About Investing

Create an allocation strategy for your savings or income to minimize risk and spread out your investments to guarantee several streams of income versus just one. Diversification is one of the key principles to not getting totally wiped out if one of your asset categories tanks (like the stock market occasionally does). Not only should your investments be in multiple categories but so should your income. Consider building multiple streams of income so if one spigot dries up or turns off you’ll still have a number of other spigots spraying cash your way.

Learn about investing and accounting before you start spreading the money around. The more you learn on your own the less you’ll need or want to consult advisors that charge hefty fees. The internet is filled with some great legitimate sources of information on saving and investing. Take night courses or read investment books to understand what you are getting into. And, once you learn about investments it makes it easier to make your own decisions and know the better options in regarding to profiting from them.

Wealth Tip 22 is to Account for Everything You Have and Put it to Use

Account for every cent, every nickel, every dime and quarter. The saying goes you never know the value of money until you have to dig around the couch cushions for it. The truly wealthy know that every penny can be put to good use. Money is stagnant only when you want it to be, or when it flies out of your hands. One of the key concepts in wealth accumulation is to marry the concept of speed with your money. Find ways to generate money quickly and then exploit that speed. T. Harv Eker wrote a good book called Speed Wealth in which he showed how he made a million in just 3 years with his own business.

Wealth Tips Bonus tip – Be the Best

The following applies not only to business but to your personal life as well. Be the best. There are no exceptions to this rule. Provide the best service, the fastest delivery, the highest quality, the newest products. Follow these rules and the customers will come. Be the best family member and friend. (Ok, I’m back. Reading through this I had to go listen to the classic Karate Kid song You’re the Best!)

A sub rule to this secret is to always strive to continue to be the best. Once you have set a standard, customers and clients will expect you to maintain it. Many a business has experienced fallout after reaching heights due to declining service or worsening product.

Take a cue from timeless products and services that continue to make money over the years. They never balk or shirk when it comes to quality. Even if it means making their customers pay a little extra. Simply put, be the best.

And, the final wealth tips bonus:

Money is meant to be shared, not hoarded. Follow the Rockefeller rule: 10% of your worth is meant to be shared. Give to charities, those in need, etc.. This ultimately will make you feel good and will allow the circular flow of money to return to you. The ultimate feel-good win/win.

Alright folks, this was a long one. I hope you got some value from it. Don’t forget, if you want the 77 Wealth Secrets PDF it is available for free download at the beginning of the article.

I hope you have a marvelous day!

Bob K.

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