Positive Affirmations for Success

Affirmations for success

Today’s post features Positive Affirmations for Success. Some of the characteristics of those who are already successful have been included in the positive affirmations found below. I’ve also created several success-themed videos to help give you that success mindset. Below is a Quick Success Affirmations video filled with these success affirmations. This quick 2 minute … Read more

Prosperity Affirmations for a Life of Wealth and Abundance

prosperity affirmations

Today’s post features prosperity affirmations for a life of wealth and abundance. I’ve created two different sets of prosperity affirmations. Both will be incorporated into a video I’ve created as well. The first set is in the first person. The second set is in the third person and will be used as a second semi-subliminal … Read more

1 Minute to Personal Magnetism Video

Today’s post features the1 Minute to Personal Magnetism video in which written affirmations flash by every 1 second. These were derived from our post Get a Magnetic Personality and Develop More Charisma. If you visit that post you’ll find a longer Personal Magnetism video as well as all of the written affirmations. This quick video … Read more