Law of Abundance Checks including New Moon Cheques

In an effort to keep bringing you “done for you” manifestation tools, I’ve created some free printable law of abundance checks for today’s post. I’ve put these Law of Abundance checks including New Moon Cheques in a free pdf so you can download it and then print off whichever checks you want to use. These checks are also referred to as law of attraction abundance checks.

Now for some folks abundance cheques and new moon cheques (or checks) are interchangeable terms. Essentially you are writing a check for some amount of money or desire that you want to manifest. And, of course you can certainly write yourself more than one – no need to limit yourself in that regard.

As just stated you don’t have to write the abundance check for a dollar amount. It can be for something else you want to manifest whether that is a new love interest, better relationships, a new job, a new vehicle, really whatever you can think of.

Jim Carrey and Jordan Cheyenne Abundance Check Success Stories

This abundance cheque concept may have gained steam in the mid-1990’s when actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars. Soon, thereafter he received a movie deal for that very same 10 million dollars. Since then many folks have used this manifestation technique with varying degrees of success.

In our manifestation article, Manifesting Money Success Stories, I featured the story of Jordan Cheyenne who wrote herself a law of abundance check for $6,000. If you click that link a new window will open and you can read details of her story.

Get Positive and Act As If

To sum it up, Jordan and her son had run up a number of medical bills that totaled $6,000. She was suffering financially when she came across the law of abundance check method. What she first decided to do was change her attitude. She focused on becoming very positive. She also decided that she was going to be open to receiving whatever the universe brought her way. Jordan set the intention to manifest that money within one month.

Jordan then found a blank check and wrote it out for $6,000. (Now, you can use a blank check of your own or print out one of our free printable abundance checks). Anyway, she then put the check into her wallet and then left it up to the universe to work it’s magic. She also kept a positive attitude, continued to do her affirmations and acted “as if” she had already manifested that money.

Well, within two weeks Jordan received a check in the mail for $5,900 – almost the exact amount of her abundance cheque. To see where it came from and to read some other amazing manifestation success stories be sure to check this out when you’re done with today’s post: Manifesting Money Success Stories (That link will open a new window which you can read later.)

Law of Abundance Checks Free PDF

Free Abundance Checks and new moon cheques PDF

All of the New Moon Law of Attraction Abundance Checks you’ll find featured below will be in this free pdf. In addition, I’ve included a number of other checks for you to choose from. I’ll put 2 per page of each type of abundance check so if you want to write more than one you won’t waste any paper. I believe there are currently 22 different checks in the free pdf.

The Free Abundance Check PDF will be available for download at our Mediafire download page. Just click the following link and a new window will open taking you to that page. Once there just find the “download” button and then download the pdf file to your device. Then open it up and print whatever individual page you want. When you go to print instead of selecting print “all” just specify the particular page of the specific check that you want. Then starting writing checks and hopefully start manifesting your heart’s desire!

Free Abundance Check PDF for Download

Infinite Abundance Check

infinity abundance check new moon

The infinite abundance check above has the symbol for infinity as a background. Great for helping you remember the unlimited abundance of the universe. Also note, the 888 check number – the infinity symbol standing up. When you use this check just know there are no limits where the bounty of the universe is concerned!

To write out the check just put your name on the “pay to the order of” line. In the memo section you can put what it is you want or even how you want it to come to you. In the dollar amount line write down how much you want (if it is money). You can put a date on it if you wish but it isn’t necessary. On the sig line near the memo line you can put “universe” if you wish. When you’re done keep it with you and know that there are no limits.

New Moon Check for Manifesting

moon new moon check for manifesting

An actual new moon image for a new moon check! With new moon checks you are encouraged to write your check soon after a new moon. To see a chart of all the new moon times, click the following link and a new window will open: New Moons 2021

At the time of me writing this the next new moons for 2021 will be: Feb. 4, Feb. 11, Feb. 19, Feb. 27, March 5, March 13, etc.. If you click that link it will also give you the exact times of the new moon. So, if you are going to write a “new moon” check the goal is to have it manifest by the next new moon. Again, I believe this concept is interchangeable with the abundance check concept and you can decide your own time frame – or even if you want there to be a time-frame or not. Of course, as with anything else, it doesn’t hurt to put a time-frame down if you really believe that it can happen.

Jackpot Lucky Triple Sevens Manifestation Check

jackpot 777 blank abundance cheque

The Jackpot Lucky Triple Sevens manifestation check was created to give you that lucky winning feeling when you write your check. In the “pay to the order” section put your name. After the $ sign write how much you want to manifest or if it something else write that down. I’ve also seen Dekara at NewMoon write down “paid in full” after the dollar sign. This may be to help your mind believe and confirm that this manifestation will occur. Again, it is totally up to you.

You can also write down what you want in the “memo” section of the abundance check. With this manifestation check write down what you want, tuck it in your wallet or purse and feel that Lady Luck is with your wherever you go. It will be like carrying a lottery ticket with no expiration – just the hope of imminent victory.

You can also put the check in a prominent place where you can view it everyday. This will reinforce the desire.

Blue New Moon Check

blank abundance check blue

This is a simple blue new moon check. If you don’t want any frills just print out this blank check, fill it out with your desired manifestation and start manifesting.

Be Open to Receive

loving hands abundance cheque new moon

This Loving Hands abundance check encourages you to open your heart to receive the manifestation you desire. Give your desire over to the loving bounty of the universe and let the universe work it’s magic.

Flying Pages New Moon Abundance Check

new moon manifesting cheque flying pages

When you write your wishes down on this check it’ll be like sending your wishes out to the universe. Write them down on this new moon check and mentally picture them flying to the universe. And then picture the universe granting your heart’s desire.

Magic Money Abundance Check

money magic manifestation check

Write down your money needs with this one and then see the unlimited abundance of the universe granting your every wish – like magic.

Lucky Ladybug Good Luck Check

ladybug luck abundance check

The ladybug is a symbol of good luck. Write out your wishes and trust in the lucky ladybug and the universe to deliver the goods.

Manifest Love with this Unlimited Manifestation Check

love abundance new moon check

Like we mentioned before these abundance checks can be used to try and manifest anything. If you are looking for more love in your life try using one of these new moon or abundance checques. You don’t have to be specific if you are looking for a love relationship. Just put what you want in the memo section and leave it up to the universe to bring you your heart’s desire.

List of Available Manifestation Checks

I’m going to list the available checks in the Free Abundance Checks PDF. Once you’ve downloaded the file feel free to use any and all of the checks to help you manifest what you want in life.

  • Infinity Symbol
  • The Bank of Infinite Abundance
  • Money Magnet
  • Butterflies and Rainbows
  • Loving Hands
  • Flying Pages
  • Infinite Cosmos
  • Four-Leaf Clover for Good Luck
  • Basic Blue
  • Jackpot 777
  • Ladybug for Good Luck
  • Neon Sign Jackpot
  • Money Rain
  • New Moon
  • Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
  • Money Magic
  • Two Hearts Together Love
  • Winning Ticket
  • Twinkling Stars
  • Triple Sevens
  • Bright Star in the Sky
  • Moon in the Clouds
  • Starfire

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