Good Luck Affirmations to Increase Luck and Good Fortune

Today we feature Good Luck Affirmations to Get Lucky and Attract Good Fortune. With these positive affirmations for luck we’ll have you sending that intention to the universe to increase your luck and good fortune. But, we’ll also have many of the affirmations exhorting you to achieve the goals of a master plan you set for yourself in life. As the saying goes, “The harder I work the luckier I get.” So it will be a combination of getting the universe on your side and propelling you to do the things that will attract more luck to you anyway.

Also, I have created a couple of videos to attract more luck. We’ll showcase those before we get to the affirmations. And, if you’ve ever wondered how to attract more luck in your life I’ll give you 7 quick tips to attract more luck right now.

7 Quick Tips to Attract More Luck in Your Life

  1. Be Positive – If you have a positive attitude more people will want to be around and help you out in life. People just prefer to hang out with and associate with positive people. Friend and associates will often help you succeed in life by bringing new opportunities your way. Be happy and cheerful and that attitude will usually get returned to you multiplied.
  2. Be Generous – Similar to number 1 above, the more generous you are the more others will want to support you and give back to you. Again, you’ll have more interesting opportunities come your way. The more opportunities often translates into “getting lucky” with big wins.
  3. Work your tail off. As stated, the harder (or smarter) you work, the luckier you’ll become. You’ll be doing more things, making things happen and will naturally be generating more positive things in your life. You can start to stack win after win, thereby generating “more luck.” Plus, you often won’t have time to be depressed, or spiral into a “bad luck” spin.
  4. Network with More Positive Wealthy People – The more people you network with the more opportunities and hence “luck” will come your way. You’ll start to have more and more great connections, and as a result opportunities, and might just land something that makes you wealthy in body, mind, and spirit. Get out there, mix it up, and have some fun!
  5. Flip the Script – If you do have some things that occur that aren’t positive just take the lesson from what happened and learn from it. Do it quickly and then put a positive spin on it and head once again down your positive road. Keep looking for positive opportunities and outcomes.
  6. Be Grateful – Be grateful for everything that you already have in your life. Thank the universe and take that attitude out into the world. If you have friends and relative that you are grateful for, let them know it. The more thanks you put out there, the more likely that ever-increasing good things will come your way.
  7. Expect great things to happen in your life. Create and craft the life of your dreams and do everything in your power to make it happen. Believe in yourself and what you are doing. Expect to be a winner and to keep piling up big wins in your life. People are attracted to big winners in life and often will want to be around you and even further your success. Make your life an adventure that others want to be a part of.

1 Hour Attract Good Luck Audio Affirmations Set on Sale

I’ve also created a 1 hour Attract Good Luck Audio Affirmations set that includes 2 different 1 hour audios. The affirmation audios are downloadable mp3s and on sale now on the gumroad platform. The audios are based on the videos below and part of our Magical Mind Formula Series. Clicking the following link will open a new window and let you see what it is all about.

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Become a Luck Magnet

I’ve also created a couple of good luck affirmations videos with today’s affirmations in them. These are great for turning you into a luck magnet. The first one has the affirmations to get lucky with a music background. The second video has those same luck affirmations with a semi-subliminal layer of millionaire affirmations at a little bit lower volume. Also, some great images of luck and good fortune in both videos to help lock these ideas into your mind. Definitely watch these videos. I’d recommend picking a favorite and then watching it every other day for at least a month or so and see what happens.

Good Luck Affirmations to Get Lucky Video

Hope you enjoyed that video to help you attract more luck. The one below has the regular affirmations with the millionaire affirmations. Luck and money!

Good Luck Affirmations with Semi-Subliminal Millionaire Affirmations

Remember, the more you rewatch these videos the more the ideas will seep into your subconscious.

Good Luck Affirmations

good luck affirmations become the best you

Good luck fills every aspect of my life.
Lady luck is by my side.
In everything the scales tip in my favor.
I was born lucky.
I am lucky.

The smarter I work the luckier I get.
I always look for the smartest way to do things.
I see the big picture.
My mind is powerful.
I create a master plan for my life.
I am relentless in making my plan work.
The universe wants me to succeed.
The universe sends good fortune my way.

I bring massive value to as many people as possible.
The more value I bring the more money I make.
I work smart.
I create the life of my dreams.
Lady Luck is there to nudge me along.
Good fortune flows easily into my life.
My life is filled with abundance in all areas.

Network with Millionaires – Take Positive Actions

I network with millionaires.
I constantly up my game.
The more positive actions I take the luckier I get.
I continually take positive actions in my life.
My life flows with abundance and good fortune.
I feel lucky.
Luck is always on my side.
The smarter I work the luckier I get.
I work smart.

I look at the big picture.
What can I do to help the biggest amount of people?
What can I do to bring more abundance into my life?
The more I do to help others the more rewards I see in life.
I focus on the things that matter in life.
I am conduit of love.
My life is filled with love and abundance.
I am lucky in all things.

The more positive actions I take the more opportunities come my way.
I work on knocking out goals every single day.
I take massive actions to become more successful.
The more actions I take the more luck I have.
The universe rewards my actions with fame and fortune.
I work on myself to become better every day.
The harder I work on myself the luckier I get.

Good Luck Affirmations – Get Lucky in Love and Money

I feel lucky in all areas of my life.
I am lucky in love.
Good fortune flows into my life.
Money comes easily to me.
The universe blesses me with an abundance of riches.
I am a money magnet.
I attract more and more money.

Love comes easily to me.
I have many loving relationships in my life.
I am a love magnet.
Lady Luck showers me with love.
Lady Luck brings me great relationships.
I build relationships with others.
The more relationships I build the more love I attract.
I work on making myself a better person.
I am becoming more attractive every day.
The universe sends great relationships my way.

Good health is important to me.
Taking care of myself is important to me.
I work on improving my physical appearance.
I work on improving my mind.
The more I work on myself the more attractive I become.
I am constantly becoming better and better.

The more I work on my spiritual self the stronger I become.
I meditate to become centered and grounded.
My goals become sharp and clear.
I see the big picture in life.
I focus on what matters.

More Good Luck Affirmations – Constant Growth and Learning

Constant growth and learning is one of the millionaire habits as we explained in our article, Develop Millionaire Habits. The more you do of that the more opportunities will come your way and consequently the more “luck” you’ll start attracting.

My life is one of constant growth and learning.
The more work I do to become better the more luck I attract.
I am lucky in love.
I am loved by many.
My life gets better and better.
I am lucky in love.
I am lucky in life.

My life is filled with love.
My life is filled with riches.
I am a luck magnet.
I am a money magnet.
My life is filled with abundance.
Good fortune smiles down upon me.
Lady Luck is by my side.

The smarter I work the luckier I get.
I am generous in all aspects of my life.
The more money I make the more generous I become.
My life is flowing with abundance in all aspects.
I am a winner in life.
Others look up to me.
The richer I become the more help I can give to others.
The universe blesses me with good luck.
Fortune favors the bold.
I am bold.
I am brave.

Make Your Life an Adventure – Be a Winner

good luck affirmations make life an adventure

My life is an adventure.
I take smart risks and they pay off.
My life is filled with fortune and good luck.
There is no stopping me.
I stack win after win.
I am winning in all areas of life.
The more positive action I take the more wins I get.
I am a massive winner in life.
I am blessed with good luck and fortune.
Great opportunities come my way.
When the opportunities come I take advantage of them.

I am a learning machine.
I am constantly learning.
The more I learn the luckier I get.
The more I learn the more I earn.
I am a money machine.
I am a love magnet.
Super success is coming my way.

The more success I have the more I help others.
The more success I have the more I am blessed.
My life is filled with abundance.
Lady Luck is by my side.
Great rewards are coming my way.
I am a winner.
I am successful.
My mind is focused on getting what I want.
I create a life plan and get after it.

Let the Universe Reward You with More Luck

good luck affirmations get big wins at

The universe rewards my work by bringing me more and more abundance.
I am lucky.
I am successful.
Win after win is coming my way.
I am unstoppable.
Others look up to me.
I am respected.
I take care of myself and others.

Fortune favors the bold.
I am bold and brave.
I take life on in a big way.
Good fortune flows into my life.
I am a goal-achieving machine.
I am filling my life with abundance.
My mind is strong.
My body is strong.
I work on myself to the best I can be.
The universe rewards my work.

I am a winner.
I am a go-getter.
Lady Luck and good fortune are by my side.
I roll with Lady Luck.
I flow with good fortune.
My life is filled with massive abundance.
I do what it takes to get to where I want to be.
I take massive action toward big goals.
Others are impressed with my accomplishments.
I am a superstar in life.
I am a super success.

Can You Do Something Today to Improve Your Life?

What can I do today to improve my life?
What can I do today to improve someone else’s life?
I look for the fastest ways to achieve my goals.
I look for the fastest ways to become a massive success.
What do I need to do to make today a successful one?
What do I need to do to make my life a successful one?

I am an action machine.
I take massive action.
The more actions I take the more luck rains down on me.
I create a lot of my own luck.

I am flowing with good luck and massive success.
My life plan is coming together.
I will be rewarded for the actions I take.
Lady Luck is with me every step of the way.
Good fortune smiles down on me.

I am lucky.
I am fortunate.
Big wins in life are coming my way.
I am a winner in life.

There you go, our Good Luck Affirmations to Get Lucky post. These will definitely put you into a successful winning frame of mind. If you want to continue with that same theme of being a winner then check out our Affirmations to Win the Lottery post. It’s actually more about putting you into that Winner mindset then it is about actually winning a lottery but hey who knows.

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