Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem

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Today we feature Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem. If you want to put some pep in your step and fill your day with more positive energy definitely give these powerful affirmations a go. These daily affirmations are kind of edgy and push the limits, but if you want to acquire the Warrior Spirit and start being more assertive they are highly recommended!

These powerful daily affirmations go hand in hand with our Dynamite Daily Affirmations. It’s a dynamic duo, so check those out when you’re done here. Both of those have a lot of the powerful “I am affirmations” so well worth a go. We also have the Warrior Daily Affirmations video for confidence below. The affirmations themselves will follow the video.

Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations for Confidence Video

Daily Affirmations for Confidence with the Warrior Spirit

I am a warrior.
I am a scrapper.
I am assertive and go after what I want.
I will go to battle for what I want.
I am confident and get what I want.
My spirit is strong.
My gaze is magnetic.
My light burns bright.

I glow with calm confidence.
My frame is unbreakable.
I have an inner strength that shines through.
Others sense my strength.
Others sense my power.
Others bend to my will.
Others wilt in my presence.
Others are intimidated by me.

I have an aura of invincibility about me.
I am a force to be reckoned with.
I am the beast from the east.
I am the wizard from the west.
I am the leader that others look up to.
I wield supreme influence.
I am the Master.
I am the One.

More Daily Affirmations for Confidence – Warrior Style

I am on fire with enthusiasm.
I am passionate.
I believe in myself and what I am doing.
I speak with power.
I am captivating.
I flow with strength.
I am a Titan of Confidence.
I am relentless in my pursuit of what I want.

Others are amazed by my persistence.
I am up for all challenges.
I overcome all obstacles.
I fight through resistance.
I push through adversity.
I have a warrior’s spirit.
I fight for what I believe in.

I am tenacious.
I am ferocious.
I welcome all challenges.
I have a will of iron.
Others fear me.
I protect my family.
I protect my friends.
I defend the weak.
I am the strong.
I am the champion.

I flow with unlimited power.
I have unlimited energy.
My gas tank never runs dry.
I am in pursuit of my dreams.
I am on the hunt for the good life.
I will not be denied.
Greatness is within me.
I flow with power.

My strength comes from the inside.
I get stronger every day.
I am the Captain of my ship.
I am the Commander of my life.
I am in charge.
I am the Gladiator.
I am the Warrior.

Alright, hope you enjoyed these Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations for Self-Esteem. If you enjoyed the video and the affirmations please let us know in the comment section below. Also, please join our Wealthvibes Bulletin. You’ll be alerted anytime we have something new. Hope you’re enjoying a power-filled day!

Bob K.

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