Affirmations to Win the Lottery and Attract Good Fortune

Today we feature Affirmations to Win the Lottery and Attract Good Fortune. So, if you haven’t read The Lottery Secret that I Used to Make Money Every Week definitely check that out. That post is part of my Money Diary series. In it I talk about a technique I used to actually make money from the lottery. Probably not what you think.

And, as you know if you’ve read that post, the actual chances of being a grand prize lottery winner are slim – very slim. Now, having said that, people do win those prizes, remote chances or not. So, I’ve filled the affirmations with suggestions to open yourself up to and tap into the limitless bounty of the universe. Here you’ll focus on gratefully accepting Big Wins in your life wherever they come from – be it business success, investments, or even lottery wins.

With that in mind, I’ve expanded these lottery affirmations to include ways to increase your chances of getting cash windfalls and more good fortune in life by becoming more successful. That success can be through business and money-making opportunities, investments, networking with the wealthy, and more. With many of these affirmations you’re seeding your mind with the thought that you are going to be a Big Winner and that those big wins can come from a variety of sources, many of which you can create on your own.

Lottery Affirmations Videos

I’ve also created a couple of different videos with affirmations to win the lottery. I’ll put those below and then follow the videos with the affirmations. Both videos are great for implanting that Big Winner mentality into your brain. You’ll be opening yourself up to the universe while at the same time propelling yourself to take actions that on their own can bring you big cash windfalls, good fortune, and great success in life.

I’d encourage you to try the Affirmations to Win the Lottery videos for at least a month and see what happens. We have two different versions. The first will have the lottery affirmations with a music background. The second will have 2 different lottery/cash windfalls/good fortune audio layers. One of the audio layers will be at a higher volume than the other.

1 Hour Audio Affirmations Set to Win the Lottery

I’ve created a set (3 different one hour downloadable mp3 audios) of Win the Lottery audio affirmations on sale and available for download right now. If you want to firmly implant the idea that you are a winner then this is highly suggested. It is available right now on the gumroad platform. Just click the link (a separate window will open) and head on over to check it out now:

One hour audio set to Win the Lottery

Affirmations to Win the Lottery Video with Music

Lottery Affirmations, Attract Cash Windfalls and Get Good Fortune Video with Subliminal Affirmations

Give those videos a chance and I’ll think you’ll definitely start acting like a Big Winner in whatever you do in life. Below, you’ll find the affirmations to win the lottery we used in the videos

Affirmations to Win the Lottery

The universe is sending infinite amounts of good fortune my way.
I am deserving of any and all lottery wins that I get.
I see myself holding and cashing a winning lottery ticket.
I deserve to have millions of dollars sent my way.
I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.
I can manifest money instantly.

My life is filled with joy and happiness.
I spread love and happiness to others.
The universe blesses me with good fortune.
The universe wants to send me cash windfalls.
I gratefully receive cash windfalls no matter where they come from.
I am deserving and worthy of all the good fortune that comes to me.
I expect to hit the lottery.
I am drawing big wins to me.

Life has wonderful things in store for me.
I deserve a fantastic life filled with fantastic things.
My soul is an abundance magnet.
I attract all sorts of good fortune.
I fully expect to and deserve all cash windfalls that come my way.
Winning the lottery will be a great experience.
When I win the lottery I will share a portion with those less fortunate.
Massive abundance is flooding into my life.

Plan on Receiving Big Money from a Variety of Different Sources

I work smart to create the life of my dreams.
I work smart in all things that I do.
Winning the lottery will be a true blessing for me and those I help.
Riches are flooding into my life.
I receive big money from a variety of different sources.
I deserve big lottery wins.
Winning the lottery is to be expected.
When I win the lottery I will not be surprised.

The universe is sending massive abundance my way.
I am creating massive abundance in my life.
I can create the life of my dreams.
I am the artist of my life.
I am rich in soul and body.
I am flooded with wisdom and wealth.
Cash windfalls are coming my way.
The universe blesses me with vast riches.

I am generous in my life.
I am giver.
The universe rewards my generosity.
The floodgates of wealth flow freely through me.
I give myself many opportunities to win big in life.
I play the lottery and expect to hit big wins.
Lady luck is on my side.
I am lucky in all things.

Affirmations to Win the Lottery – Be Positive and Feel Worthy of Abundance

I look on the positive side of all things.
My life is filled with an abundance of riches.
I deserve to be rewarded with great wealth.
I work to manifest the life of my dreams.
I fully expect great things to happen in my life.

I am a go-getter.
I make things happen in my life.
I take action to get what I want.
My smart work is greatly rewarded.
Massive cash windfalls are coming my way.

I am grateful for all the riches coming into my life.
I am an abundance-attracting magnet.
I am a money magnet.
I am rich.
I am a magnet attracting all good things to me.
I flow with positive energy.

Network with the Rich and Famous

I network with the rich and famous.
I copy the success strategies of those who have made it.
My network of successful contacts grows greater by the day.
I learn the secrets of the wealthy.
I use the secrets of the wealthy to transform my life.
My life is filled with one success after another.
My confidence grows greater every day.
I welcome more and more cash into my life.

You are Successful in Business and in Life

My life is filled with love and light.
I am a wealth magnet.
I have the Midas touch.
Everything I touch turns to gold.
I am successful in numerous business opportunities.
I am successful in numerous investments.
Even the lottery comes through for me.

I always expect to win and approach everything with a positive attitude.
I go after big wins in my life.
I don’t play small.
Life is a grand adventure and I am a big player.
I attract great things to me.
My life is filled with big win after big win.
Cash windfalls are flooding into my life.

I ask for great things to come into my life and expect them to happen.
I can create the life of my dreams.
I can attract massive abundance.
I can win lotteries.
I believe that all things are possible.
I know that I can get what I want.
I believe in myself.

Lottery Affirmations – You Believe in the Power of Universe to Help You Manifest Riches

I believe in the infinite power of the universe to manifest big wins in my life.
I am a big player in the game of life.
I don’t sit back and wait for things to happen, I make them happen.
I am a force to be reckoned with.
I am unstoppable.
I can manifest anything I want.

I am grateful for everything in my life.
I appreciate the infinite power of the universe.
I look forward to helping others with my massive wealth.
I don’t play small.
Massive money is coming my way.
I fully expect to make big money one way or another.

I let the infinite abundance of the universe rain down on me.
The Universe blesses me with opportunities.
Major cash windfalls are coming to me.
I set up and generate money-making systems.
I believe in the infinite power of the universe.
I believe in myself.
Great things are flowing into my life.

Affirmations to Win the Lottery Subliminal Layer

I can win the lottery.
I am rich in body, mind, and spirit.
I expect big money to come to me.
Cash windfalls are coming my way.
I deserve big money.
I can hit it big in the lottery.
I can hit it big a number of different ways.
The universe wants to send wealth and riches my way.

I am a manifestation master.
I can manifest anything into my life.
I can manifest big cash wins.
I see myself living the rich life.
I see myself cashing a winning lottery ticket.
I see myself living the life of my dreams.
I am a winner in life.
I am a winner.
I think big.
I win big.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed today’s post, Affirmations to Win the Lottery. Remember, give those videos a shot and I really do think they’ll put you in a Big Winner frame of mind going forward.

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