One Great Manifestation Affirmation for Manifesting Desires

So I’ve created what I believe is one great manifestation affirmation to help you manifest your deepest desires. Be sure to stick around after that video though, as I may have topped the 1 Great Manifestation Affirmation with the Ultimate Manifestation Affirmation and it’s video!

So, this particular affirmation is not specific. You will make it specific by what you think about as you repeat it. As a result you can use it again and again to help you manifest different desires. What you want to do is to think about and focus in on one particular thing that you want to manifest. As you repeat the affirmation think about manifesting that one thing.

The One Great Manifestation Affirmation

Here is the one great manifestation affirmation:

“I enlist the Universe and all spiritual forces to help me in my unrelenting burning-quest to manifest this deep desire.”

One Great Manifestation Affirmation

With this manifestation affirmation you are asking the universe to back your relentless pursuit of this desire. The beginning of the affirmation has you asking to receive the aid of the universe. Furthermore, you will attempt to marshal all spiritual forces in your quest to manifest this one thing. Beyond that you confirm that you will be relentless with a burning passion to achieve your deep desire. So, essentially the affirmation combines asking for universal help with you being supremely committed to achieving this desire on your own.

I’ve made this manifestation affirmation easy for you by creating a video in which the affirmation is repeated over and over again. In addition, the manifestation video has some interesting video clips to keep your going. I’ve also added a drum-like background music to help drill this one affirmation into your mind.

Remember, just think about what it is you want to manifest as the affirmation is repeated, especially in relation to the phrase my “deepest desire.” All the components of the video along with your focused attention should brand this affirmation deep into your brain. Once there, the universe and your own powerful mind should hopefully bring your deepest desire to fruition!

Manifestation Affirmation Video

Hope you enjoyed the manifestation affirmation video. Remember, try it out for one deep desire but don’t limit yourself. If you find it helpful in one area feel free to apply it to another different area. This one affirmation can be used to help you manifest a variety of different things: more money, more love, a great experience, a great vacation, better relationships, better health, and so on and so forth.

One More Great Manifestation Affirmation?

Ok, I know this post is entitled the One Great Manifestation Affirmation. However, while creating it I had a revelation of sorts concerning a super short but interestingly diverse affirmation. In fact, this one would be great for our post on 3 Word Positive Affirmations and Sayings. (If you want a variety of short affirmations that pack a punch definitely check that out after you’re done here.)

Anyway, I thought about another great positive manifestation affirmation that I’m going to call the Ultimate Manifestation Affirmation.

The Ultimate Manifestation Affirmation

This Ultimate Manifestation Affirmation is a simple 3 word saying that is easy to remember and that you can start using when you think about anything that you want to manifest. Like the great affirmation above you can apply it to any number of various things you would like to manifest.

And, without further ado, the affirmation is

“I Get it”

What I love about “I get it” is the variety of meanings that this one simple phrase has in relation to manifesting what you want.

I Get it – I Understand

The first meaning we’ll look at of “I get it” in relation to manifesting is the meaning “I understand.” In order to manifest something you have to know what it is you want to manifest. You have to pinpoint and understand what that desire is and what it will take on your part to help manifest it.

In other words, you just have to understand it mentally and realize the different components to this manifesting game. Know what you need to know to get where you need to go. If you understand the situation you “get it.” Just know that you don’t need to go into this manifestation blind.

I Get it – I Get After it

The second meaning of “I get it” in regard to it being a manifestation affirmation is the meaning of getting after it. In your mind you can cut “I get it” to simply “Get it” as a way to push yourself to start going after more of what you want. With regard to manifesting money hearing the phrase “I get it” should start you to thinking about all the various ways you can push yourself to get after it and increase income, make more money, get paid more, etc.

I Get it – I Receive it – I Receive the Manifestation

This “I Get it” means you’re actually seeing yourself getting or receiving whatever it is that you want to manifest. So, if you are looking to manifest more money you see yourself receiving a check for that amount or cash or a raise or whatever. In other words this meaning should conjure up the manifestation actually coming to life and being fulfilled.

Using the Ultimate Manifestation Affirmation

The Ultimate Manifestation “I Get it” is simple to remember and easy to use. Whenever you want to manifest anything just think of that saying and keep repeating it. As you repeat it, rotate through the various meanings as we have explained them and think about what they mean in regards to what it is you want to manifest.

  • Think about what it is you want to manifest.
  • Think about how you are going to go after it and get it.
  • Visualize getting what you want to manifest.

So, to sum it up. If you want something go get it.

“I Get it” The Ultimate Manifestation Affirmation Video

I created a video based on the “I get it” manifestation affirmation. The middle affirmation layer is the simple “I get it” affirmation. However, I’ve included 3 different positive affirmation layers at different volumes, all related to the theme. Affirmations on these tracks include ones like, “I go after it” and “I understand” among others. You’ll also hear “I am focused on what I want,” “I am receiving what I want” and “I know what I want” and more. This video also includes a music track.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post on One Great Manifestation Affirmation – a two for one special! Anyway, if you have any simple manifestation mantras or affirmations that you use please let us know in the comments below. This post will be a part of our ongoing Manifesting series. The powerful free series contains all the secrets and “done for you” tools you need to become a Manifestation master. Just click below:

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