Powerball Lucky Number Generator

Today’s post is a bit different. Usually I feature something related to motivation, manifestation or finance but today we have the Powerball Lucky Number generator. If you have read my post entitled The Lottery Secret I used to Make Money Every Single Week you know that I’m not really a big believer in playing the … Read more

Holiday Meditation – Tap into the Holiday Aura

Holiday Meditation Holiday Aura

Today we feature a quick Holiday Meditation that allows you to tap into the seasonal good feelings that come in this time of year. I created this holiday meditation video years ago for my Vitalwaves channel based on a concept that I heard while listening to an audio set by Jonathon Parker. The audio set … Read more

Good Luck Affirmations to Increase Luck and Good Fortune

good luck affirmations for increased fortune

Today we feature Good Luck Affirmations to Get Lucky and Attract Good Fortune. With these positive affirmations for luck we’ll have you sending that intention to the universe to increase your luck and good fortune. But, we’ll also have many of the affirmations exhorting you to achieve the goals of a master plan you set … Read more