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Over the years I’ve created dozens of motivational videos and audios. The Mind Power Pack is a collection of many of those videos and audios.

The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System was designed to help you manifest the life of your dreams. It is a total System of transformation that includes motivation and mind power videos, audios and ebooks to propel you to a better life.  We are selling this on the Gumroad platform right now. When you get there and decide to invest just Click the “I want this” button to buy it now.

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The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System

The Mind Power Pack Contents

The Mind Power Pack includes: 

80+ Life-Changing mp4 videos and 

100+ Mind Boosting mp3 audios

10 Ready to Go Audio Mixtapes of Power ranging in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Titles include “Money Magnet” “Attract Love” “Success” “Super Confidence” “Psychic Power” “Brain Power” “Relaxation” and more.

The Affirmations Ebook – Nearly 100 pages of almost every life-changing affirmation found in the videos and audios. (Get The Affirmations Ebook FREE here.)

The Dream Manifestation System Step by Step ebook on how to transform your life using the videos, audios and ebooks.  

All that and a $250+ Bonus Package of Hypnosis audios and Transformational ebooks!   The Bonus Package includes:

Make Your Dream Come True hypnosis audio

Harmonic Prosperity hypnosis audio

Unleash Your Hidden Potential hypnosis audio

Millionaire Mindset ebook

Change Your Mind Change Your Life ebook

Ensure Your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction ebook, and more…

Total Package Value:  $1007

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Mind Power Pack Testimonials

What do others say that have seen our videos and heard the powerful audios?

“This Manifest Your Desires video is FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will be using it everyday at least twice a day!” – Phemie

“Superb, this video is mind-blowing. thank you Bob. Love this magnificent video.” Kamal

“This is an amazing video & couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was in a kind of negative, low energy funk and this video helped put my mind back on a more positive energetic level. Thank you!!!…Loved the music, affirmations, and images.” – StormyRain

“Thank you for this wonderful and powerful video…Please keep up the great work of helping people like myself and unlimited others. I can’t thank you enough…” – Weslife

“This video along with the others give me a heck of a good ride. The song makes me feel like arnold schwarzenneger in an action movie. I feel full of POWER!” – thecommonpatriot

“ABSOLUTLEY SO LOVE THIS!” – maefgalaxies

“Wow, this video is powerful.” Geoff Wall-Davis

Those are just a few of the many testimonials we have from folks who have benefited from our products.  

Audio Samples from the Mind Power Pack

You can check out an audio sampler of some of the audios in the Mind Power Pack by clicking the 5th white dot under our product sample box at the top of the page.  Or you can click the following link to be taken to this sampler on Soundcloud (a new window will open): Mind Power Pack Audio Sampler.

  Free Positive Affirmations PDF

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Mind Power Pack the Affirmations pdf

If you want to get a flavor of many of the affirmations encountered in the Mind Power Pack then check out the nearly 100 page Free Positive Affirmations PDF that we are offering for free here at Wealthvibes.

The Free Affirmations ebook comes loaded with hundreds of affirmations spanning a number of various topics.

Click the following link to check it out if you want to test the waters for free before making the plunge.

Mind Power Pack Free Positive Affirmations pdf

Once you get there you can open up and read the affirmations ebook there and also download it to your computer should you desire.


Many of the videos and audios in the Mind Power Pack utilize the latest in Brain Enhancement technology including binaural beats, isochronic tones and layered subliminal tracks. 

Titles of some of the videos and audios include:

“Millionaire Mindset”   “Success Consciousness”  “Don’t Quit”   “Money Flows”

“Reach for the Stars”   “Om Chant”  “Build Self-Confidence”  “Attract Love”

“Subliminal Wealth Affirmations”   “Blended Subliminal Money Mix”

“Fireball Love”  “Healing Affirmations” “Super Attraction” “Influence Others”

“Never Give Up”    “Island Dreams”   “Peace of Mind”  “Be Assertive”

“Be Persistent”   “Self-Esteem”   “Super Mind Power”   “Go After Your Dreams”

“Be Courageous”    “Be Decisive”   “No Excuses”    “This is Your Year”  

“Manifest Your Desires”   “Law of Attraction Money”   “Cosmic Consciousness”

“Free Your Mind”  “Attract $1000 Now”  “Develop Intuition” “Infinite Mind Power”

“Control Your Thoughts”  “Miracle Mindset”  “Clairvoyance”   “Inner Light” 

“One with the Universe”  “Alpha Mind Power”  “Quantum Mind Power”

“Be the Super You”  “Increase Your Creativity”  “Mind Voyage”  “Ocean Waves”

“Develop Memory”  “Super Learning”  “Wisdom of the Owl”  “Success Storm”

“Be a Winner”  “Chimes and Wind”  “Release Negativity”  “Seize the Day”

“Manifest Money”  “Think Big” and much more…

Right now we are offering the Dream Manifestation System at a special low price.   The price will be going up.  

The Dream Manifestation System is for sale now on the Gumroad platform. Click the following link to check it out. (The price is ridiculous right now.)

Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System

Thank you!

Bob Kish

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