How to Turn Your Thoughts into Things

2 steps to turn your thoughts into things

I recently created a one-hour video with two different powerful affirmation tracks to help you turn your thoughts into things. This video will help you train your brain to really believe that you can transform your thoughts and visions of what you want into actual reality. And to the extent that you really believe that … Read more

New Moon Affirmations for a Fresh Start and New Beginnings

new moon affirmations

Today’s post features New Moon Affirmations for a Fresh Start and New Beginnings. The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and usually symbolizes new beginnings. With that in mind the affirmations you’ll find here in written form and in the video I’ve created are geared to helping you start fresh right here … Read more

How to Manifest Fame and Fortune

manifest fame and fortune

Today’s post is another in our manifesting series. This one is how to manifest fame and fortune. I’ve also created a variety of manifest fame and fortune affirmations along with an accompanying video. Definitely watch the video to cement the fame and fortune concepts into your mind. From my research of those who have become … Read more

Manifesting a Relationship

manifesting a relationship affirmations

Today’s post will give you some tips on manifesting a relationship. Here we’ll give you manifesting techniques you can use to manifest a relationship along with encouraging you to actually take concrete steps to make a relationship a reality. Use Manifestation Scripting to Find Your Ideal Partner For instance, in the concrete steps realm, you … Read more