How to Get $2000 Fast – Like One Day Fast

So today’s post is How to Get $2000 Fast. (I should probably change the title to $4,000 – you’ll see what I mean when you read the UPDATE at the end of the article!) Although, it is not something I did, I’m going to put this one in my money diary series anyway – probably because I wish I had done it! Now, despite the clickbaity title this is not a get-rich quick post and I am not a financial advisor – so do your own due diligence. But, I just thought I would have to share this with you as the opportunities in this space are endless. And, what is this space? It is buying undervalued items and selling them for a higher price.

I’ve thought about doing this for awhile but I’m quick to get sidetracked with other projects and so finding a particular buy/sell niche has been hard to focus on. But, to give you an example of what can be done out there and how fast you can do it let me tell you what I came across this morning.

Shopping Craigslist for a Vehicle

So, what prompted this post is that for the last two months or so I’ve been scanning Craigslist looking for a vehicle. I’ve milked most of the life out of one of my vehicles and the other needs a transmission. I will say that many of the used vehicles do seem to be overpriced currently. But, that is not to say that bargains can’t be had.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at used trucks and have noticed that most of them are fairly expensive. Anyway, I came across one yesterday that I thought looked like a real bargain. It was a 2003 and older than what I was really looking for but I remember thinking that the price was so good I should just buy it and maybe resell it for a couple of thousand more. As you’ll soon see great minds think alike lol.

So, here is the ad that was just posted yesterday.

how to get 2000 fast ford explorer 4500 flip

Unfortunately, what I’ve also seen when looking at these ads is that if there is a good deal out there it often gets snapped up quick. Anyway, yesterday I saved that ad in one of my browser tabs and started looking at different ads again today. So, this morning I came across what I thought was the same truck because I remembered the paint fade on the hood of the vehicle. But now the vehicle seemed to be in a different location and had a different higher price! Obviously someone purchased the vehicle yesterday at the low price and put it up for sale this morning for $2000 more than they bought it for! Check out this morning’s ad below.

how to get 2000 fast ford explorer 6500 flip

How to Get $2000 Fast – in This Case Less than One Day!

So, as you can see somebody recognized the good deal and hopped on it immediately. They increased the price of the vehicle by $2000 and it still seems a fair price. Plus, it gives them wiggle room to negotiate.

In fact, when I first looked at the new ad I remembered thinking maybe I should go look at it. And, then I remember thinking, hey I think this is the same truck I just looked at yesterday in the $4000 range! If you are going to buy/sell things then one of the traits you are going to have to have is to take action immediately.

Who knows how long it will take this person to sell this vehicle but it could happen today. I know guys who do this as a side-hustle and a lot of the times they don’t even transfer the vehicle into their own name. They just get the signed and notarized title and then just hand it over to the new buyer for a quick flip.

You’ll want to check your local jurisdiction for laws related to flipping vehicles. Where I live I believe you need a dealer license after 4 vehicle buy/sells in a year. However, I’ve seen some folks get around it by the aforementioned technique as well as using different llcs to buy and sell. Whatever the case follow the law so you don’t get into trouble.

Also, in this case if you are looking at a vehicle you’ll want to have some spare cash on hand or in the bank to make deals quickly. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to making money flipping cars. You can literally flip anything.

UPDATE – How to Make $4,000 Flipping!

So, it’s 8 days after I first made this post. I still haven’t found a vehicle yet. However, I saw one yesterday that looked great. The ad was for a 2006 Honda Ridgeline with about 124k miles for $7.5k. Looked like a great deal but I couldn’t even schedule an appointment to view it til the afternoon because I was busy. Also I noticed that the ad had already been up for about 14 hours so I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope. Half hour after seeing the ad I refreshed the page and the listing had been deleted. That one hurt as I really like the Ridgeline’s, a twin of the Chevy Avalanche. Would have loved to have grabbed it at that price.

However, what do I see this morning? The same guy that flipped the earlier vehicle had scooped this one up and relisted it for $11.9k! How do I know it was the same guy? He had moved the vehicle to his home which I recognized from his earlier flip. It was definitely the same vehicle as he pretty much copied the original ad!

(New Update) Now, I have noticed that after he lists the vehicles he’ll lower the price, sometimes on a daily basis til he gets it sold. For instance, I just noticed that he lowered the price from $11.9k to 10.9k after a couple of days and now it is $9.9k. But, with a $7.5k purchase price he or she definitely has some wiggle room to play with!

Well, as you can see somebody is out there hustling and making money. Something we can all do if we have the time and some extra cash! As you can also see it didn’t take long for this guy to pounce on a great deal. While I really admire this guy’s zeal this flip really stings as I would have loved to have picked up that vehicle at that price. Oh well, to the victor go the spoils as they say! And, if he made a profit of $2k on the first flip and another $2k on this one that’s $4k in a week and a half – not bad for scanning ads on Craigslist.

You Can Flip Anything for a Profit

What I noticed when scanning the Craigslist ads was that after you do it for awhile you can spot real deals. In fact, just in the last two months I’ve come across probably half a dozen fantastic deals that I could have flipped had I taken the time to do that. You can also easily spot the spam listings – though Craigslist seems to have gotten much better at weeding them out. But, like I said earlier you have to act quickly. You snooze you lose.

On Craigslist alone you can flip furniture, appliances, collectibles, cds/dvds, toys, video games, computers, electronics, etc. The sky is the limit. You can pick any category or choose anything you have an interest in and start scanning those ads today. See what you can spot as far as deals go. Plus you are not limited to Craigslist to look for items to buy and resell. There is Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, Offerup and more.

Bowling for Dollars

I know about a year ago, I was looking at buying a used Wii so I could play Wii bowling. Anyway, I looked off and on for about a month and found a great deal on Craigslist – far cheaper than I found when browsing both eBay and Amazon marketplaces. I remember thinking at the time after buying the Wii that I could start flipping them for a profit. Just buy cheap and sell a little higher. Maybe not super-profitable but that would be for you to decide.

Can You Get $2000 Fast?

As I’ve shown you above getting $2000 fast is definitely doable and people are doing it everyday by flipping a variety of different products. The person who saw the good deal took immediate action. I have no doubt his immediate action will be rewarded with at least a $1500 profit if not more.

Obviously it is easier to make more money if you are flipping more expensive products like vehicles. Also, it would be helpful to have a mechanic friend who can check over any prospective vehicle if you decide on that area. But, the world is your oyster. You can flip anything you want. Why not pick one area and just start scanning the ads of your favorite marketplace and see what you come across.

Let me give you one more example just to let you know how opportunities are all around you. This one is simple and not a lot of money but if you need a little money it could work. I was ordering a certain organic tea on Amazon that ranged from $7.99 to $14.99 a package. Well, I recently stopped in a large specialty store that features foods from all over the world. Anyway, they had multiple boxes of this tea for $3.99! Now, a $3-$5 profit on a box of tea doesn’t seem like a lot of money but what if you sell 20 of them in one month? An extra $80-$100 a month for not doing much of anything really.

Anyway, I hope this post gives you some ideas and gets your buy/sell juices flowing! If you enjoyed today’s post on how to get $2000 fast please let us know in the comments section below and consider sharing it to your social media. Thank you – it is much appreciated! Also, if you have any great flips to share please let us know in the comments section below.

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