Prosperity Affirmations for a Life of Wealth and Abundance

Today’s post features prosperity affirmations for a life of wealth and abundance. I’ve created two different sets of prosperity affirmations. Both will be incorporated into a video I’ve created as well. The first set is in the first person. The second set is in the third person and will be used as a second semi-subliminal layer of affirmations in the video.

I’ve created two different Prosperity Affirmation videos for your enjoyment. Below will be the quick 2 minute version with just the affirmations coming at you one every two seconds. Try it before you read the affirmations. This quick prosperity affirmations video is part of our 30 Day Challenge in which you can watch one quick video a day for 30 days to get programmed for power!

The other video is our 1 hour Prosperity is Yours version with a dynamite two-layer audio soundtrack to really saturate your mind with visions of prosperity. You can watch it on youtube here (a new window will open up so you don’t have to leave this page): Prosperity Affirmations for Wealth and Abundance video.

Quick Prosperity Affirmations Video

Miracle Money Magnets

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Prosperity Affirmations

If it is to be it is up to me.
I will make a genius-level plan to become rich and prosperous.
I will go after my dreams in a big way.
I focus on big wins.
I won’t waste time on trivial matters.
I will look at building a business where others do the manual labor.
I will look at growing a successful money-making empire.

I have the ability to do what it takes to thrive and prosper.
I will make my mark in this world.
Prosperity and abundance will be mine.
As the tiny acorn grows into an oak I too will build my empire of abundance.
I will be prosperous in all areas of my life.
I can be successful in business if I choose.
I can hit it big in investments.
I will make bank and increase my income exponentially.
I will become a master of finance and investments.

Prosperity Affirmations – Be Focused on Growth and Expansion

I will look at expanding my network of wonderful friends.
I will help others and they will help me.
I will expand my mind and learn as much as I can.
I will think and grow rich.
I will learn to speak with power and authority.
I will be a leader that others will willingly follow.
I will nurture loving relationships.
I will be the best that I can be in all areas of my life.
I will seek to continually grow and learn and get better and better.

I will build my empire of riches, friends, loved ones, and mental and spiritual power.
I will thrive and prosper starting right here and right now.
My life will get better and better.
More and more people will be attracted to me.
I am a person that seeks out win-win relationships.
I work to improve the lives of not only myself but all of my family and friends as well.

Use Your Mind to Become More Prosperous

I will use my mind to strike it rich.
Daily I will grow more and more prosperous.
I will score big time when it comes to life and love.
I grow more and more powerful everyday.
Riches and abundance flow into my life.
Massive wealth flows into my life.
Loving relationships flow into my life.

I am blessed with an abundance in all areas of my life.
I am an abundance-magnet.
I am wealthy.
I am prosperous.
I believe in myself.
I do what it takes to get to where I want to go.
I will put in the effort to become prosperous.

My smart work will bear fruit.
My life will overflow with a bounty of riches.
I am overflowing with massive amounts of money.
I am overflowing with massive amounts of love.
I thrive and prosper.
I make bank.

Prosperity Affirmations – Become the Legend You Were Meant to Be

I do what it takes to grow richer and richer everyday.
I am blessed with an abundance of riches.
I am blessed with an abundance of love.
The universe blesses me with abundance in all things.
I am blessed and generous.
I am generous with my money.
I am generous with my love.
I am generous with my time.

I am becoming the person that everybody wants to be with.
I am becoming a legend.
Others look up to me.
Others want to work with me.
Everybody wants to partner with me.
My life is one of prosperity and joy.
I will take steps every day to turn my life into a masterpiece.

Prosperity Affirmations Second Semi-Subliminal Layer

There is a purpose in everything you do.
You make a plan for massive abundance.
You are not willing to settle for ordinary.
You are making your life extraordinary.
You get the job done.
You are creating an epic life.
You don’t settle for scraps.
You go after massive wealth and abundance.
You are a positive go-getter.

You don’t make excuses, you just get results.
You are a massive player in the game of life.
You don’t sit back and watch life happen, you make it happen.
Everyday you work on becoming better and better.
You are a massive action-taker.
You spread joy and positivity wherever you go.
Others marvel at your ability to get things done.

Work Smart and Make Things Happen

The smarter you work the more great opportunities come your way.
You are making things happen in your life.
You take exciting risks that can yield big paydays.
You are thinking and growing rich.
You make investments that can make you rich.
You build businesses that can make you rich.
You build multiple streams of income that constantly grow your abundance.

More and more wealth is flowing into your life.
You are an abundance magnet.
You do what it takes to become richer every day.
You embrace the grind.
You do what needs to be done.
You take on big projects and make them work.
You are becoming more and more successful.

Have More Prosperity in All Areas of Your Life

You don’t waste a moment.
Life is a precious gift that you embrace.
You fill your life with more love, more friendships and more abundance.
You bring your positive attitude into every situation.
You have the midas touch.
You have a personality that all are attracted.
You grow more prosperous all the time.

You seek to enrich the lives of others.
You seek to be a good steward of your wealth.
You can be who you want to be.
You can do what you want to do.

The power is inside you.
You bring your inner power to the outer world and all are amazed.
You are transforming yourself into a person worthy of massive riches.
As you help others become more successful you become more successful.
You are becoming super-successful in all that you do.
You are becoming legendary.
The gods of prosperity embrace you and help you achieve a life of wealth and abundance.

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