Weight Loss Affirmations for Your Ideal Body

Today’s post features a varietey of weight loss affirmations and our new Weight Loss Affirmations video. In addition we have a free weight loss affirmations pdf for download. And, we also have a free virtual weight loss affirmations vision board that you can save to any device.

As usual with our affirmation posts I’m going to frame many of the weight loss affirmations in a “take action” format. As I have explained in some of our previous affirmation posts, affirmations framed this way should prompt our subconscious and conscious minds to start doing the things that need to be done to get the result desired. In this case the desired result of course is lost weight.

Weight Loss Affirmations to Achieve Your Dream Body

weight loss affirmations the more i train the more i want to train

However, I did want to go beyond just having weight loss affirmations to prompt you to lose weight. What you are no doubt looking for is to get to your ideal weight so you’ll look and feel better. So why not use some weight loss affirmations that will get you to focus on achieving your ideal body or dream body?

Also, I’m incorporating exercise along with healthy eating in these affirmations. Exercise is an important component of weight loss so whatever that entails for you just think of that when I say working out in the weight loss affirmations below.

So, what I would suggest prior to getting started with these or any affirmations is to get into the frame of mind in which you expect that these weight loss affirmations will work. Because frankly, if you don’t think they will work then they probably won’t. Your mind is a powerful thing. Get it working in your favor and not against you. (Also, as a disclaimer, I’m not a medical doctor, so these affirmations should not be taken in place of or substituted for medical advice.)

1 Hour Weight Loss Affirmations Audio

The Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Weight Loss Affirmations audio is now on sale. This is a great way to put your affirmations on steroids. You can download the Weight Loss Affirmations audio to any device and play it on repeat if you wish. This particular audio comes with two different versions. One with a music background and one with just the affirmations themselves. Also two bonuses including Get Lean the Lazy Way pdf. The lose weight affirmations are the same as in the video below. Check out the 1 Hour Weight Loss Audio Mp3 here. (A new window will open.)

Weight Loss Affirmations Video

Weight Loss Affirmations

My mind is incredibly powerful.
I can do anything I set my mind to.
If I want to lose weight I can easily do that.
If I want to workout regularly I can easily do that.
I will take the actions necessary to sculpt my ideal body.
Taking the actions I need to, I will soon have the fantastic body of my dreams.
Having the body of my dreams is worth the effort to achieve it.
I push myself to be the best I can be.

Your Mind is Your Best Ally for Achieving Any Goal

weight loss affirmations my mind is the engine that transforms my body

My mind is ultra powerful.
My mind is the engine that transforms my body.
I know I can accomplish anything.
With the power of my mind all things are possible.
I call on the power of the Universe to fulfill my goal.
The power of the Universe flows freely through me, giving me the strength to accomplish anything I want.
With my own incredible power and the Universe behind me, I can accomplish anything I set out to do.
Losing weight will come easily to me.

I will train even when I don’t want to.
I will eat healthy even when I don’t want to.
My plan for my dream body will be achieved.
Losing weight is easy for me.
Working out on a regular basis is easy for me.
I love to workout with friends.
Eating healthy on a daily basis is easy for me.
Millions of people lose weight every day, I certainly can.
Millions of others have the body of their dreams – I can too.
I take the steps necessary for me to lose weight.
The more weight I lose, the easier it gets.
As I lose weight I feel happier and healthier.

Make Weight Loss and Exercise Fun

Every day I get closer to my ideal body.
I enjoy working out in beautiful environments.
Mixing up my workouts keep them from being boring.
I like to make working out fun.
I like to workout with fun people when I can.
Walking in nature is enjoyable.
Working out in nature is enjoyable.
I set up a healthy eating plan and stick to it.
I eat lots of fruits and veggies.
My meals are healthy.
I eat light and right.
I enjoy working out on a regular basis.
As I do what it takes to lose weight, I get healthier and healthier.
As I get healthier and healthier others start to take notice.
I can have the body of my dreams.

More Weight Loss Affirmations for Your Dream Body

weight loss affirmations i will track my progress and celebrate my wins

I do what I need to do to get to my desired weight.
I push myself to be the best that I can be.
There are many benefits to being at my desired weight.
The more I do to lose weight, the better I feel.
As I lose weight I will feel better mentally and physically.
I will stay the course to achieve my ideal weight and body.
I am relentless in the pursuit of my goal.

Every day I start with a clean slate. I take action today to achieve my goal.
My ideal dream body is within my grasp.
I will work on creating my ideal dream body every day.
I will track my progress and celebrate my wins.
As I begin to transform my body, more and more people will give me positive compliments.
The more I train the more I want to train.
I love feeling powerful and healthy.
Every day I wake up with the mindset that today is my day. I’ll get done what needs to get done.

Realize the Many Benefits of Weight Loss

I recognize the many benefits of losing weight.
I recognize the many benefits of eating healthy.
There are many benefits to being at my ideal weight.
I will not be denied in my quest to lose weight.
Shedding pounds is fun and easy for me.
I am strong mentally and physically and am getting stronger by the day.
I will make progress every day towards my weight loss goal.

Every day I picture myself getting closer to my healthy ideal body.
I enjoy eating in beautiful environments.
My body is a temple and I want to keep it in the best shape possible.
I am blessed with a powerful mind.
I know that I can have the body of my dreams.
My dream body is within reach.
I know I can sculpt the body of my dreams.
I am sculpting the body of my dreams now.

Well, there you have it – weight loss affirmations to help you create your ideal body. Before we go I’m going to share a few good weight loss affirmations I found around the web.

Weight Loss Affirmations List PDF for Free

As we sometimes do we’ve bundled these affirmations into a list and created a Free Weight Loss Affirmations PDF that you can download to your device and use anytime.

There is a list of over 70 weight loss affirmations in this Free PDF. We’ve also added weight loss images into this pdf for your viewing pleasure.

The file is available for immediate download at our Mediafire download page. Just click the link below and a new window will open.

On the page you’ll find a green download button in the upper right corner. Just click that button and you can download the file to your device. Click below to get there.

Weight Loss Affirmations List PDF for Free

Free Virtual Weight Loss Vision Board

The Virtual Weight Loss Vision Board below is great to use as a reminder to keep doing the things you need to do stay fit and trim and lose weight. The vision board below has images of working out, eating healthy, avoiding bad foods, measuring your progress, and positive motivation.

Simply right-click on the image, save it to your device and then once a day look at the image to give you that reminder! If you want to see some of our other free vision boards click here: Fitness, Weight Loss, and Success Vision Boards.

weight loss vision board

Weight Loss Affirmations from Around the Web

“I am gentle and forgiving with myself and others.” That’s a great sentiment from Diane Petrella on her blog.

“I allow myself to make choices and decisions for my higher good.” That’s a good weight loss affirmation from Caroline Rushforth on Mind Body Green.

“My will power is growing every day.” This is a nice one from the folks at Self Pause.

And, that’s a wrap my friends! I hope you enjoyed these weight loss affirmations. Watch the video often, download the free weight loss pdf and save the weight loss vision board to your device. If you enjoyed today’s post please let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have any affirmations that you use for health purposes please share them. Thank you!

Bob K.

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