44 Friendship Affirmations to Attract Positive Relationships

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Today we have 44 friendship affirmations to attract positive relationships. If you are looking to add more great friends into your life you are at the right spot. These friendship affirmations are designed to help you attract a bevy of new and exciting friendships starting right now. And, of course, present circumstances may prevent some of the in-person suggestions. However, let’s hope that will soon change.

If you really want more friendships ask yourself what you are presently doing to make that happen. If you aren’t doing enough of the logistical things then you need to start doing some of those. The following are ways to actively seek and add more friends.

  • Join groups that regularly get together. Meetup.com is great for this.
  • Get more active on facebook or instagram or whatever social network you enjoy. This will encourage you to be more social in general.
  • Actively seek to strike up conversations with others at work, in public, at school, wherever you are.
  • Get together with friends you know and have them invite some of their friends that you don’t know. That way you can easily expand your circle of friends.
  • Make it a point to be positive and friendly when engaging with others.
  • Hang out at places you enjoy and meet the regulars.

These are just a few of the ways you can be proactive in building new friendships. Now, blend the action taking with the actual friendship affirmations and see what or who that brings into your life.

Friendship Affirmations Using Carnegie’s How to Win Friends as a Guide

One of the greatest books on how to attract more friends into your life is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is the definitive manual on how to get and keep more friends into your life. What I have done is taken the principles from that book and based a lot of these 44 friendship affirmations around them. Hence, as you repeat these friendship affirmations, you’ll be drilling into your brain the actual things that are already proven to work in regards to winning more friends into your life.

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The Friendship Affirmations The First Half

Without further ado, let’s get you attracting more friends into your life with these 44 friendship affirmations.

In seeking new friendships I put myself out there.
I enjoy going to places I have never gone before.
Meeting new people is fun for me.
I like striking up conversations with other people.
I join meetups or groups of people with similar interests.

Friendships bring me great joy.
I encourage get-togethers with coworkers.
I am a good friend to all.
Others are drawn to me.
I am a great listener.

I am sympathetic.
Great relationships bring me joy.
I don’t criticize others.
I believe in myself.
Companionship with others is important to me.

I am confident and self-assured around others.
When talking with someone else I learn their name and use it often.
I like to smile and laugh often.
I have a magnetic personality.
Friendships are important to me.
I genuinely like others.
I am interested in the lives of those I meet.

Friendship Affirmations the Second Half

When talking with others I am energetic and friendly.
I seek to put myself in the shoes of others and understand how they are feeling.
I am curious about the lives of others.
Listening and really hearing others is important to me.
I have a sympathetic ear to the plights that people are going through.

I like to make others feel important.
Having great conversations with others is a win for me.
I go out of my way to build relationships with others.
I enjoy hearing about others lives.
Friendly conversations bring me joy.
I enjoy the company of other people.

I look forward to being around other people.
When talking with others I am thoughtful and considerate.
I go out of my way to help other people.
I don’t judge or argue with others.
One of my goals is to make more friends.

Another of my goals is to maintain the friendships I do have.
I congratulate others on any successes they have.
I enjoy hearing about the accomplishments of others.
When engaged with others I try to spend more time listening than talking.
I encourage others to talk about themselves.
I don’t seek to impress anyone with my words.

A Few More Positive Affirmations to Attract More Friends

And, here are a few more bonus affirmations to help bring more friendships into your life.

There is no point in arguing with others. No one wins.

I am excited and enthusiastic when talking with others.

I have love in my heart when talking with others.

Many friendships bring me joy and happiness.

Good friends enrich my life.

I project positive energy to the other person I am in a conversation with.

I make friends easily.

Others view me as a great friend.

More Friendship Affirmations from Around the Web

“I know that the friend I need at each moment in my life will appear with perfect timing.” That’s a great one from Love Me, Love You.

“I find exciting, like-minded friends every day.” And, that’s a nice one from the folks at Gurus Feet.

“All my relationships are now harmonious and supportive.” This one comes from Awake Society

I hope you enjoyed the 44 Friendship Affirmations. If there are any affirmations for friends that you have just let us know in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed today’s post please share it to your social media – it would be much appreciated.

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That’s a wrap folks. I hope you’re enjoying a magnificent day full of friends and loved ones!

Bob K.

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