Manifesting a Relationship

Today’s post will give you some tips on manifesting a relationship. Here we’ll give you manifesting techniques you can use to manifest a relationship along with encouraging you to actually take concrete steps to make a relationship a reality.

Use Manifestation Scripting to Find Your Ideal Partner

For instance, in the concrete steps realm, you want to identify the type of significant other you are seeking. Write down qualities you want in a significant other. Make the list as detailed as you want. You can actually use a manifestation technique called manifestation scripting while you do this. This is simply writing down what you want. You’ll want to write it down 33 times every day for 3 days. While writing it down each day focus in on how you will feel when this person comes into your life.

But, this list of qualities in a significant other can also be used in several other ways to help you manifest a relationship. For example, look at the list and ask yourself where would a person with the type of qualities you are after hang out? Write down all the places you might find that type of person and then make a plan to visit those places.

For instance, if the person you are seeking is into yoga, join a yoga class. Are they a hiker? Join a hiking club. Do they work out regularly? Join a gym. You get the idea. This will put you in the pathway of a number of potential candidates from which you can choose. Once you are in the pathway of a variety of potential mates go out of your way to meet these people. Just be friendly and open and get talking.

Join Dating Sites

Under the list of concrete things you can do is to join several of the dating sites out there and use them. You can sift through potential mates with an eye toward finding those who with similar interests and then contact them. You’ll also have potential dates contacting you. Check out their profiles and proceed from there. The more concrete things you do the better your chances will be for coming across the partner of your dreams.

Things You Can Do to Prepare for Manifesting a Relationship

Turn yourself into the absolute best version of yourself that you can. Read as much as you can, learn as much as you can, get a handle on your finances, your career, your emotional state, your mental state and your spiritual state. Do everything to get in the best physical shape you can, whiten your teeth, keep well groomed, etc. All of this will help build your confidence making you even more attractive.

Feng Shui Your Home

You can use some feng shui principles to help you manifest a relationship. Set up your home so that is attracting a relationship. For instance Feng Shui site, the Spruce, recommends that in your bedroom you don’t have any clutter underneath your bed or in your closet. During the day, let natural light in during the day to freshen your bedroom. Another thing that I have read before that they also suggest is that you have a nightstand on each side of your bed to encourage two in the bedroom.

Use Our Law of Abundance Checks for Manifesting a Relationship

love abundance new moon check

I’ve created over 20 different free law of abundance checks that you can use to help you manifest whatever you want in life. Use any of the checks and write “love” or “loving relationship” on the line. We have one check, the one pictured above, specifically created to help you manifest more love in your life. Just click that link above to visit the post and you can download our free pdf that contains all of the checks. Simply print the page you want, fill in the check, and then put it in your wallet or purse. Occasionally take it out and look at it as a reminder of what you are attracting.

Use Visualization to Manifest a Relationship

Visualize yourself in the relationship of your dreams. See yourself having fun and enjoying the company of a wonderful significant other. Picture yourself going places, vacationing, and generally having a great time with this person. With visualization you can use this as often as you want. Spend 1-5 minutes or even longer on a daily basis doing this and you might be nicely surprised at the result!

Use the 3×33 Method Again for Manifesting a Relationship

We already explained how you can use manifestation scripting, along with the 3×33 or 33×3 manifestation method to help you attract the person with the qualities you desire. But, we also have a “done for you” 3×33 manifest love video for you as well. Just watch this video once a day for 3 days. In the video the love script is repeated 33 times. You can use this as well as your own manifesting script to help manifest a relationship.

Use a Love Vision Board to Attract Your Soulmate

Love and Relationships Vision Board Example

You can create your own physical vision board with pictures of couples, or even you with potential prototypes of the person you are looking for. Put it in a place that you can see it everyday and let it seep into your subconscious. Above I’ve created a virtual love vision board that you are welcome to download and save to your device. Pull it up once a day and just let the images sink in. It will put those thoughts of being in a relationship into your mind. When the right person appears, it may help you’ll naturally and seamlessly fall right into a loving relationship!

Use the Heart Chakra to Manifest More Love in Your Life

Check out our Heart Chakra Affirmations post and read the affirmations and watch the video to help open your heart to attracting and accepting a love relationship into your life. Here is a short sample of Heart Chakra Affirmations you’ll find there.

My aura radiates a powerful love energy that all are attracted to.
I visualize my aura positively affecting all those around me.
I am a being infused with and surrounded by incredible love energy.
Others can sense my powerful love energy and are magnetically drawn to me.

If you want to energize yourself with the power of all the chakras be sure to grab your free Chakra Affirmations pdf and watch the video that will give you the power of all the chakras. Doing this should make you a more powerful attractive person, helping you in your quest for manifesting a love relationship.

Use Affirmations to Manifest a Relationship

I’ve created some affirmations to manifest a relationship below as well as a quick accompanying video. The written affirmations follow the video.

Relationship Manifesting Affirmations

I work on becoming the best version of myself.
Every day I become more confident, more powerful.
I am attracting a wonderful relationship now.
I am attracting my ideal mate now.
My ideal mate is searching for me.
My ideal mate will find me.
I will find me ideal mate.
I will put myself in a position to attract a loving relationship.

The universe wants me to be happy.
I deserve to be in a healthy, loving relationship.
My power grows from the inside out.
My aura shines with a magnificent radiance.
Others are drawn to me.
People want to be around me.
People want to be with me.

Know What You Want and Go After it

I write down the qualities I am looking for in an ideal mate.
I hang out in areas I might find my ideal mate.
Every day my joy flows from the inside out.
Others can sense my joy and are attracted to it.
I meditate to increase my inner power.
I exercise daily to increase my physical well-being.
My mind is getting stronger every day.
My body is getting healthier every day.
I am flowing with immense power.
Others want to know who I am.
Others want to be around me.

The universe is sending a great relationship to me.
I will be on the lookout for a great match.
I will connect with potential partners.
My active fun-filled life attracts others to me.
My positive attitude attracts others to me.
I visualize my ideal mate in my life now.
I see myself involved in a wonderful relationship.
My ideal mate is out there looking for me now.
I put myself in a position to connect with my ideal mate.

Be Positive in Manifesting the Relationship of Your Dreams

I go after what I want in life.
There is no stopping me.
My life is mine to create as I will.
I will build fantastic relationships.
One of them will be with the person best-suited for me.
I will attract a variety of suitable partners.
I will manifest the relationship of my dreams.
My life is getting better all the time.
Others want to be in my life.

I focus on positive things and people.
I look at creating an extraordinary life that others want to be a part of.
My engaging magnetic personality attracts everybody to me.
My loving powerful essence attracts everybody to me.
I am focused on becoming the best person I can be.
I shine with light and love from the inside out.
Others recognize my inner power and are drawn to me.
I am happy right here right now.
I am attracting the love of my life.
Manifesting the relationship of my dreams is easy and fun.

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