Two Cup Manifestation Method

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The Two Cup Manifestation Method is a simple manifestation technique you can use to try and change your reality. The goal is to switch your reality from your current situation to your new ideal situation.

Proponents of the 2 cup method note that the concept is usually used in conjunction with the “many worlds” or alternate dimensions concept as well as quantum jumping. If you actually read that Wikipedia link you’ll see it is an in depth scientific look at a really focused scientific theory. You’ll also note that there is some debate as to what it really means and as to whether it is “real” or “unreal.” But we’ll look at the alternate dimensions concept after we look at just how the 2 cup method works. Also stick around til the end because I have created a couple of videos that allow you to attempt some quantum jumping to put you into the “Super You” state. Doing this I believe will help you with the 2 cup method.

How Does the Two Cup Manifestation Method Work?

The two cup manifestation method, as the name implies, involves two cups. One is full of water the other is empty. The full one is your present reality. You can write the summary of that present reality and tape it to the outside of the full cup. The empty cup is the reality you desire to step into.

For simplicity sake, say your present reality is “sad, broke and single.” You would write that on your full “current reality” cup. The dimension or state you want to step into is “happy, rich, and in a loving relationship.” So, you would write that on the empty cup. Again this is for illustrative purposes only and for what You want. For instance, I’m not implying that single is worse than being in a relationship.

The key to making the two cup manifestation method work is to really feel and visualize both realities, especially the new better reality you want to step into. You’ll be flexing your visualization muscles along with your ability to really feel yourself in both situations.

So, you look at your present situation cup and what you’re experiencing in your life right now. You then look at the currently empty cup and imagine what that better reality will be like. What you want to do is feel and see it in your mind’s eye. You really want to get into that higher vibrational state of being more positive. You really want to believe that better things and specifically what you want to manifest, are coming your way. Once you reach that state you’re ready to start pouring.

Shifting Your Reality and Drinking Magic Water

Drink Magic Water 2 cups method

Next, you pour the water from the current reality cup to your new better reality cup. As you do so mentally visualize the water transforming into a magical elixir of life-altering capacity. Believe in your mind that the water itself will be transformed and that once you drink it that you will be transformed by it. If you are focused on your intention and really believe it, it is possible that your belief itself may be enough to actually change the chemical composition of the water. How is that you ask? I’ll get to that in second. But first your goal is to really try and change that water.

Anyway, you want to actually focus on transforming that water into a magical life-altering elixir. Really spend some time believing it. Once you’ve transformed the water to this magical state you then drink it. While you drink it you want to visualize it transforming you into that better version of yourself. See and know that you’ll easily be able to realize your dream life reality and realize it quickly. Once you’ve drunk the magic water you then allow the universe to work it’s magic.

Magic Water

So how is it possible to actually change the molecular structure of the water? Well, years ago, Masaru Emoto, wrote a book called the Hidden Messages in Water. He did experiments detailing how the actual structure of water molecules changed based on our intentions and feelings. The molecules exposed to negative environments, words and sounds actually appeared damaged. The water molecules exposed to positive environments, words and sounds looked beautiful and radiant. Anyway, after reading his book years ago I actually started writing positive sayings on the water jugs I kept in my fridge. This was based on some of the experiments he had conducted.

On the various jugs I wrote positive words like “love” or “healing” or “peace.” I honestly can’t remember the outcome or if I even noticed a difference. However, I theorized that every little edge you can create for yourself can’t hurt. These little incremental differences might make all the difference in the long run. Anyway, I did that for a couple of years and then for some reason got out of the habit.

I had actually completely forgotten good old Masaru Emoto and his water studies until I came across Charlie Roberts and her 2 cups article at Modern Day Manifestation. Charlie made the connection with Emoto’s work and the possibility that the water in the cup in the 2 cups method might actually be transformed in a positive way. Who knows for sure what actually happens with this particular method. The fact is there are a number of folks who have reported success using the method and maybe this is one reason why.

Two Cup Method – Do You Really Need to Shift Dimensions?

15 minute manifestation

Now, using manifestation techniques to accomplish what you want is already on the woo-woo side of things. Are we to actually believe that we are physically shifting our reality into another dimension? That’s where things may get a little murky. I can fully see mentally shifting our state into a higher, better state. And, some proponents of the 2 cups method favor this interpretation as well.

However, actually shifting over into another physical dimension may be a little more difficult if not impossible for some to fathom. And, I really don’t know if that is what the authors of the aforementioned “many worlds” concept or even the proponents of the 2 cups method had in mind. Having said that if you are fine with that interpretation by all means go with it. Do what works for you. The whole purpose of doing this is to get into a state where you really believe that you can change your state to a more positive attracting one.

Two Cup Manifestation Method – Creating an Internal Shift

Any reticence to fully embrace sliding into an alternate dimension is totally understandable. If it helps any, I have seen this sliding explained as a gradual sliding or shifting into a dimension that is vibrating at a slightly different level. That viewpoint may be more palatable for some. I have also seen it explained as a shifting of your own vibrational rate to more closely match or tune with that of your desired manifestation. That probably seems more along the lines of how I envision this particular manifesting technique as working.

However, whether this many worlds or alternate dimensions concept is actually true or not doesn’t matter nor do we really need it to be true for the purposes of the two cup manifestation method. For what you’re really trying to do ultimately is to change your internal state moving forward. Therefore, once you shift your internal state then your outer state should naturally transform along with it.

So what you want to do is to shift your perception to believe and accept that all these good things that you desire will be manifesting and that you can transform your own inner state immediately once you drink the water from the “good cup.”

With all that in mind, you should have no problem convincing yourself that you can in fact create your own reality. Indeed, why can’t you create a reality in which you are “happy, rich, and in a loving relationship?” People do that every day! So, why not you? Life can go from “life sucks” to “life is grand.” People have made that epic transition using this very same 2 cups method. Check out some of the two cups manifestation method success stories below.

Two Cups Method Success Stories

For instance, Rose Goldberg described how she used the 2 cups method many times to manifest what she wanted. First she used it to get more art clients, and next to increase her abundance. She then used the manifestation method to help in her relationship.

Leeor Alexandra created a video in which she discusses some 2 cup method success stories. In one story a friend of hers was in a toxic relationship and wanted to break it off with her boyfriends but was having difficulty. So the friend decided to do the two cups method. On the first cup she put “toxic relationship” and on the other cup she put “effortless breakup.” Two days later after having lunch with her boyfriend she felt a shift come over her and felt calm and relaxed. She ended up having a mature conversation with him and they broke it off amicably and effortlessly.

Alexandra went on to relate another story of gal pseudonym Alex who used the method to successfully score a boyfriend. And, Julie in the comments at Modern Day Manifestations (Charlie Robert’s site) mentioned that she had over $400 in past due rent. She did the two cups method and soon thereafter had the slate wiped clean. Nice.

Now, these are just a few of the many stories from those who have tried this manifesting technique and found that it worked for them. Why not try it yourself and see if it works for you. But stick around I have a bonus way to maximize your manifesting with quantum jumping. This method attempts to harness the power of alternate versions of yourself, alternate incarnations and your higher self.

How Can You Access Other Dimensions?

Ok, just to let you know, I’m not automatically dispensing with the alternate dimensions theory out of hand. It may indeed be real or it may not be real at all. As stated above, I don’t think it matters especially in regards to the Two Cup Manifestation Method discussed.

Just do the two cups manifestation method and see if it works for you. The key is to shift your own vibrational rate to match the rate of your ideal manifestation. I truly believe you can change your own state and start manifesting what you want to manifest and do it quickly. However, just to dip our toes into the alternate dimensions concept I’ll share a bit of what I’ve come across over the years.

For some background I grew up reading and studying many of the “old school” metaphysical books and channels. From comparative religions to metaphysics I’ve covered a lot of ground. I’ve read most of Jane Robert’s Seth books, Messages from Michael, Ruth Montgomery, and most of the well-known channelers of yesteryear. If I found books that had anything to do with reincarnation, past-life regressions, the between-life state, and future life regressions I would read them. Ditto for ufos, mind over matter, psychic experiments, healing and so forth and so on. I would have to say I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve come across the concept of alternate dimensions many times. I am familiar with time-shifts and reality-shifts and there are a number of anecdotal stories of such events having occurred. Sometimes not all the material agrees with one another but the more you read the more you can get a patchwork synthesis of how the concept might work based on those many books. One of the patchwork alternate dimension ideas I’ve pieced together goes something like this.

Become the Super You

First off, imagine your individual self as part of a fragment of an oversoul. Essentially you are really the oversoul – at least when you exit this reality. The soul occupying your current body is just one fragment of this much larger oversoul. There may be multiple fragments of that same oversoul occupying other bodies throughout history and even at the same time as you occupy your present body.

In fact, despite our being in a linear time-based world, all of these lives could be occurring simultaneously. If this concept has any validity then we should have a better chance of accessing all the powers and abilities of the fragments of our own oversoul. Or even the oversoul itself. At least a better chance compared to trying to shift our own physical reality to another alternate dimension.

Quantum Jumping to Harness Alternate Abilities

To that end I think there may be some merit in trying to tap into these powers and abilities of all our past and future selves as well as those same parts of us that may be occupying different dimensions. What you would be shooting for is to harness all those lessons learned as well as your expanded spiritual wisdom.

Essentially, doing this would help transform ordinary you into “Super You.” How would you do that? Through an active meditation focused on accessing and drawing on those abilities from all these alternate “you’s.” In fact, why not bypass all the individual fragments and instead focus on becoming one with your higher self? This way you would hopefully gain access to all the lessons you’ve already learned as well as any special talents or abilities.

In fact, years ago I created a quick Quantum Jumping video for my old Real Psychic Power site to help you do just that. And, more recently I also created a 1 minute Super You video. Try them both and combine them with the 2 cup manifestation method and see if it helps you shift your own reality into a better more powerful dimension or state. A state in which You becomes a Super You.

Quantum Jumping Video

1 Minute Super You Video

Hope you enjoyed today’s post on using the Two Cup Manifestation method. I would really recommend that you also give our Super You videos a try and see if they can help put you in a more powerful state of mind. Definitely give the method and the videos a try and let us know how you fared in the comments section below.

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