Positive Affirmations for Overthinking

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I think a lot of us are guilty of overthinking on many of the decisions we might make, especially if it is a big decision. However, if you start overthinking on many or most of the decisions you need to make this can cost you time and worry. With that in mind I’ve created these positive affirmations for overthinking to help you avoid spending too much time in decision-making and worry.

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I’ve also created a video to help you become more decisive and end overthinking. Watch it then read the positive affirmations for overthinking after you do.

Positive Affirmations to End Overthinking Video

Affirmations for Overthinking

I am confident and decisive.

I am unshakeable in my belief of myself.

Others look to me for my firm confidence and quick decision-making skills.

Making great decisions is easy for me.

When making decisions I look at all available information and then make the best decision I can.

I don’t second-guess myself after making a decision.

I can make great decisions quickly.

The more good, fast decisions I make the easier it gets.

I don’t waste time overthinking things.

More Affirmations for Overthinking

My mind is strong.

My belief in myself is unwavering.

I don’t overthink or worry about decisions I need to make.

I am determined to make the best decision in the least amount of time.

Decision making comes easily to me.

Once I make up my mind I’m fine with the decision I make.

I am confident and believe in myself.

I am confident in my abilities to examine situations and come to conclusions quickly.

Affirmations for Overthinking – Use Meditation

I spend time in meditation to quiet my mind.

I meditate for as long as it takes for errant thoughts to leave.

The more I meditate the more I take control of my mind.

The more I meditate, the less I worry about things.

As I meditate I become more grounded and centered.

I am at peace with myself.

My mind is strong.

My thoughts don’t control me.

I control my thoughts.

I am in charge of my thoughts and my mind.

My mind is a fortress.

Overthinking Affirmations – Spend Time in Nature

I spend time in nature to become more grounded and centered.

The more time I spend in nature, the more peaceful and focused I become.

I release any and all worries.

I am the ruler of my thoughts.

My mind does my bidding.

I spend time in peaceful contemplation.

I enjoy just being still in nature.

Every day my mind becomes more powerful.

Every day I am calmer and more relaxed.

I am filled with stillness and peace.

My mind is focused and sharp.

I make decisions easily.

I make decisions from a place of peaceful power.

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Bob K.

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