Affirmations for Detachment or Non-Attachment

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Today we have affirmations for detachment along with a quick video. For the purpose of this post the “detachment” we are concentrating on is also referred to as “non-attachment” a staple in many religious and mystical practices.

Many religions tout this notion of detachment or non-attachment as a core principle for those wishing to live a monastic life or one of renunciation. But, here for the purposes of these detachment affirmations I’m going to take a bit of a different approach.

My approach or view of detachment, or non-attachment, simply means that you are not as emotionally or mentally attached to the things and dramas of this world. You are able to look at life from a higher spiritual perspective. A higher level of non-attachment may result in less of a desire for material goods and possessions. You realize that happiness is not a function of what you have in your life but an inner state.

Living in a Tent or a Mansion – You Choose the Level of Attachment

However, at an even higher spiritual level detachment might result in a recognition that having or not-having itself is inconsequential. That at some level we can create the life of our choosing but not be attached to it mentally or emotionally. At that point, it won’t matter whether you’re living in a tent in the wilderness or a mansion. What will matter is that you see both of them as the same and are not attached to either.

Consequently, our affirmations for detachment will focus on getting you to realize that you are far greater than any possessions you may or may not own. That, in fact, you can create the life and possessions of your choosing. And, knowing that, you can choose what you want to have in your life.

Minimalism or Not – It Doesn’t Matter

As it may turn out, you might choose minimalism as the best path for you. And, many folks often find that fewer possessions often leads to fewer problems in life.

On the other spectrum you may choose vast riches. Or maybe, you might choose to land somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Just know that that choice is yours as well as your level of attachment to whatever is in your life. Knowing that, you can rise above whatever worldly drama that you may face.

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Affirmations for Detachment or Non-Attachment Video

The Affirmations for Detachment

affirmations for detachment my life is my creation

I choose what possessions and people to have in my life.

Life is short.

I am only a temporary caretaker for the possessions in my life.

Petty dramas do not influence me.

I am not swayed by the dramas of the world.

I look at life from a higher perspective.

My life is my own creation.

I am beyond any earthly dramas.

I choose to give the level of attention I want to any dramas in my life.

The amount of worldly possessions I have is determined by me.

Non-Attachment – I am not Attached to Any Possessions

I am not attached to any of my possessions.

I am enriched by any relationships I have, but not attached to them.

The life I lead allows me to experience massive amounts of joy.

I am here to enjoy planet earth but not be ruled by it.

I am in this world but not of this world.

My time on planet earth is short and I will use it to spread joy and love.

My life is complete and fulfilled right now today.

I can look at every situation in life as a learning opportunity.

More Affirmations for Detachment

I am filled with love and light and share that feeling.

My possessions do not rule me.

I am an enlightened spiritual being in a material world.

I can create the life of my dreams starting right now, today.

Today is my day.

I am grateful for all that I have in my life, especially family and friendships.

I can easily rise above all earthly drama.

This is just a testing ground.

Affirmations for Detachment from Individuals and Codependency

I am not dependent on anyone else.

I am whole and complete unto myself.

My life is my own.

I trust my own judgments and beliefs.

I trust in myself and value my opinions and experiences.

Treat Life like a Grand Adventure

My life is a grand adventure.

All are attracted to my powerful presence.

The situations I’ve called into my life are there to teach me lessons.

I learn the lesson and progress onward.

I am here on planet earth to have a great time. And, I will.

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